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At Home Easter Activities For Kids

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At Home Easter Activities For Kids

Many families celebrate the Easter holiday when springtime arrives. If you are trying to figure out how you can enjoy this festive day with your family at home, we have some fun easy ideas that you can use to make this Easter special. There are so many at-home Easter activities for kids to celebrate the festival and create beautiful memories!

Decorate an Easter Tree

Like decorating Christmas trees, Easter trees have become a common activity family have been doing for the past few years. It’s actually a German tradition called Ostereierbaum, where people create and decorate Easter trees or bushes, usually by hanging eggs on them. This can be such a fun activity for the kids and create a festive environment for your home too. You can purchase a mini tree online, hang eggs on a plant you have at home already or bring out your Christmas tree and add your Easter eggs, ribbons, and other festive decorations to it.

Dye Easter Eggs

Dyeing easter eggs is a big annual tradition during this time of the year. Luckily, it is a fun and festive activity you can do at home. Currently due to the shortage of eggs though you may not find them easily or if you do you would prefer to save them to eat. Why not consider using Styrofoam eggs or plastic eggs this year? You can order them online and won’t have to go to the store either. You can easily use paint, markers and other artsy tools to make them look super festive. You can even reuse leftovers for the next year!

Bake Cookies and Decorate Them

It’s always fun to bake cookies at home, especially during Easter. Whip out that bunny and egg-shaped cookie cutters with the kids and enjoy some cooking time. You can later decorate them together too and let the kids get creative.

Host a Celebration or Egg Hunt

Easter is a holiday you spend with family and loved ones. You can get together with your loved ones and your kiddo’s friends for a fun Easter celebration by hosting a fun egg hunt.

Get Artsy

There are a ton of other art and crafts options that kids can do to keep busy on Easter. Check out this ‘Cute Easter Bunny Puppet Craft’ or you can also try making these Giant Easter Eggs. Luckily most of the materials needed can be found at home. If you really want to jump outside the box and try something new, check out this DIY Easter Eggs Bath Bombs

Be The Easter Bunny

Do your kids always look forward to seeing the Easter bunny and take photos with him? Why not get an Easter bunny costume you this year and be the Easter bunny for them. This will definitely bring a big smile on their faces.

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