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Your Quarantine Self-Care Guide

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Your Quarantine Self-Care Guide

We know this time hasn’t been great for many reasons but it has also affected our self-care routines. We are constantly listening and focusing on everything that is happening around us right now that we haven’t been able to give ourselves some love. Whether it’s physically or mentally. But why not turn your coronavirus self-quarantine into a self-care staycation? We have come up with a perfect guide to help you take care of yourself at home whether its beauty or wellness!


At-home Facial

Now is the perfect time to really pamper your skin. In case you are used to getting a luxurious facial at a local spa or salon, don’t fear. You can still take care of your skin at home that can sometimes be neglected when you have to run out the door. Use a steamer to open up your pores, cleanse, exfoliate, and choose your face mask based on whatever current issues your skin is facing. If it is oily and acne-prone, reach for one that is clay-based or contains vitamin C. Conversely, if it feels parched and dry, use a face mask that is formulated to replenish hydration. You can try this DIY face mask too. Don’t forget to use a good moisturizer after.

A Manicure and Pedicure

Since we are constantly washing our hands at the moment, our skin and nails can become dry and brittle. Why not give yourself a manicure at home? There are a ton of pre-packaged manicure kits that you can find on Amazon that can help you clean up nails and toes. Pick a favorite nail color and paint away. You can also get an at-home gel manicure set if you are used to getting shellac at your salon.

Hair Care

Just like your skin and nails, your hair needs some love too during this time. This is the perfect time where you don’t need to use too many hot/heat tools on your hair which helps your hair stay hydrated. If you have color-treated hair, it will help to make your color last longer as well. Try using a super conditioning hair mask or even use what you have at home like honey, eggs, and apple cider vinegar mixed together to make your own DIY mask. A great resource right now is The Hair Rooms’ free live stream classes for hair. You can sign up here. Many of the local salons are also shipping out homemade hair products that are perfect to use till the time you are able to go back to the salon.

At-Home Hair Removal

Hair removal can be a little complicated if you are not used to shaving and rely on waxing your eyebrows and body. There are a ton of pre-waxing strips on the market but in case you haven’t used those, try a precision applicator like Parissa’s Waxing Pen. This can really help when you want to remove hair unwanted hair in specific areas like brows. It is better to not overdo the waxing on our own and opt for tweezing instead to clean the rest up. It can be very difficult to shape your own brows, so it is better if you leave that to the professionals. As for the body, you can shave, and if you are used to wax, there are some affordable at-home wax kits and warmers but only use these if you have experience with them as you wouldn’t want to burn yourself. For those who rely on Dermaplane to remove unwanted peach fuzz, you can use a Tinkle razor during this time. While it isn’t an equivalent to Dermaplane, and only removes fine hairs, it offers a temporary fix until you can get in to see your esthetician.


Even though beauty is a very important aspect of self-care, so is your wellness which can also be affected due to the situation right now. You want to mentally take care of yourself too and these little steps can help you do so.

Me Time

During this very stressful time while you may be managing everything around you whether it’s working from home, kids, family, etc, try to find some “me-time”. This could be anything you like to do but give yourself that time to relax and do what makes you feel good mentally. A nice warm bath can really help you relax and calm yourself. Grab a book that you may not have had time to read before, watch your favorite tv show, or even catch up with friends on a zoom call.

Clean And Organize Your Space

When the world outside feels out of control, focus on the things you can control. You can control how your space feels, if your space feels tidy and fresh, your mind will feel calmer as well. Try and do a good spring cleaning and take out things you don’t really need anymore. You may not have had much time to do this before, but luckily now you can. Cleaning and organizing your space can really help you feel productive and declutter your mind.

Meditation and Breathing

During this anxious time, meditation and breathing are very important. Even if the outside world is crazy, you can work to stay grounded and peaceful in your inner world. There are multiple apps that can help you such as Anxiety Coach ($4.99), Breathe2Relax (free), Headspace (few sessions are free), Calm (free with in-app purchases) and Colorfy (focused meditation through art).

Eat Healthy Foods

Even though you may feel super tempted to order in and enjoy a lot of unhealthy foods, this is the perfect time to learn how to cook at home and make healthy meals for you and your family. Cooking at home can also be very therapeutic and keep your mind of other stressful topics. Try eating foods that will help boost your immune system.


Our schedules have changed so drastically and so have our sleep cycles/schedules. Sleep is good for you and is important for both physical and mental health. A full night’s sleep can help your mood and even prevent feelings of depression www.papsociety.org/ambien-zolpidem-10-mg/. It can also help your immune system stay strong and fight infections because your body repairs important cells and tissues while you sleep. Give yourself to catch up on sleep but make sure not to oversleep either.

These are just some of the ways that you can take care of yourself while in quarantine. We are always so busy running from activity to activity but this is the perfect time to work on things you were not able to do before or simply relax and take care of yourself.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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