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Halloween Tips and Tricks for Moms Who Just Can’t

Written by Mel Kozakiewicz

Halloween Tips Jersey City

Now that we’re clear into October, if you haven’t started thinking about Halloween, you’re late. Costumes and candy are about to explode all over town and if you’re not ready for it, duck and cover.

Lots of kids have a hard time picking out Halloween costumes. Some are too young to understand the concept while others change their minds multiple times prior to the date. If you have a kid who has their heart set on Elsa or a Paw Patrol hero, consider yourself lucky. Log onto Amazon right now and order the pre-made cookie cutter costume. Job done.

But if your kid falls can’t really decide what to be or gets bored with what they are quickly, here are a few things to consider:

    • Use make up, masks, and even hats sparingly. Anything on the face or head probably won’t make it more than a few minutes unless your child is over the age of 4.
    • If your kid is has a lot of energy, costumes that look like clothes are best. Ultimately you want your kid to forget that they have it on until they look down and surprise! Superhero t-shirts, for example, with sweatpants or leggings are great options.
    • Consider costumes that double as dress-up/imagination play that can extend beyond Halloween.
    • Check Facebook groups for parents who hung onto last year’s costumes. Again, start doing that soon too because people jump all over the good ones in that arena.
    • Let it be fun. Don’t stress yourself out about finding the perfect ensemble unless it’s truly enjoyable for you and your child.

Now that you’ve been equipped with some Halloween hacks, sit back, relax and enjoy the candy.

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