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Bright Start Pre-School and Day Care; A little care center in Jersey City

Hello Everyone, I hope you are all staying warm. As the weather gets chilly you may all be looking for a place to take your child which is all fun, education and the best care for your child during this transitioning period. Perhaps what you’re looking for is a day care center, so let’s talk about it! Today I have a day care center for you all; Bright Start Pre-School and day care center.

Bright Start Pre-School and day care is a center for infants, toddlers and early childhood. At this day care they understand the importance of first making the child feel comfortable by providing a smooth transition from home to day care. They make sure that the program is not only as convenient as it can be for the parents but also a comfortable place and environment for the children. Bright Start understands that many of their customers are working parents, so they have a couple of programs available at affordable pricing with different schedules available. They know that it’s important for parents to be able to plan around their work schedule. The day care center also has an open door policy; parents are always welcome to visit.

Bright start pre-school and day care is open Monday through Friday from 6:30am-6:30 pm, which is the full day schedule for those of you who would prefer your child to be enrolled into that schedule. They also offer a half day schedule, which is divided up into two groups; the morning group is open from 6:30am-12:30pm. The afternoon schedule begins at 12:30pm and ends at 6:30pm. These are the three set schedules that are available in this daycare, however, the day care and faculty is very accommodating so if there is a different time frame that would work for you I am sure they would be willing to accommodate you. If you are interested in seeing a specific schedule that Bright Start follows feel free to visit their website at

One of the things that the Bright Start pre-school day care requires is that parents bring their child to the center prepared with necessities such as diapers, wipes, food and formula for infants; parents with toddlers are to bring their child prepared with their snacks and lunch for the day.

At Bright Start Pre-School and day care they offer three different curriculums; one for infants and toddlers, another for early childhood and the last one is the curriculum set for the children attending for preschool. The curriculum for infants and toddlers mainly focuses on helping the children learn to transition and feel comfortable being with caregivers/teachers. Children that will be following the early childhood curriculum will be focusing more on things such as their socio-emotional development. The caregivers/teachers for the children of these ages will take this time to develop a strategy that works best for each child in terms of how they learn. Lastly, for children that will be attending for the bright start pre-school curriculum will have more focuses on a larger scale. For children of this age group, bright start has a curriculum that addresses literacy, math, science, social studies, the arts and technology.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about how this center is set up. At Bright Start, classrooms are setup in a manner in which each area is divided and assigned as a specific area, like a reading area for example. They have multiple designated areas, some of which are the block center, dramatic area, arts and crafts, library center, science area, sand and water center and the outdoor play area. Each area is designated to enforce a certain section of their curriculum which I think is wonderful; it helps you know that everything within the room holds a purpose to your child’s learning future.

If you’re looking for a school that will help your little ones venture out into the world well I have good news! At Bright start Pre-school and day care they actually take the children on field trips. There aren’t any specifics as to what field trips they will be going on, however, on their site they do have many pictures of field trips they have attended. They have taken the children to the park, to a swimming pool on a swimming lesson and to a bowling alley from what I can see. The children all wear the same shirts on field trip days so that everyone is in uniform.

So mommies and daddys, if you like what you’re hearing so far give their website a visit! You can take a look at their classroom and field trip pictures for yourself! See if it looks like an environment for you and your child. Also, I truly recommend visiting their site so that you can read what other parents have said about their experience with this care center. One Father briefly shares his story as to how Bright Start helped his son to speak and how other pre-schools (three) rejected his son previously because he could not speak prior to this experience. So if you would like to hear other stories from parents you can read what these parents have posted directly onto the website ( This link will take you directly to these comments.

Wishing everyone a happy school/day care hunt!

Four years ago Vanessa Morales set out on a mission to become a school guidance counselor. Ever since, her eyes have been open to how the education system has been struggling, leading her to the path where she is now; researching on ways to better the education system that exists for young ones. She notes and blogs what she has found that has been working and continues to attend college to further educate herself on what can and needs to be done.

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