JCFamilies’ Events Sponsorship/ Advertising Offer for 2018

As you know, JCFamilies is Hudson County’s leading resource for parents and caregivers. We provide our sponsors with an unparalleled reach to local, diverse, socially connected and well economically established audience. JCFamilies organizes some of the largest events in the area with thousands of families in attendance.


“JCFamilies is a purpose driven qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization; which allows all 2018 donations to be tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law”. We are an organization  dedicated to providing wholesome parenting experience to local communities. JCFamilies is the largest and fastest growing society of parents in the Jersey City area. More than 25,000 local parents connect with us across JCFamilies properties:

  •       Flagship website: www.JCFamilies.com
  •       Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MeetUp
  •       Annually published and locally distributed JCFamilies parents’ guide (Education Guide)

We offer our members a unique opportunity to connect and network with families and businesses in Jersey City and surrounding areas. By combining information about local events, children’s entertainment, education, local businesses and much more we are able to effectively keep our members engaged while continuously increasing our sponsors’ visibility.

The JCFamilies community is comprised of local, young, diverse, socially connected and well economically established families with one or more children under the age of ten, making it an exceptionally desirable audience for local advertising. We offer several highly effective and cost efficient options for businesses to establish and maintain significant presence within our market – your target customer base.

We appreciate your trust in working with us in the past and would like to extend a warm invitation to continue to collaborate in 2018.

Advertising & Sponsorship package options for 2018:


1.1 Events in 2018: * Please note the dates are tentative.

  • Easter Great Egg Hunt- Saturday – Mar 24th
  • Baby Fair – Saturday – April 14th
  • Spring Festival – Saturday – April 14th
  • JC Summer Camp Fair – Saturday – April 28th
  • Mother’s Day – Friday – May 11th
  • JC Fitness Fair – Saturday – May 19th
  • JC Kids’ Run – Saturday – June 2nd
  • Cultural Diversity Festival – Saturday – Ago 18th
  • JC Education Fair – Saturday – Sep 22nd
  • Harvest Festival – Saturday – Oct 6th
  • Halloween Parade – Wednesday – Oct 24th
  • Halloween Spooktacular – Saturday – Oct 27th
  • Holiday Party –  Saturday  – Dec 8th

Event Packages Available. Please write to [email protected] to learn more about package discounts.

1.2 Feministival Series/ Summer Family Events

JC Feministival is a series of events, which will serve as a means to empower, showcase and promote local businesses owned and operated by women! Each Feministival will feature local female artists, fashion designers, healthcare providers, educators and other entrepreneurs. JC Feministival Series is a launchpad for women, who invest their careers and passions into further enriching our diverse community

  • Feministival  – Friday – May 11th
  • Feministival  – Friday – June 8th
  • Feministival  – Friday – July 13th
  • Feministival (Bubble Show) – Friday – Aug 10th
  • Feministival (Back to School Picnic) – Friday – Sept 14th

* Please note the dates are tentative.

Please write to [email protected] to learn more about participation options.

2. ADVERTISING on the website:

JCFamilies Key Statistics :

  •       Website: over 3,500 members
  •       Facebook: over 10,0000 fans
  •       Twitter: over 1,500 followers
  •       Instagram: over 6,200 followers
  •       MeetUp Groups: over 2,200 members

Different advertising packages levels available. Please write to [email protected] to learn more about the options.

JCFamilies membership is free to the members.  “JCFamilies is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization; your donation is tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law and it is your donation that allows us to maintain operations, while continuously delivering and expanding a diverse portfolio of programs to local parents.

CONTACT US: [email protected]

JCFamilies Team





Is Your Child Being Cyberbullied? Here’s What You Can Do to Fight Back


If you’ve recently relocated your family to a new home in another city or state, you’ve probably had a countless number of things on your mind. From planning the logistics of the move to researching the local school system, there’s doubtlessly been a lot on your plate.

One thing we often overlook as parents, however, is the threat of bullying. Children who move to new schools are sometimes bullied. In fact, millions of children are bullied each year and the latest research shows that bullying is the single biggest risk factor for a child developing mental illness.

This is further complicated by the development of cyberbullying, or the use of technology for bullying purposes. This might include computers and the Internet, social media (such as Facebook or Snapchat), smartphones and text messages, digital cameras, and more. Research has shown that girls are more likely to be cyberbullied than boys, and that social media usage and sexual orientation are also risk factors.

No parent wants his or her child to be bullied, but this nightmare situation happens to as many as 1 in 5 children and adolescents. Sadly, cyberbullying has even led to rapes, murders and suicides. Therefore, it’s important to address this common (and concerning) problem before it has a chance to spread to those extremes.

Do you suspect your child is being cyberbullied? Your child might not openly talk about being bullied, but there are still some things you can look for. For instance, if your child complains that the other students are “mean” at his or her new school, this could be an indication that bullying behaviors are occurring.

A telltale sign of cyberbullying in particular could be a sudden change in daily habits. This is particularly true if your child suddenly stops spending time on social media, the computer, or their mobile phone.

To protect your child from being cyberbullied, it is important to establish house rules regarding the usage of social media, computers, smartphones, and other forms of technology. Some parents refuse to allow their children on Facebook, for instance, while others closely monitor their child’s social media usage. Set up rules and boundaries that work best for your family.

Second, if you know who is bullying your child, you need to speak up. Start by contacting your child’s school and see if there is something they can do to help. Unfortunately, some schools still do not have a policy for handling cyberbullies. If that’s the case in your situation, you may want to directly contact the bully’s parents. Keep any text messages, social media messages, or screenshots of any online threats and harassment as proof that you can show.

Depending upon the extent of the bullying, you may want to report the incident to your local authorities. In extreme situations, you may even want to speak to an attorney about your (and your child’s) legal rights in this situation. Some cyberbullying cases have gone to court.

Of course, cyberbullying is a traumatic experience for your child. While you’re handling the situation, it is important to make your home environment as stress-free as possible. Studies have shown that a difficult or high-stress home environment can contribute to mental health and self-esteem issues, especially in children who have recently switched schools.

To help your child maintain mental and emotional health despite being bullied, you can increase praise to boost your child’s self-esteem. Teach your child relaxation techniques such as deep breaths or even enroll him or her in a children’s yoga class. Encourage a calm home environment, and spend quality time as a family doing playful activities that you all enjoy. This will help you all cope as you get through this difficult time together as a family.

If you suspect your child has been cyberbullied, you have every right to be concerned. This is an alarmingly common scenario. Of course, you only want the best for your child – and you’re already on the right track by researching this difficult topic. Hopefully, the advice listed here will point you in the right direction so you can take the best possible steps for your family. Good luck!

Photo courtesy of Unsplash by Luke Porter

Starter Guide for Jersey City Newbies

New in Jersey City ? You should check it out :

Moving is never easy, especially with kids. It’s easy to see how newcomers to the downtown Jersey City or Hamilton Park neighborhoods could get a bit overwhelmed with the bustle of the area. Here’s a starter guide to get started, but be aware that Jersey City is a buzzing and growing city that continues to evolve before our eyes, so it’s by no means comprehensive. Feel free to add your own ideas to our Facebook page, or in the comments section!

Click below to check out the Guide :

MUA Summer Community Camp in Union City

JUNE 27 to AUGUST 18

Monday thru Friday

9:00am to 2:00pm

Looking for summer fun and enrichment  for your kids ages 4-11?  Then MUA Summer Community Camp is the place for you. SIGN UP today!!! Registration ends June 2 and space is limited.

Campers will experience:

Weekly Themes, Enrichment: STEM activities, Reading Club, Creative Writing, Field Trips, Outdoor/Indoor Sports and Games, Arts & Crafts, Specialized Week Intensives with Performing Artists, Independent Filmmaker and so much more. Free Breakfast and Lunch provided.

Discover the hidden jewel of Union City Day Camp! OPEN TO THE COMMUNITY for BUILDING A BRIDGE OF LEARNING AND FUN!!!!!


Visit our site bit.ly/MUASUMMERCAMP to download the registration today!


Contact: Camp Director Nashima or Asst. Camp Director Somia

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 201-223-9920