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Just 4 Kids Hair and Nail Salon- A welcoming place for your child’s first time!

Written by Vanessa Morales

Just 4 Kids Hair in hoboken

Attention all Parents! We have a very important treat for you! Is it time for your child’s first haircut? Are you dreading it? Don’t know where to go? Well now there’s just a place: Just 4 Kids Hair and Nail Salon! Just 4 Kids Hair and Nail Salon is located on 720 Monroe Street in Hoboken, New Jersey. It is the perfect place to take your young ones for their very first haircut!

At Just 4 Kids Hair and Nail Salon their priority is not just to cut the hair of your little ones and move on.

Their goal is to create a wonderful experience for both you and your child so that the scary part of getting a haircut goes far far away. Just 4 Kids hair and nail salon is equipped with cars for the kids to sit in fully stocked with working horns, buttons and petals. They even provide shows for the children to watch as they get their hair cut so that they don’t even notice! Depending on what package you choose you will receive other things as well.

A standard hair cut at Just 4 Kids Salon can run you as little as $10. The prices can range up to $30. But what I’m most excited about, and I hope you will be too is the certificate they give you when they cut your child’s hair. When they cut your child’s hair for the very first time they give you a certificate with a lock of your child’s hair so that you can take home and place into your baby book. Such a creative and smart idea! With baby memories, they cater to your needs.  Some people have even been provided with emails of before and after photos of their children at the salon, what a great gift that is.


Just 4 Kids Salon is just that, just for kids so they to a very good job at making sure every single child can go home feeling as wonderful and happy as they did when they did if not more. And you can walk out feeling great that your child received their hair cut with minimum to no struggles. Who can beat that?

Currently Just 4 Kids Hair and Nail Salon is working on making their website ( so it is currently under construction. Hopefully that will be finished soon.

That is all for now mommies. Wish you all a happy hair-cut experience!

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