Super Healthy Dosa

Written by Mamta Singh
Super Healthy Dosa
Super Healthy Dosa
Recently I have started following gluten free diet and always look for some healthy and tasty options. My friend suggested this recipe which I wanted to share with others if they are also looking for some nice options.
Brown Rice (1 Bowl)
Urad Dal  (1 Bowl)
Rolled Oats  (1 Bowl)
Quinoa  (1 Bowl)
Super Healthy Dosa: Soak all of them over night (please don’t soak Quinoa) and grind it all together. Add some salt and black paper in the batter. Put a pan on the heat and spread some olive oil and spread the batter evenly and turn it in few minutes.  Roll it once its done.
For the filling:
6 small potatoes  
2 Green chillies & coriander leaves for Seasoning
2tbsp chili powder
Red chillies
Put a pan on the heat. Spread some olive oil and add some potatoes, green chillies, cover it few minutes and once its done serve it with Dosa.
Super Healthy Dosa

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