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12 Best Burger Spots In Jersey City

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12 Best Burger Spots In Jersey City

Who doesn’t love a juicy warm burger with the perfect patty? A delicious hamburger is one of the world’s greatest meals, and luckily in Jersey City, there are some amazing options! Whether you want a classic cheeseburger or a veggie one, this list has something for everyone. Not in the mood for a burger? Jersey City has an abundance of other restaurants that include yummy lunch spots that offer a ton of other cuisines. Read on our list of 12 places that serve the best burgers in Jersey City.

White Star

230 Brunswick St, Jersey City

White Star Burgers in jersey City

White Star Bar is a casual neighborhood American restaurant and craft cocktail bar in Jersey City and serves one of the best burgers in Jersey City.  Both White Star Bar locations have kids’ menus, including chicken tenders, pizza, sliders, and more. They offer brunch, lunch, and dinner. They have a menu of many burger options with crispy fries. Options include a fried pickle burger, double cheeseburger, and a vegan option with a beyond burger.

Left Bank Burger Bar

194 Newark Ave, Jersey City

Left Burger Bank in jersey City

Left Bank Burger is a must to check out for all the burger lovers out there. This spot is an easygoing burger shop serving all-natural burgers with an extensive selection of toppings, plus tap beers. If you are looking for some special burgers, definitely stop by. Their Bankrupt burger is well known, which includes their bank sauce. Also, they offer some great options for the vegans out there.

Diesel And Duke

389 Monmouth St, Jersey City

Diesel and Duke is the perfect local spot for burgers. They have many unique options like breakfast burgers, their smoke show burger with lots of bacon, and even beyond burgers for the vegans out there. They also have poutine, fried ores, and milkshakes that are a must-try.

White Mana Diner

470 Tonnele Ave, Jersey City

Photo by: Boozy Burbs

White Mana Diner is a 24/7 diner slinging burgers and other diner fares in a building dating back to NY World’s Fair. They have been around for years and are considered a classic historical landmark, and their juicy burgers are proof of it. They are definitely a must-try if you want a classic burger.

Dark Side of the Moo

52 Bowers St, Jersey City

Although this is a small cafe, it feels super homey and cozy, which is awesome for kids and families. Additionally, they have some exotic meat options for your burgers like alligator meat, but you can also stick with more traditional fare like their classic burgers. They have a ton of delicious options, from a classic cheeseburger to their Southern Comforts Burger.

New Park Tavern

757 West Side Ave.

Park Tavern is definitely known for their down-to-earth haunt featuring bar grub, beer, wine & cocktails, plus a patio & live music. They are located on West Side Avenue. This hidden gem, which also has no real signage outside the bar, has one of the best burgers in Jersey City and a great beer selection. The ambiance is a perfect dim listed Irish pub where you can catch up with friends over some delicious burgers. 

The Ashford

145 Newark Ave Jersey City

The Ashford Best Burgers in Jersey City

Located in the heart of Downtown Jersey City, The Ashford brings New York’s speakeasy days to Newark Avenue’s pedestrian plaza. Ashford is a ton of burger options and a full brunch menu that features breakfast burgers. The Ashford is your place for a fun get-together, dinner with the family, and a great spot to watch your favorite team while you enjoy a delicious burger with fries.

Hudson & Co.

3 Second Street, Jersey City

Hudson & Co. Best Burgers in Jersey City

Hudson & Co. stands on the waterfront within the rapidly evolving Harborside district in Jersey City. The gastropub is embellished in the heart of the prestigious Plaza 10 office tower. You will fall in love as they have one of the best burgers in Jersey City. While featuring multiple indoor and outdoor dining options, the entire establishment boasts views of the Manhattan skyline across the historic Hudson River. Besides beautiful views, they have some delicious burger options on their menu. If you want a vegetarian option, they have a great black bean burger or if you are looking for a classic burger, try their 60-day dry-aged burger.

Crave Burger Cafe

61 Baldwin Ave, Jersey City

Crave Burger Cafe Best Burgers in Jersey City

The owners of Crave Burger Cafe are born and raised in Jersey City and started this business in 2016 so that they could bring their passion for good food to the people. Crave Burger Cafe is perfect for burger lovers as they have a variety in their menu, from their Majestic Deluxe burger to their salmon burger. They also offer beyond burgers for the vegans out there.


516 Jersey Ave

Best Burgers in Jersey City

A cool spot offering a variety of sausage, juicy burgers, and beer in a rustic space with an old-school flair, Wurstbar has a ton of burger options that will go perfectly with your cold beer. We love the ambiance, from the large white marble bar, and with vintage décor from old butcher shops covering the walls is perfect! If you want an extensive list of craft beers and some mouth-watering sausages, and of course, a good burger, check them out.

Ed and Marys

174 Coles St.

Ed and Mary's Burgers in Jersey City

Ed and Marys is a local restaurant/bar in the Hamilton Park area. If you are looking for delicious food and drinks, check out Ed and Marys. They have some great food options, which include juicy burgers with fries. If you want to try something unique, check out their Jefe Burger, which has habanero jack cheese, avocado, salsa, and lettuce. Yum!

The Hamilton Inn

708 Jersey Ave, Jersey City

The Hamilton Inn- Burgers in jersey City

Hamilton Inn is located in the heart of Jersey City. This classic downtown joint is rich with history, and its food is incredible. They have many burger options that include beef, turkey, black bean, lamb, Kobe, and plant-based!

Latham House

299 Marin Blvd, Jersey City

Latham House is a contemporary spot offering American plates in downtown Jersey City. They are great for dinner as well as brunch with family. They offer indoor and outdoor dining. Additionally, you can enjoy dishes like cast iron truffle mac & cheese, chicken pot pie, seared scallops, or shrimp gnocchi pasta but their burgers are juicy and not ones to miss. They have a regular burger but also a veggie one which is as delicious.

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