Lunch ideas for kids Restaurants in Jersey City/Hoboken

Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Jersey City and Hoboken

Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Jersey City and Hoboken

You may find yourself hard-pressed to find truly VEGAN restaurants in Jersey City as there are only limited options available. Therefore, this is a go-to guide of Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Jersey City and Hoboken laying it out plain and simple, where to go, what to get, and whether to bring the kids or not. Additionally, Jersey City has welcomed so many new restaurants in the last few years,  most of them have vegan starters and entrees and if you ask them they can provide vegetarian options. Also, sometimes restaurants remove the meat and make it vegetarian for you, in case you have nut or gluten allergies or with other things talk to the chef before you decide to eat there. Additionally, make sure to check out these amazing lunch spots in Jersey City that offer some great options for all. Outdoor dining is always a great option.

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Plant Base

370 Pacific Ave, Jersey City, NJ

Vegan Restaurants in Jersey City and Hoboken


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A new animal-free and waste-free business have come to Jersey City! Plant Base has a selection of great vegan food options as well as coffee, juices, and more! In their effort to reach a truly zero-waste goal, they offer a rotating dinner and lunch menu that ensures all of their fresh produce will not go to waste. Also, Plant Base is a very unique concept by owners Dhruva LaTorre and Andy Hertz. This new place tops our list of Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Jersey City and Hoboken because they just opened in our city and also their mission is zero waste.


506 Jersey Ave, Jersey City

Vegan Restaurants in Jersey City and Hoboken

This Van Vorst neighborhood staple has been around for over ten years with great success. It is the only TRUE vegan restaurant and pure vegan kitchen in Jersey City. The sister duo team that owns the place is extremely knowledgeable and helpful and they will navigate you through any vegan question you have. The menu is comprehensive and there is something for everybody. Even my carnivore meat-eating husband was impressed by the vegan rib sandwich. Subia’s also has an amazing dessert selection as well as a thorough juice list for those seeking something on the lighter side – the beet & spirulina combo is a real winner. We would recommend this café style restaurant for anybody seeking a delicious, filling, nutritious comfort food style meal. Additionally, the home-style, casual atmosphere, and food make you feel truly welcome the second you sit down to read the menu, ideal for the entire family.

Vegan AF

291 Central Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07307

Vegan Restaurants in Jersey City and Hoboken


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For all the vegans out there, order delivery or take out from Vegan AF in the Heights. They have a ton of options like pancakes, sandwiches, hot dogs, breakfast items and more.

Pet Shop 

193 Newark Avenue, Jersey City

Vegan Restaurants in Jersey City and Hoboken


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This relative newbie is a kitschy, fun, trendy local watering hole offering strictly vegetarian food. There are vegan options on the menu as well. Sundays they offer half off glasses on open wine bottles, get there early to avoid disappointment and to score a great bargain on some really delicious wines. The bar staff are extremely knowledgeable on pairing wine and drinks with the food menu. The kitchen offers up fun, modern and diverse fare. The Buffalo Cauliflower starter is a must and the Chili is sure to fill even the hardiest of bellies.

Tea NJ

262 Newark Ave, Jersey City

Vegan Restaurants in Jersey City and Hoboken



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This café is not strictly vegetarian. However, the menu is helpfully divided into vegan/vegetarian and carnivore sections. Largely a brunch/lunch establishment and café, so plan to wait a bit if you come on the weekend. Tea and coffee connoisseurs will love this place, the tea options are extensive – there are over 30 varieties of tea including traditional and more modern chai and bubble tea. My personal favorite has to be the dirty chai – this is ideal for caffeine lovers of all types – a tea and espresso concoction that will give you a caffeine buzz for hours. The menu offers fresh classic salads, wraps, sandwiches and all day breakfasts.

Salt + Seed

210 Hudson St, Jersey City

Vegan Restaurants in Jersey City and Hoboken


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Salt + Seed is perfect for the vegans out there. They are proud to offer the highest quality of elevated vegan cuisine to you daily. They take great pride in all their homemade specialty menu items. Salt and Seed is ALL vegan ALL the time. They have a variety of food options on their menu from mini crab cakes to mini burritos as well as vegan desserts.

More Life Cafe

191 Mallory Ave

Vegan Restaurants in Jersey City and Hoboken


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More Life Cafe has a large collection of delicious vegan eats. You can go ahead and pick through their cafeteria-style food options or order separately. They are located on West Side Ave and have everything from tacos, sandwiches, wraps, salads, soups and more.

Rositas. Yah

203 Academy St

Vegan Restaurants in Jersey City and Hoboken


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Rosita’s Yah is located near McGinley Square. They sell a huge variety of plant-based options from tasty breakfast and lunch dishes like wraps, bowls, smoothies, sandwiches, yogurt bowls, and more. Therefore, they are a must-try on our list.

Vibez Juice Cafe

82 Hutton St, Jersey City

Vegan Restaurants in Jersey City and Hoboken


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Vibez Juice Cafe is a high-end Juice Bar & 100% Vegan Cafe located in the Heights, Jersey City. They serve delicious, innovative, healthy, and soulful vegan cuisine conceived and prepared with love, mindfulness, gratitude, and full intention to nurture body-mind, and soul. They also offer fresh organic juices, soul vegan food, veggie patties, scrumptious Pastries baked daily and retail health-related products.

Tidal Poke

337 Grove St, Jersey City

Vegan Restaurants in Jersey City and Hoboken


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A testament to the popularity and success of the only true Poke “POH-keh” and Acai place in town. The menu offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. For Poke and Acai bowl virgins, here’s a quick low down – Poke is an old Hawaiian dish that’s a relatively new phenomenon to non-Hawaiian cities. It is a combination of fresh cubed raw fish, seasoned and served on a bed of vegetables and a base of typically rice or noodles, served cold, think of like a sushi salad of sorts. Poke is delicious and very healthy. Additionally, Tidal Poke offers vegan and vegetarian Poke bowls. Acai Bowls are equally healthy, light, and refreshing and are comprised of fruit and added crunchy goodies – basically thick smoothies topped with granola and fruit, then wolfed down with a spoon.

Poor Man Vegan

90 Monticello Ave, Jersey City


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Poor Man Vegan is a brand new vegan spot. They have a ton of options from various empanadas served fresh daily including beef, chicken, barbecue chicken, spinach and cheese, taco, and sloppy joe. Lunch options include the classic Beyond burger and Beyond cheeseburger, vegan grilled cheese, and chicken nuggets.

Best Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Hoboken

Looking for delicious and hearty vegetarian/vegan meals outside of the home?  Check out our pick of the 5 best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Hoboken.

Simply Juiced

262 1st St, Hoboken

Simply Juiced tops our list of the best vegetarian restaurants in Hoboken. Everything here is vegan except for honey and it is all organic and made from locally farmed produce. The owners and entire staff are all vegan and full of helpful tips on what to get. It is a juice and raw food bar that has a very large menu with a great variety of main dishes, salads, sandwiches, desserts, juices, smoothies, and nibbles. I think it would take several visits to get through every menu option and they all sound amazing. Of particular note are the No Harm No Cow (Beef/dairy-free burger) and Pad Thai Coconut Noodles.

Honey Grow

120 Washington St, Hoboken


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This is a casual dining place that offers meat and vegan options. Service is quick and the food is consistently good. It primarily consists of create-your-own stir fry or salad, acai bowls, and pressed juices using local and some organic produce. Everything down to the egg noodles is freshly made. Also, the staff is flexible and you can create your own stir-fry or salad to meet your exact dietary requirements, tastes, and specifications. The vegan options are limited but they are happy to fix up variations and modifications to existing dishes. Also, the freshly pressed juice is super zesty and refreshing, ideal for washing down healthy food.

Karma Kafe

505 Washington St, Hoboken

This is an Indian restaurant offering meat and several vegetarian options (nothing was labeled as strictly vegan). The best value for the menu is hands down the buffet. The food is fresh, with several lighter and veggie options and an entire section of the menu is vegetarian. Karma Kafe also has a decent cocktail menu, perfect for a date night, or when the kids are getting out of hand to help the dining experience go by a bit easier!

Acai Later

203 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ


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The Acai berry, a superfood, is small yet amazing. Naturally packed with antioxidants, our blended acai creates the perfect base for your Instagram-worthy bowl. Acai Later is the perfect spot to try an acai bowl, smoothies, and other vegan options.


1110 Washington Street, Hoboken


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Everything they do – from serving a locally roasted fair trade coffee and selecting the highest quality products for their salads, to experimenting with Southern California inspired breakfast burritos and creative doughnuts – is done with the goal of providing their guests with a premium experience. Alfalfa has a variety of healthy foods like salads, wraps, breakfast burritos, and more.

Quality Greens Kitchen

227 Washington St, Hoboken

The menu at Quality Greens Kitchen has a little bit of everything, including house and signature salads that all feature homemade dressings. Their customizable Chef’s Plate consists of protein options like which include vegetarian and vegan options grill organic tofu, which come with hot and cold side dishes that include roasted sweet potatoes, maple sriracha brussels sprouts, curry cauliflower, quinoa tabbouleh, and Caprese salad.


Other options in Jersey City:

Porta Jersey City

Porta resides in a former pharmacy located right off of Newark Avenue’s pedestrian walkway. Opened in 2014, the three-story restaurant includes one of the few rooftop spaces in the city, spanning an entire block with two full bars and dining.  Porta also specializes in Neapolitan-style pizza and yummy cocktails but is also has great vegan and vegetarian options if looking for pizza. They usually have two vegan options on the menu that change seasonally. Therefore they are on this list.

Kitchen Step

Kitchen Step is a neighborhood bistro in the downtown Van Vorst section that celebrates Jersey City’s rich history and delivers thoughtful market-inspired cuisine and craft cocktails in an intimate and inviting atmosphere. They also have a few vegan and vegetarian options on their menus.


Orale is a fun and unique space as you enter from downtown Jersey City to enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine with a bar that includes some of the best-handcrafted cocktails. On weekends, enjoy our $6 happy hour brunch. Orale has some of the best Mexican food in Jersey City and luckily some vegan tacos too. They also have a bunch of vegetarian options that are a must-try.


Koro Koro is a café in downtown Jersey City that serves Japanese style onigiri or rice balls. They are small balls of rice stuffed with a wide variety of cooked fillings served with or without nori or seaweed paper. Additionally, another great place to find a vegetarian and vegan fix with options like Umeboshi, Morrocan, Indian and Mediterranean.


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