Early Beginnings Day School: A Head Start On Education

If you’re looking for a  program designed to prepare your little ones for their future academic careers, Early Beginnings Day School is for you. Early Beginnings Day School helps assist their students in beginning to comprehend the learning process and their role in the classroom. The school is committed to helping each student develop and progress cognitively, emotionally, socially, intellectually, and physically.

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338 Grove Street

Jersey City, NJ 07302

Tel. 201.918.5623

Fax. 201.918.5693




8:30am – 2:30pm


2:30pm – 5pm

Before Care:

7:00am – 8:30am

After Care:

2:30pm – 6pm


Programs are split into three groups:

 Tiny Tots

 For children between the ages of 12-24 months.




For 2 year old students.




For three year old children



Social Development


Social development curriculum at Early Beginnings includes instilling self direction, confidence, and the ability to express feelings in all students. Group work, positive interactions, sharing, collaboration, manners, etiquette, and play will be emphasized.


For more information on the social development curriculum at Early Beginnings, click here:


Visual and Performing Arts

 Art, Dance, Theatre, and Music are included in the Creative Arts program at Early Beginnings. Developing students visual and creative sense and abilities at an early age is essential to their development. That’s why Early Beginnings gives its students opportunities to role play, tell stories, sing songs, play instruments, dance, and make art projects.


Health, Safety, and Physical Education

Teaching children at a young age the importance of exercise and safety makes way for them to practice healthy habits in the future. The Health and physical education curriculum includes hygiene, exercise, fitness, nutrition/health food choices. and the development of gross motor skills.


Language Arts and Literacy

 Language usage, speech, reading, and writing are some of the subjects included in the language arts and literacy curriculum. Phonics and reading comprehension is stressed in developing student’s speech and reading skills.



Numerical values, counting the amount of things, and discerning the shape of objects are just some of the activities that students will complete when learning math at Early Beginnings! Patterns, drawing graphs, and classifying objects help to develop students’ number sense and prepare them for Kindergarten math.



 Students at this age have a keen sense of curiosity and wild imaginations which contributes to their desire to learn about the physical world and their surrounding environment. The science curriculum will allow students to explore and observe plants, living things, and animals. Students will also study rocks, water, soil, and the weather.




  • Children will display curiosity about science objects, materials, activities, and longer-term investigations in progress.

  • Children will observe questions, predict, and investigate materials, objects and phenomena during classroom activities indoors and outdoors during any long-term investigations in progress.

  • Children will use basic science terms(e.g., observe, predict, experiment)” (


Social Studies and Life Skills

Students under this subject will understand the different features of a community and neighborhood while also learning about the roles of community workers such as police officers or crossing guards. Students will also learn how to collaborate with each other, complete tasks and duties such as organizing objects, tidying up, and cleaning, and will follow classroom routines which will help develop their understanding of rules..


In today’s technology-driven world, students’ understanding of computers is important. Under the technology subject, students will learn how to use the mouse, turn smart toys ‘on” or “off, and will play  age appropriate computer games.

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Early Beginnings is unique in its individual based approach to education and application of real world skills to student learning. So, does this school pique your interest? If you’re looking for your child to have a head start in their education, Early Beginnings sounds like a an environment in which learning, the real world, and play are all integrated seamlessly. 


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