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Places to Donate Food in Jersey City & Hoboken this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving food donation
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Places to Donate Food in Jersey City & Hoboken this Thanksgiving

As the holiday season approaches, it’s so important to give back before we dig into our delicious meals. It’s the season of giving back and especially with everything happening around us, it is so essential to help the ones in need. Therefore, we went ahead and compiled a list of the places for Thanksgiving food donation, where you can donate food, canned foods, and other supplies that would help many in need!

Please make sure to contact the organizations directly as well for more information and what they need exactly depending on the day. 

Hope House

Hope House, an emergency shelter for homeless women with children, helps families become self-sufficient by giving them an opportunity for decision-making and for assuming responsibility for improving their situation under the supervision, support, and guidance of shelter staff. They are also always looking for more donations in the form of canned goods or cereals for the children. Plan your Thanksgiving food donation ahead.

St.Lucy’s Emergency Shelter

St. Lucy’s Emergency Shelter is a supervised 24-hour, 7-day-a-week, year-round emergency shelter facility for single women and men offering emergency housing and food for those in need. The shelter provides two meals a day and is always looking for food donations. Get in touch and let them know in advance if you planning any Thanksgiving food donations.

Saint Peter’s University Campus Kitchen

The Campus Kitchen at Saint Peter’s University, established in September 2014, is a community service program that seeks to save food that would be wasted in dining halls, cafeterias, and grocery stores, and creates nutritious meals for those struggling with hunger. They are always looking for food donations, canned goods, and supplies.

St. Paul’s Church

An Episcopal parish in the heart of Jersey City located at 38 Duncan Avenue in Jersey City. They plan an annual Thanksgiving dinner. Additionally, donations are always welcomed and can be monetary or in the form of desserts or sides. 

Mommies Heart To Heart

Their mission is to teach children to become givers to families in need in beloved Jersey City. They are doing a Thanksgiving drive this year where you can donate a box of little things(including food, health, and other supplies). Make a Box of Little Things go to those in need at the Hope House, York Street Project, WomenRising, and Newark YMCA. And drop it off at 225 Grand Street.

York Street Project

The mission of the York Street Project is to weave innovative programs that shelter, feed, educate, and promote the healing as well as the independence of persons in need, especially women and their children. Additionally, there are many opportunities to get involved with York Street Project including donation drives, working with children, internships, and more! They are also always looking for donations, especially during the holiday season.

Family Promise of Hudson County

Family Promise addresses homelessness by utilizing the resources of volunteer congregations. Congregations provide space in their buildings to serve as temporary homes for homeless families. Each Family Promise affiliate also has a day center, where families can take showers, receive case management, and look for housing and jobs. This holiday season goes ahead and donate funds, donate items, or volunteer. You can read more here.

Hoboken Shelter

The Hoboken Shelter’s mission is to be a community partnership that transforms lives by providing meals for the hungry, shelter for the homeless, and services to support people to become housed. Additionally, Hoboken Shelter is always looking for donations of meals, canned goods, and other supplies.

One of Hudson County’s oldest and largest food pantries serving the needs of low and very-low-income families and individuals, The Sharing Place provides groceries (including fresh produce, meats, proteins, dairy, eggs, and non-perishables) each month. Also, you can always donate food supplies to the pantry.

Hoboken Food Pantry  

The Hoboken Food Pantry stocks its pantry through the generous donation of local grocery stores, food drives organized by local schools or community groups, individual donations including through their Wish List, and purchases at the Community Bank of NJ. There are also various ways you can help them that are listed on their website. Also, check their food donations schedule here.

In Jesus’ Name 

Located in the basement of Our Lady Grace Church, In Jesus’ Name is a local charity, founded in 1981, that gives goods to the less fortunate. They are in need of food, baby products, and other goods.

West Side Community Fridge 

West Side Community Fridge is located at 300 Delaware Avenue. The concept behind the West Side Community Fridge is pretty simple: Take what you need, leave what you can. Additionally, they are accepting food every day including Thanksgiving so feel free to stop by and donate.

Updated November 21st, 2022

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