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we are moving from our current apartment and i am selling girls crib bed sheets. We also have bar stools a set of 4 for $300 and a set of 3 for $100, everything is negotiable.

please email or call me

[email protected] 201-522-0904

Rutgers for Kids this Summer

Do you have an extraordinary child living in Hudson County  who would love to be engaged and challenged with summer enrichment? Perhaps your child would be elated to work with a prestigious NJ University that allows them to not only critically think, but explore a whole new world outside of the usual this summer, right in their own backyard.

If this remotely sounds like something your child would love to do, then look no further. RUTGERS University is partnering with MUA (Miftaahul Uloom Academy) in Union City, Hudson County, NJ to bring Summer Enrichment 2017 to all families across NY&NJ.

RUTGERS University and MUA understand the importance of keeping our children engaged throughout the summer using meaningful summer learning activities.

Sample Courses Offered:

Amusement Park STEM: Hear the clanking of the coaster as you chug up the hill, unsure of what will come next. How do engineers create these thrilling experiences in today’s amusement parks? Explore the scientific principles behind the rides and construct working Ferris wheel and roller coaster models.

Fantastic Fibonacci and other Math Mysteries: Did you know that the world of nature is full of numbers? In this course, we will explore the wonders of patterns, shapes, and numbers in nature. From Fibonacci and Escher, to the beehive and the pinecone, we will discover the beauty of math and the way we, as humans, have been inspired by it. Students will be surprised to learn of famous artists who have used these concepts in their masterpieces. We will explore these and create our own designs using mathematical concepts derived from our natural world.

Film Studies: This course would offer a perspective on film as art. Students would learn the basic concepts of cinematography: the purpose of different shots and the symbolism directors use in both the perspective and lighting in their filming. Students will learn the variety of angles in shooting footage on film, i.e. close-up, long shot, birds eye view, as well as cutting techniques. We will also investigate the various genres through the history of movies, silent films, experimental (Salvador Dali), Westerns, Science Fiction, Drama, Comedy, Documentary and Action. The course will ultimately end with students drawing out a storyboard of shot selections for a film idea of their own with captions for each shot selection. Students will work cooperatively to complete this task, working with a group to choose a genre, a story line, shot selections and developing captions for the their storyboard.

This partnership will be offering 6 weeks of Academic Enrichment and Creative Exploration. If you have any questions you may email the coordinator at [email protected]

Space is Limited. Deadline is February 28, 2017.

Complete Enrichment Application and email to [email protected]

Summer Enrichment Flyer

SEP Course Descriptions

SEP Instructor Biographies

Summer Enrichment Application 2017

Super Healthy Dosa

Super Healthy Dosa
Super Healthy Dosa
Recently I have started following gluten free diet and always look for some healthy and tasty options. My friend suggested this recipe which I wanted to share with others if they are also looking for some nice options.
Brown Rice (1 Bowl)
Urad Dal  (1 Bowl)
Rolled Oats  (1 Bowl)
Quinoa  (1 Bowl)
Super Healthy Dosa: Soak all of them over night (please don’t soak Quinoa) and grind it all together. Add some salt and black paper in the batter. Put a pan on the heat and spread some olive oil and spread the batter evenly and turn it in few minutes.  Roll it once its done.
For the filling:
6 small potatoes  
2 Green chillies & coriander leaves for Seasoning
2tbsp chili powder
Red chillies
Put a pan on the heat. Spread some olive oil and add some potatoes, green chillies, cover it few minutes and once its done serve it with Dosa.
Super Healthy Dosa

Amazing sitter available

Pragnya is a hardworking, young, energetic gujrati babysitter with a great family background. She is an amazing babysitter and superb cook. She looked after my 2 newphews for couple of years and worked as a cook at my parents. Honestly, if I needed a full-time sitter I would have  hired her in a heartbeat.  Anyway, she is now looking for a full-time job post a short break.  If interested please her directly  929-264-9551



JCFamilies Valentine’s Dance Party’17 Gallery

Valentine’s Dance Party in Jersey City

Pictures Gallery from our Valentine’s Dance Party.

Credits: Newport Babies Photography

Pictures can be purchased at


JC Lunch Box: Middle Eastern Delights

Middle Eastern Delights

So you are contemplating lunches other than those same old sandwiches to give your kiddo … take this next sentence to heart (adapted from an old Army adage)  … PRIOR PLANNING PREVENTS POOR PERFORMANCE! Plan, organize and prepare, and your meal preps will be a breeze.

I know my kid is not the only hummus, falafel & pita lover. The smooth, creamy nutty dip pairs perfectly with warm doughy pita bread, alongside aromatic crunchy falafels, seriously, what’s not to like? The following offers you busy mamas a healthy make-over to a Middle Eastern classic. By omitting the frying and adding some protein and veggies into the mix, this completely transforms the meal into a healthy balanced and nutritious dinner meal that’s social, fun and interactive. Double win, it also makes for great lunch box leftovers.

Falafel Meatballs

Dry falafel mix

1lb lean ground turkey or chicken

3 cups finely chopped green vegetables lightly steamed (I like spinach, kale and broccoli mixed)

2 eggs

Prepare dry falafel mix as per instructions on the box, add ground meat, eggs and steamed greens. Stir to combine, cool mix for about 20 minutes. Form into small mini balls, place on parchment lined baking tray, bake at 350* for about 25 minutes. Set aside.


As much as I love making homemade hummus, time doesn’t always allow for this, and that’s okay. Just purchase your favorite brand. Mix it with a bunch of grated vegetables, carrot, cucumber, pepper and radish work really well. Seriously, this will be one of the biggest kid food hack successes of 2017, I guarantee it!

Lunch ideas for kids

Set the Stage

Set the table with falafel balls, veggie humus mix, salad and warm low carb pitas* cut in quarters and let the family dig it!

*low carb pita of choice: Joseph’s Middle East Bakery Low Carb Pita Bread – healthy, reduced carb (only 9 carbs per pita about half of most varieties), high protein pita bread with flax, an excellent source of Omega-3 and no cholesterol or saturated fat.