Guide For NYC Families Moving To Jersey City

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Guide For NYC Families Moving To Jersey City

Tips for moving to Jersey City: Anyone who’s ever walked the path of the Upper West Side has seen the skyline of buildings on the other side of the Hudson River. The view looks awfully similar to the one of Manhattan, so is that what it is? Or is it another borough of New York City? In reality, it’s neither. The high-rise giants actually belong to none other than Jersey City. Despite resembling its neighbor, the Big Apple, this city full of opportunities still has a soul of its own. It’s a culturally diverse place, one with an exceptional school district and various fun things to do. Having said that, NYC families moving to Jersey City definitely wouldn’t be making a mistake!

However, if you happen to be one of them, it’s vital to inform yourself about certain traits of the city before going through with the move. But what exactly is there to know? We’ll try to explain that, and more, in the guide we have prepared here!

The ultimate guide for NYC families moving to Jersey City

You may not think too much of it, but the experience of living in Jersey City differs from that of living in New York. One of the biggest metropolises in the world, perhaps, isn’t all that suitable for a life with children. On the other hand, Jersey City certainly is! The place features an abundance of parks and playgrounds designed for endless family fun! Additionally, it’s home to some of the best schools in the nation. Without further ado, let’s get into the specifics! Read our tips for moving to Jersey City.

Outdoor areas for the most fun

1. Liberty State Park

One of the biggest parks in the city offers its visitors a clear view of the Manhattan skyline, as well as the Statue of Liberty. If your family enjoys having picnics and barbecues, Liberty State Park may just be an ideal place for you! The park is located right on the riverside, along which a variety of benches are conveniently placed. These can serve as great resting spots whenever the young ones (or you) need to catch a breath.

The area is also packed with various playgrounds, jungle gyms, slides, and rock-climbing walls perfect for the little ones. On the other hand, older children may enjoy the trip to the Liberty Science Center more, where they can soak up new knowledge.

2. Lincoln Park

All NYC families moving to Jersey City are in for a treat in one of the biggest parks in the area, Lincoln Park. The place extends over 250 acres of land and includes various tennis, basketball, handball, and golf courts. There are ample opportunities to go jogging or cycling in the area, along with plenty of grassy spots for picnics. With slides and many climbing structures adorning playgrounds, the park is suitable for toddlers, too.

As you can see, there are many places where you and your kids can unwind after moving here from NYC. However, keep in mind that, to ensure the whole transition goes down smoothly, you cannot possibly deal with the process on your own! Instead, seek out helpers you can rely on, or rather, professional long-distance movers who can deal with the challenging aspects of your Jersey City relocation. While they work, you and your loved ones can use the free time to roam around Lincoln Park.

3. Newport Green Park

Children and adults alike will enjoy the wonders of this unique park. Perhaps the biggest appeal of the place lies in the beach that overlooks the entire Manhattan and gives visitors a chance to experience fun in the sun. Newport Green Park is also overflowing with loads of playground equipment to keep the youngsters occupied, with one even in the shape of a pirate ship.

Jersey City Schools

Tips for moving to Jersey City

NYC families moving to Jersey City solely for the excellent schools have hit the jackpot! The city is known as the educational hub that constantly draws new families to the area. As far as public schools go, some of the best ones in the state of New Jersey, Dr. Ronald E. McNair Academic High School and Cornelia F. Bradford School, are located right here! Read on for some great tips for moving to Jersey City

The private school sector also seems to be booming, with more and more institutions achieving outstanding results in preparing children for further education. The majority of privately-owned educational facilities, however, have a specific dress code that requires uniforms.

Jersey City’s public universities are above average as well. There are a number of those to pick from, with the popular choices being Hudson County Community College and Jersey City University.

Where to dine out with the family?

Jersey City is anything but a city lacking in dining out options. Does your family love seafood? If so, Joe’s Crab Shack may prove the ideal place to take everyone to! For a trip down memory lane, head to the Johnny Rockets – the 50s themed diner that serves some of the best hamburgers in the area. The Rainforest Cafe is another popular option among children. Its interior resembles an authentic rain forest, making it perfect for hosting a birthday party.

Family-friendly neighborhoods in Jersey City

Naturally, not all neighborhoods in Jersey City are equally suitable for raising children. Those that are, however, are many. Some of the most popular options are Van Vorst Park and Hamilton Park. You can see parents and kids strolling around their streets whenever the weather is pleasant.

Additionally, the following neighborhoods are also considered highly family-friendly:

  • Downtown
  • The Waterfront
  • Jersey City Heights
  • Journal Square

Tips for moving to Jersey City

Feeling ready to move?

There are many activities to take part in, as well as places and neighborhoods all around the area, that will eventually make NYC families moving to Jersey City glad to be there. Sure, life here isn’t the same as life in the ever-busy Big Apple, but who said the actual living experience was anything short of charming? Either way, you can’t know unless you try and see the wonders with your own eyes! But we’ll let you in on a little secret: Those that choose Jersey City as a place to settle into rarely turn their backs on it.

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