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5 stars Birthing Center: Hoboken Medical Center Carepoint’s pampered pregnancy

Written by Mel Kozakiewicz
Hoboken Medical Center Carepoint’s pampered pregnancy

Coming up with a birth plan isn’t easy. One of the primary considerations is where. In the metropolitan area, we are lucky to be surrounded by lots of options that transcend the home versus hospital debate. Here in Hudson County, we are fortunate to have dozens of options in terms of medical facilities. Just ask Siri.

And it’s not an easy choice, right? No one knows how long their labor will be, so they don’t want to drive too too far, but how far is that? Also, it’s a pretty momentous occasion, so it’s supposed to be special, so if there’s a prettier, or more luxurious option, it’d be nice to know that too. And also there’s the question of your ability to speak for yourself as opposed to being funneled through someone else’s plan, or worse, on their timeline. You want to be in charge as much as possible. But how on earth are we supposed to wade through that information?

Hoboken Medical Center Carepoint's pampered pregnancyRest assured. If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably in Hudson County. And if you are, I have at least one terrific option that won’t disappoint: The Hoboken University Medical Hospital (which is Care Point, and was once St. Mary’s.)

Long story short: It’s beautiful. In the past three years, they’ve spent bundles of energy updating and beautifying the maternity ward. Their goal? To create an environment that is more hotel than hospital. Because you’re not sick, you’re in labor.
Hoboken Medical Center Carepoint's pampered pregnancypic.:Hoboken Medical Center

And it shows. The room does look like a hotel. There’s a concierge type finish overall. The bed is made up with regular (plush) blankets. Every piece of furniture is configurable. For example, the couch pulls out length-wise to fit more guests, and it also squares itself into a bed. There’s a bassinet in the room, and a spa-like robe waiting for you on the armchair. They order cheap klonopin changed the gown: it opens in the front so you don’t have to disrobe to nurse. There’s a celebratory dinner, complete with flickering (albeit flameless) candle. And they leave a pack of aden+anais swaddle blankets as a gift for your little one which are so cute.

Hoboken Medical Center Carepoint's pampered pregnancyIt’s a comprehensive package with a city-view. Yes, please.

The upgrades go beyond the decor, although I have to admit the aesthetic was enough to sell me.

If you’ve had a child (or you’ve spent any time in hospitals), you know that it’s all about the nurses. If the nurses are with you, you’ll be fine. No matter what. There’s no substitute for an amazing nurse.

At CarePoint, the nursing philosophy is twofold:
1. When a woman is giving birth, it’s her Christmas. They recognize that, they’re mindful of it, and they’re emotionally generous in that spirit.
2. Women ought to be empowered to make, change, disregard, or adhere to their birth plans whenever they want. (Unless there’s a concern about the health and safety of the mother or baby.) This means that if you want an epidural, you got it. If you don’t, that’s cool too. And if somewhere along the way, you change your mind, no problem.

There’s a lactation consultant, the option for the gentle c-section, a Level 2 NICU and perhaps most beneficial to postpartum moms – the New Mom Support group on Wednesday mornings.

Hoboken Medical Center Carepoint's pampered pregnancyWhere and how you’re going to give birth is a conversation that begins in pregnancy, and with any luck, all goes according to your well-thought-out plan. Many unsolicited advice givers tell pregnant women to have a couple of plans “just in case.” So in this case, CarePoint in Hoboken is charming, modern, close to home, and staffed by smart and compassionate women (and men) who want you to leave happy and healthy. Check, check, check.

Mel Kozakiewicz blogs at www.urdoingitright.com.

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2 thoughts on “5 stars Birthing Center: Hoboken Medical Center Carepoint’s pampered pregnancy”

  • Hoboken hospital and their maternity ward should be SHUT DOWN. The experience described was no where near what I had. I learned about the pampered pregnancy program and spoke with the representatives at various baby fairs in the area and believe me it was not at all pampered. I felt like I was a prisoner in a third world country. In general, the nurses were not very supportive, pushed me for a C-section (after I was told that the head nurse wanted to make it for a BBQ lunch they were having on that day), left me on an uncomfortable and painful gurney approximately 5 hours, did not allow me to see my baby for about 6.5 hours, refused to give me medication, and when questioned, indicated I would have to remember to ask for my medication. They made it an ordeal to take me to breastfeed my baby and were all around unprofessional. I was told that I should have been left on the gurney to make it easier to be wheeled to the NICU due to difficulty accessing the unit and then asked if I could use the wheelchair hours after a forced unnecessary C-section. I was bullied by hospital staff and surrounded by a entire team who could not provide me a reason for C-section with the exception that it had been over 6 hours since my admission and that was what hospital policy allows. In addition, when I asked to lower the amount of epidural because I felt numb on one side, the anesthesiologist seemed annoyed and said, “I’m not doing this again” if I needed the levels to be changed again. I could not wait to leave there! No gourmet meals, robes, or candles. The hospital has less than a 10% breastfeeding rate and the nurses I had the pleasure of dealing with did not understand English, therefore there was a language barrier as well. If that’s not enough, I refused to get a vaccine for my baby, stating I would have my pediatrician do it, and was told they did it anyway and to sign the form. The pediatrician who cleared my baby appeared so inept that he couldn’t put a diaper on and handed my baby back to me without a diaper on. I’ve heard the hospital is in bad shape and the staff they hire is at most subpar and had significant issues with their maternity ward. They are trying to re-introduce themselves as baby-friendly and a “great” place to birth by allowing midwives privileges, however they lack the necessary training and have not changed their hospital policies to provide women the choices they are entitled to when it comes to birth. This place is unsupportive, unprofessional, and the most traumatic experience ever. Furthermore, while I was there the maternity ward was a like a ghost-town. Their were only three other women in the entire ward. Please, if you don’t want to face such trauma, do your research and DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL!!! I’ve birthed before and this is the worst place possible. Oh and the hospital bill….WOW! They got more from my insurance company than places in the city billed!

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