Bakeries in Hoboken: A Sweet Guide

Written by Diana Hernandez

Bakeries in Hoboken: A Sweet Guide

Welcome to our sweet guide to the best bakeries in Hoboken! This charming city on the Hudson River is famous for its lively restaurant and bar scene, but it’s also home to some truly outstanding bakeries. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, there’s nothing quite like the aroma of freshly baked bread or the sight of beautifully decorated cakes and pastries to tempt your taste buds. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at some of the standout bakeries in Hoboken, from classic Italian pastry shops to modern, creative patisseries.

Carlos Bakery

104 Hudson St., Hoboken


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Carlo’s Bakery (@carlosbakery) • Instagram photos and videos

Carlos Bakery is a renowned staple in Hoboken, proudly owned by Buddy Valastro, a fourth-generation owner. They have hosted several reality shows like Cake Boss and Buddy vs. Duff. Carlos Bakery continuously serves myriads of delicious treats, including cannolis, lobster tails, rainbow-layer cookies, and custom birthday cakes.



32 Newark St., Hoboken


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Sweet Hoboken (@sweethoboken) • Instagram photos and videos

Situated on Garden St., having opened over thirteen years ago, Sweet offers many delicacies, including custom cookies, cakes, and cupcakes offering a variety of flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, and more eccentric flavors that can be mixed-and-matched like chocolate coconut and fluffernutter. Sweet is closed on Mondays but remains open Tuesdays through Fridays, including weekends.


 Annie & Em’s Bakeshop

155 Third St., Hoboken


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Annie & Em’s Bakeshop (@annie_emsbakeshop) • Instagram photos and videos

Annie and Em’s Bakeshop offers a delectable selection of vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free options on their daily menus. They offer a wide variety of breakfast and savory bread, including zucchini chocolate chip bread, banana-chocolate chip bread, crumb cake bars, and flourless chocolate cake.

Choc O Pain

94-98 Bloomfield St., Hoboken


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Choc O Pain Bakery & Café (@chocopainbakery) • Instagram photos and videos

With locations in Jersey City and Hoboken, Choc O Pain has a comforting selection of delicacies to enjoy during the day, including madeleines, croissants aux amandes (almond croissants), quiche lorraine, flourless chocolate cakes, and housemade granola.


 Old German Bakery

332 Washington St., Hoboken


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Old German Bakery HOBOKEN NJ (@oldgermanbakery) • Instagram photos and videos

Having opened nearly fifteen years ago, The Old German Bakery continues to satisfy Hoboken families with raspberry-strawberry yogurt cake, apple strudel, strawberry-cheese strudel, beesting cake, and German-style cake (which is flavored with almond and vanilla).


Prato Bakery

201 Washington St., Hoboken


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Prato Bakery (@pratobakery) • Instagram photos and videos

Prato Bakery makes all Hoboken residents and commuters feel directly at home with their Tuscanian treats and delicacies, where they have an Italian espresso machine and house-made biscuits that include figs, almonds, chocolate, and prunes. They also have schiacciata, which is traditional Tuscan focaccia bread, including other Italian pastries like the cornetto and focaccine (small round focaccia bread).


Dolce & Salato

 1101 Grand St., Hoboken


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Dolce & Salato (@dolceandsalato_hoboken) • Instagram photos and videos

A delightful neighborhood spot, Dolce & Salato offers brunch favorites such as yogurt parfaits, breakfast sandwiches, avocado toast (with the choice of sourdough or multigrain bread), a variety of gelatos, tiramisus, cheesecakes, rum cake, and


Yuki’s Coffee and Bakery

720 Monroe St., Hoboken


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Yuki’s Bakery & Coffee (@yukisbakerycoffee) • Instagram photos and videos

Yuki’s Coffee and Bakery is a sensational spot in Hoboken. They offer Israeli delicacies, such as olive oil/thyme bundts, chocolate rugelach (which is vegan), vegan oat-and-date cookies, Israeli cheesecake, and Nutella-flavored babka.


Antique Bar and Bakery

122 Willow Ave, Hoboken



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Antique Bar & Bakery (@antique_bar_bakery) • Instagram photos and videos

Antique Bar and Bakery is another Hoboken landmark, so much so their breadsticks were gladly devoured and shipped directly to Frank Sinatra to his home in California. To this day, they offer shipping of their delectable treats via Goldbelly, offering bread pudding in various flavors, including caramel chocolate, and with portions that can feed up to eight people.


Losurdos Deli

410 2nd St., Hoboken


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LosurdoBros (@losurdobros) • Instagram photos and videos

A family-owned delicatessen since 1975, Losurdo Bros. serves freshly baked bread, Italian sub sandwiches, and homemade mozzarella.  They also serve sfogliatelle, a delicious pastry filled with ricotta.


Baking Mama

88 Hudson St., Hoboken


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Baking Mama (@iambakingmama) • Instagram photos and videos

Baking Mama has existed in Hoboken since 2015, and although their cake orders are currently on hold, they offer a wonderful selection of cookie flavors, including ube, oat/chocolate chip, flans (ube, leche), puddings, breads, and macarons in a variety of flavors including pistachio, white chocolate, dulce de leche, and


Cafe Unibread

519 Washington St., Hoboken


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Cafe Unibread (@cafeunibread) • Instagram photos and videos

Cafe Unibread is a wonderful spot in Hoboken that is near Stevens Park, which offers mooncakes during Lunar New Year, pork sung bread, and other soft-bread pastries, such as matcha cream puffs, almond croissants, and delicious pineapple tarts, including cake in a variety of flavors (i.e., mango mousse, taro, strawberry cream). They have offered several in-store discounts, like “Buy One, Get One” for their pastries and savory snacks.

Hoboken is a charming city with a vibrant sweet bakery scene worth exploring. We’ve highlighted some of the standout bakeries in the area, but there are many more to discover, each with its own unique flavors and specialties. So next time you’re in Hoboken, indulge in some sweet treats and support these wonderful local businesses.


Updated May 5, 2023

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