Top Things to do this summer in Westside Jersey City

Top Things to do this summer in Westside Jersey City

One of the best things about summer is the opportunity it affords you to visit somewhere nice, somewhere lush…somewhere worth visiting.

Let’s see some amazing sites in Westside Jersey City which you can enjoy in this beautiful city whether you are a local, nearby or looking for a fun-filled tourist destination.

Jersey City NJ is home to numerous attractions including large amusement parks, fun water parks, discovery museums, and so much more. To help you get started on your summer of exploring, we have listed several favorite places to help you and your family begin enjoying the top things to do this summer in West side Jersey City.

Lincoln Park

On your list of top things to do this summer in Westside Jersey City, you can’t leave this one off. This one is a must do for your family this summer. Plan a day to spend at Lincoln Park. It is a large park in Hudson County with approximately 273 acres.

Lincoln Park has so much to offer including a nature walk, three children’s playgrounds, numerous athletic fields, courts, a cricket pitch, and a running track. There is a 3-acre lake for fishing and four gazebos to pose in for beautiful pictures or take a break. There’s also a dog park so your furry companion can make friends too!

While you are at Lincoln Park, you’ll get to see and enjoy some fantastic art and structures including Lincoln The Mystic, a Jersey City Civil War Memorial, Farrier Memorial, and the Great Irish Famine Memorial. It’s another opportunity to appreciate art and architecture with the children!

One thing you won’t miss is the 365 ton Lincoln Fountain. It’s the worlds largest concrete monument! It’s stunning and something the whole family can enjoy.

Lincoln Park is also home to the Casino In The Park. This is another excellent place to plan to eat sometime this summer! You’ll experience delicious food, and you’ll be at a popular destination!

Keep your eyes open as you walk around this beautiful environment and you may see some rare bird species including Black Skimmers, Osprey, and Egrets.

Free – Jazz Music by the Fountain ALL Summer  

Each summer you’ll get to listen to beautiful jazz music by the fountain. This is a free and family-friendly event that takes place each week throughout the summer. Stay tuned for more details!

Stop by Rosebud Florist on your way home and pick up their some fresh flowers. It adds such a nice feeling to home any time of year even when it isn’t a special occasion.

It’s a big event every year and if you don’t want to stay home and celebrate in your own home and backyard, here’s a popular event to make plans to attend:

Liberty State Park

Top Things to do this summer in Westside Jersey City

The Statue of Liberty is located here in this city! This incredible 1,212-acre park is a green oasis nestled in an urban setting. You just have to see this park. Walking along the waterfront southward lets you have a really splendid view of the Statue of Liberty, and in case you decide to take your time and visit Ellis Island, you shouldn’t forget to visit the incredible old (the 1930s) railway station.

9/11 Memorial and Museum

Top Things to do this summer in Westside Jersey City

If you’re local, while it isn’t in Jersey City, it is nearby and a historical point to visit. If you are a tourist looking for a destination, this is it. This is a place that changed the lives of many people and shook the world all over. The museum is really magnificent. You might actually spend hours just taking a tour around the museum. You get to enjoy breathtaking stories and see amazing artifacts. There is an audio tour available to anyone who chooses to enjoy it, so you might want to try that on your visit.

Staten Island Ferry

Top Things to do this summer in Westside Jersey City

The island ferry operates between the St. George ferry terminal and the Whitehall terminal in lower Manhattan. You will enjoy the views of the surrounding area throughout your 25-minute ride. Interestingly, this ferry is free; you just have to comply with the applicable U.S Coast Guard Security Regulations.

If you’re thinking of what it will cost you to enjoy views of the Manhattan Skyline, World Trade Centre, Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, this is your free ticket.

Strolling The Streets on the West Side Of Jersey City NJ

The West side of Jersey City has shopping and a lot more to offer locals and tourists alike. You’ll be able to relax, play, take your time and explore. You just might discover a lot of amazing adventures just waiting to be found on the West side in Jersey City.

It’s always great to support local businesses whenever possible. There are still plenty of mom and pop shops in existence on the West side of Jersey City! You will see plenty of stores and restaurants to visit, with exciting deals to offer.

As you begin your stroll, there are two top places you need to be sure to stop this summer! In no particular order, you need to stop for breakfast or brunch at these excellent places. Visit Wonder Bagels where you’ll find hand-rolled bagels and a fantastic menu to find new favorites. Also, visit Gary’s Sweet Shoppe which has been around for decades and you’ll see locals enjoying coffee, butter bread, and solving the world’s problems.

As you stroll the West side of Jersey City, one thing to do as a family if you have young children is count and identify different shapes. The adults will enjoy appreciating the architecture of a different era while the children will be happy, learning, and busy.

Stop to Eat

Have a taste from the selection of restaurants in West side Jersey City. One of the best things about having diverse neighborhoods on the West side of Jersey City is that different types of restaurants are there and serving delicious foods. If you and your family are at all “foodies,” you can enjoy a summer-long food adventure. Pick a different place each week and take a night off of cooking at home. It will be exciting, and you’ll be introducing your children to new foods and cultures as well as getting the opportunity to taste a vast variety of different types of food.

Here are some favorite places to stop to eat where there’s usually something on the menu even for the child that doesn’t like to try new things.

La Primicia Restaurant

A Taste You Won’t Forget – They are open Monday thru Saturday from 7 am to 9 pm offering convenient hours to fit busy schedules. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You’ll find Carribean, Dominican and Hispanic cuisine in a casual atmosphere.

Jerkin Chicken

You’ll enjoy a taste of Jamaica! They have convenient hours and are open until 8 pm each evening. They’ve been serving this area for two decades.

Georgio’s Pizzeria

Simply great pizza, pasta, salads and more! If it’s a hot evening and you don’t want to turn the oven on, pick up some pizza and stroll over to Lincoln Park or have it delivered to your door.

Miss America Diner

The Miss America Diner is a must visit this summer! It is an old-fashioned diner offering home cooking and is sure to please a hungry appetite. They are a prestigious landmark with over 75 years in business. They offer daily deals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner and are open seven days a week.

Light House Tavern

The Light House Tavern is a resorted public house from late in the 1850s, and you might end up imagining the days of prohibition when those smoky recesses were filled with bootleggers and whiskey sippers. The spot integrates modern cuisines into its history, focusing mainly on east coast fare, oysters, Maine lobsters and kale salads and crispy cod fillets.


Fourth Of July 2018

Top Things to do this summer in Westside Jersey City

Don’t let summer slip away without attending a big event where the children will be in awe of the fireworks. Make plans now to celebrate The Fourth Of July by attending the 5th Annual Freedom and Fireworks Festival. This exciting family-friendly event is on July 4th and begins at noon.

While those are our top things to do this summer in Westside Jersey City, here’s a couple more items that are often wonderful to add to our summers plans.

Learning and Growing Opportunities

If you want to add in some programs for this summer, here’s a couple of places with some great offerings:

Three Little Birds on Westside Avenue has an assortment of classes, programs, and events for children. It may offer the summer opportunity you are looking for as you make plans for your top summer activities!

Also, Jersey City Recreation has multiple classes and programs available!

Jersey City Waterfront

Top Things to do this summer in Westside Jersey City

Located downtown, this waterfront gives you excellent views of the Manhattan Skyline. You’ll really enjoy visiting some of its many restaurants and hotels. Many have experienced lodging at the hotels and air bnb choices nearby just so that they can enjoy the magnificent views throughout their stay in this city. Even if you are local to Jersey City, this can be a fun type of “stay-cation” that gets you out of the house yet nearby to have a less expensive “vacation”.

Few MUST do ….

Crema – (Must Try )An ice cream and coffee shop at Duncan and Bergen Ave.
The Dairy Queen on Westside Blvd – walk up DQ without an inside area,  A really fun thing to do in the summer-513 West Side Blvd.
The Lafayette Pool on Johnston Avenue:A free public pool and is a great place to cool off and is not that far from the neighborhood.

Summer 2018 Memories

Whatever you do, we hope you have lots of fun, embrace every moment and make lots of memories this summer as you begin exploring the top things to do this summer in Westside Jersey City.


Best STEM and coding classes for kids in Jersey City

Best STEM and coding classes for kids in Jersey City

Is your child interested in exploring the “hows,” “whys,” and “what-ifs” of the world around them? Does he love to fix broken toys? Or maybe she likes to see how robots work? If so, it sounds like a STEM and coding focused class may be right up your child’s alley. STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) enrichment classes can be a wonderful way to help kids think critically and creatively while fostering their curiosity along the way. Here are some of our top picks for the best STEM and coding classes for kids in Jersey City.


125 First Street

Zaniac offers a comprehensive range of Steam programs for kids in grades K-8. Zaniac’s courses are designed to harness a child’s natural curiosity to produce lifelong passions and academic achievement. Their courses also foster positive social development through the use of role model instructors and peer-based learning. Zaniac’s inclusive learning environment provides the best possible learning experience for each child, and children with unique/spectrum needs are warmly welcomed.

Location- Jersey City


Best STEM and coding classes for kids in Jersey City


 278 Monmouth St

PicoTech Institute is a hands-on learning experience for the whole family. Featuring classes in research, design, and engineering for grades 3-8, and arts and music classes for grades k-5, your child will discover a passion at one of the best STEM and coding classes for kids in Jersey City. PicoTech’s first-rate birthday packages and unique family ‘maker’ nights provide hours of fun for families throughout.

Location- Jersey City


Rutgers Bootcamps

161 Newkirk St

Rutgers weekly boot camps are a hands-on way for your child to gain vital coding and data science skills and learn to think the way a coder does. Book the course in advance and see your child leave Rutgers fluent in coding, complete with a portfolio of impressive web development projects. Students also gain a certification, as well as the core skills to adapt to the careers of tomorrow. Classes are available Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Location- Jersey City


Key Element Learning

338 Grove Street

In a world where employers are valuing soft skills over traditional education, how can you prepare your child for success? With JC Chess Kids, your child will develop fantastic problem solving and critical thinking skills with fun sessions on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Give your child a head start as they enjoy the creative and interactive sessions with leading experts in chess and robotics. They welcome ages 3.5 up to 10 years old.

Location- Jersey City



At CoreAdvantage, your child will be learning from the best in the business. This school offers four different programs to suit yours and your child’s needs- after school, holiday, OMNI, and classes specifically designed to encourage girls to enter the field of coding. In addition to the four programs, CoreAdvantage also offers private classes- a feature that truly allows it to be one of the best STEM and coding classes for kids in Jersey City. CoreAdvantage offers classes in everything from computer programming done in Python, to 3D game design and robotics- making it a very versatile option for your child.

Location-Hoboken (About 5-7 minutes’ drive from Jersey City)


AlphaMinds Academy

601 Park Avenue, 225 Morris Boulevard

The AlphaMinds program believes that kids don’t have to memorize facts to appreciate learning. Their classes encourage students to think critically about what they’ve learned. Since kids learn at different levels, their small classes are based on interests and abilities, not age. The academy can give students extra help in a subject or advanced instruction beyond what they’re getting at school, truly allowing it to be one of the best STEM and coding classes for kids in Jersey City. Class offerings include chess, coding (Scratch, Python and HTML/CSS/Java Script/Web Design) , math, engineering, essay writing and Russian language immersion.

Address– Hoboken (About 5-7 minutes’ drive from Jersey City), Jersey City

Phone– 201-844-8535

Mad Science of Union & Hudson

720 Monroe Street

For over two decades, the teachers at Mad Science have been preparing your kids for success. Their programs are engaging for children of all ages, providing a foundation of excellence at school and beyond. Mad Science offers a new curriculum of coding classes, which is an important skill to cultivate in the digital age. If you’re looking for the best STEM and coding classes for kids in Jersey City, Mad Science is a perfect choice.

Address– Hoboken (About 5-7 minutes’ drive from Jersey City)

Phone– 973-542-8366

The Hoboken Public Library

500 Park Avenue

For 125 years, The Hoboken Public Library has been educating the children of Hudson County. Now, through their new coding program, you can get your kids a head start in the ever-growing field of computer programing. Why just give them your iPad to play on? Why not give them the tools to create the apps they love to use? Parents and children will both love this place for being one of the best STEM and coding classes for kids in Jersey City.

Address– Hoboken (About 5-7 minutes’ drive from Jersey City)

Phone– 201-420-2348


720 Monroe St

Coditum has a reputation for producing excellent coders. Coditum raves of its classes being among the top for an effective and thorough education, and they have successfully molded their curriculum over the last sixteen years to fit in with the changing world of computer science- which is a valuable trait for a school to have considering the industry is ever changing. While the education of your child is taken very seriously, the coding classes are designed to be fun for everyone. The curriculum is neither licensed nor online, meaning that it is established entirely by them and your child will work together one-on-one with teachers, making it one of the best STEM and coding classes for kids in Jersey City. They offer classes for children aged 8-17.

Location-Hoboken (About 5-7 minutes’ drive from Jersey City)


Bricks 4 Kidz

720 Monroe Street

Bricks 4 Kidz provide an extraordinary atmosphere for children, where they learn, build, and play with LEGO ® bricks. They offer activities for children ages 3-13, including after-school enrichment classes, summer camps, holiday camps, birthday parties, preschool enrichment, and special events. Look no further if you want your child to get enrolled in one of the best STEM and coding classes for kids in Jersey City.

Location– Hoboken (About 5-7 minutes’ drive from Jersey City)

Phone-917- 309-8585

If your son or daughter enjoys math and science, they would probably love an extracurricular activity that incorporates STEM in fun and creative ways.  This list is only a sample of what Jersey City has to offer the parents and their kids. Perhaps you weren’t aware of what wonderful options are available to parents looking for the best STEM and coding classes for kids in Jersey City, but now you do. Go forth and help your budding engineer think creatively while fostering their curiosity along the way. In addition to STEM and coding classes, Jersey City is home to some amazing soccer classes, swimming classes, dance classes and tennis classes.

Stroller friendly restaurants in Jersey City

Stroller friendly restaurants in Jersey City

Children are the greatest gift a parent can ever receive. Sometimes you want to get out of the house and you need to take the little one with you. Many restaurants do not provide adequate space for parents of tiny tots in strollers. This list is here to provide you the peace of mind by knowing which establishments to go to with your babies and toddlers .

Brownstone Diner-426 Jersey Ave

Stroller friendly restaurants in Jersey City

The Brownstone Diner & Pancake Factory lets you and the family experience scrumptious foods made the like the days past. You can enjoy breakfast all day if you so choose or stick to the usual lunch and dinner menus. The kids can pick from a variety of child-friendly foods made just for them. Best of all, they will happily accommodate your stroller, allowing this diner to be one of the best stroller friendly restaurants in Jersey City. Their hours are from 6:00 am until 9:00 pm every day of the week.


Word Jersey City-123 Newark Ave

Stroller friendly restaurants in Jersey City

WORD is a very kid friendly bookstore with a little café inside it. While getting a bite to eat, your kid can look at some books made just for them. The staff provides cute notecards that tell you the books they read recently and don’t mind allowing the kids to read while getting coffee, truly allowing it to be one of the best stroller friendly restaurants in Jersey City. Just be sure to keep the area clean as not to spill anything on the books. The café in the bookstore is roomy and has enough space for the stroller so you don’t have to worry. There is a lot to do here so that adults and children alike won’t get bored. Daily hours run Monday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Liberty House Restaurant-75 Audrey Zapp Dr.

Stroller friendly restaurants in Jersey City

View the water and the Manhattan skyline for a pleasant dining experience. They offer private dining, events, and even baby showers to get ready for your new bundle of joy. The kiddos will enjoy a night out with the parents at this upscale establishment. There is a spacious patio area for outside dining if you want some fresh air and quiet ambiance in one of the most unique stroller friendly restaurants in Jersey City. At Liberty House, there are no worries about not being able to bring everyone. Hours are Wednesday to Saturday 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm with a break until 5:00 pm to 1:00 pm. Sunday offers openings from 11:00am to 3:00pm and 5:00pm until 9:00pm. Closed on Mondays.

Skinner’s Loft- 146 Newark Ave

Before the bar opens at night, Skinner’s allows for the entire family to enjoy a delicious meal together. The serving staff will bring you a high chair if you request for one, and they also have plenty of room for strollers on weekdays before the night crowd hits. Kids will be entertained by coloring with new crayons on their menu, free stickers, and their very own cup. Parents and children will both love this place for being part of stroller friendly restaurants in Jersey City. Weekday hours happen from 4:00 pm to 11:00 pm and weekends from 11:00 am until 11:00 am.


Downtown Yogurt-126 Newark Ave

Stroller friendly restaurants in Jersey City
Downtown Yogurt happens to be the ultimate frozen yogurt establishment that is one of the best stroller friendly restaurants in Jersey City. Everyone loves frozen yogurt and there is a flavor here for even the pickiest person’s taste buds. Feel free to bring the stroller and the baby in together with the rest of the family to enjoy a cold treat on a hot summer’s day. Sample as many flavors as you’d like before you decide what to buy. Or get all of your favorites together for a delicious concoction. Best of all, they are open seven days a week! The hours are Monday to Thursday from noon until 11:00 pm, Friday 12:00 pm to Midnight, Saturday 11:00 am to 12:00 am and Sunday 11:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Zepplin Hall-88 Liberty Drive

Stroller friendly restaurants in Jersey City

This spacious restaurant provides an open atmosphere with food and beverage choices for parents and children. Families can choose to dine inside or out depending on what you feel like. The tables are very large and let everyone be seated comfortably. Kid-friendly foods such as fries, chicken, and pretzels will have the family coming back for more years from the first visit. By being one of the stroller friendly restaurants in Jersey City your whole family will feel welcomed here. Zepplin Hall opens Wednesday and Thursday from 4:00 pm to 2:00 am, Friday from 4:00 pm to 3:00 am, Saturday 12:00 pm to 3:00 am, and Sunday from 12:00 pm to 1:00 am. Closed on Mondays.

It may seem hard to find stroller friendly restaurants in Jersey City, but they are out there for your dining pleasures. With the weather getting nicer every day who doesn’t want to take out the whole family? The restaurants listed here are welcoming to kids and their families. While waiting in line, you can still have some fun with verbal games too. Don’t let the stroller stop you from getting out and living life in our beautiful City.

If you decide to enjoy the beautiful board walk and explore our neighborhood city Hoboken, you can check the  Stroller Friendly Restaurants in this list here

Dog Parks and Dog-Friendly Places In and Around Jersey City

Dog parks and dog-friendly places in and around Jersey City

Adventures in Jersey City with Man’s Best Friend

When the weather is nice after a long cold season filled with indoor winter activities, who doesn’t like to get out of the house to shake those winter blues? What’s even better is being able to pull out the dog leash and see the look of excitement on your dog’s face when they know an adventure is forthcoming. Establishments are finally becoming friendlier by allowing the pup to enjoy time with the entire family like they should. Now Fido doesn’t have to look at you with his cute puppy eyes puddled with sadness as you take the kids out to enjoy time away from home. There are plenty of fun dog parks and dog-friendly places in and around Jersey City.

Dog-Friendly Restaurants:

Square 1 Community Eatery

283 Saint Pauls Avenue

Square 1 is a popular farm to table eatery that provides homemade dog treats for your four-legged friend. While the pup is happily playing with other dogs, you can kick back and enjoy some vegetarian-friendly cuisine. They are open Tuesday to Friday from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Dog parks and dog-friendly places in and around Jersey City

The Light Horse Tavern

199 Washington Street

This restaurant features a nice patio area, making it part of the dog parks and dog-friendly places in and around Jersey City. They go out of their way to make Fido feel special and will provide a fresh bowl of water. With an expansive beer selection and bar food classics, you can’t beat a night on the town with your furry companion. Open on Monday to Saturday 11:30am to 10:00pm and Friday from 5:00pm to 11:00pm.

Wonder Bagels

517 Jersey Ave

Dog parks and dog-friendly places in and around Jersey City

The smell of freshly hand-crafted bagels greets you when you walk into the door of Wonder Bagels making your mouth water. Your dog gets to enjoy a meal with you while you dine on a unique take of classic foods like sandwiches and grilled Paninis. Their hours are from 5:00 am to 3:30 pm every day.

Amelia’s Bistro

187 Warren Street

Dog parks and dog-friendly places in and around Jersey City

The ambiance is full of energy making this restaurant one of the best dog parks and dog-friendly places in and around Jersey City. Hours are from Monday to Friday 11:00 am to 3:00 pm for lunch, and dinner every day from 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

Rita and Joe’s Italian Restaurant

142 Broadway

Yearning for some Italian food? Get the leash out and head to Rita and Joe’s for some spaghetti, risotto, or a variety of other dishes. When the weather is nice, Fido will appreciate having a spot next to their favorite person while you both chow down on scrumptious bites. Get your Italian food fix on Monday to Thursday from 11:30 am to 9:45 pm, Friday, and Saturday from 12:00 pm through 10:45 pm, and Sundays starting at 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Parks for Pups

Lincoln Park Dog Run

W Park Dr and Lakeview Dr

Dog parks and dog-friendly places in and around Jersey City

Dogs love a big open space to run around and go crazy in. Lincoln Park Dog Run allows your pet to feel like they’re running free in the wilds. Since the park has routine maintenance you don’t have to worry about your dog finding anything dirty to get in to. Small dogs have their own area to prevent accidental injury from larger playful pups. Best of all, the park is the perfect match for dog parks and dog-friendly places in and around Jersey City. Feel free to contact (201) 9150-1388 for more information.

Van Vorst Park Dog Run

257 Montgomery St

Dog parks and dog-friendly places in and around Jersey City

When the dog wants to break free from the leash, they are more than welcome to do that at Van Vorst Park. The grounds are well kept so you know that your dog will stay safe. Big dogs and little dogs have their own areas to play with other four-legged friends of the same size.  Reach out to (201) 547-4449 for more info.

Sgt. Anthony Dog Park

88 Palisade Ave

Dog parks and dog-friendly places in and around Jersey City

If you work a job at odd hours or simply want to go out later in the evening, Sgt. Anthony is open all hours of the day and night. The park has a reputation for being taken care of and being a safe space for dogs and their owners alike. Currently, it is undergoing some maintenance, but feel free to drop by anytime. If you have comments or questions, the contact number for them is (201) 430-5747.This is certainly one of the best dog parks and dog-friendly places in and around Jersey City.

Hamilton Park Dog Runs

680 Jersey Ave

Dog parks and dog-friendly places in and around Jersey City

Hamilton Park is made just for dogs to socialize and have a good time while their human companions wish they could join in. There are designated areas for the dogs to be off the leash. If your pup weighs twenty-five pounds or less, they are allowed to use the small dog area. For larger breeds, they have their own space as well. Call (201) 915-4303 for park information.

As you can see, there are many dog parks and dog-friendly places in and around Jersey City to be explored. This list is only a sample of what Jersey City has to offer the family and your canine companions. So many restaurants let you bring the dog, so you don’t have to leave her/him at home whenever you want to go out. Perhaps you weren’t aware of what wonderful options are available to dog owners, but now you do. Go forth and have an adventure with man’s best friend.


Charitable Organizations in Jersey City

Charitable Organizations in Jersey City

Are you looking to volunteer time or make a donation to a local organization that works within the JC community? Our list of Charitable Organizations in Jersey City is a great place to start! These organizations are working on the ground to combat homelessness, poverty, abuse, and neglect. In our list, you’ll find an organization that works to improve literacy in schools and runs a summer camp for low income students. Another organization focuses on senior citizens, their caregivers, and mentoring youth. The list includes shelters for women and children, programs to help them get back on their feet and build self-esteem. However you may be drawn to help, our list of Charitable Organizations in Jersey City will assist in choosing the right place to donate your time or money or both!

Family Promise

71 Summit Ave, Summit, NJ 07901 – Phone: 908-273-1100

With humble beginnings, Family Promise has been working towards ending family homelessness. Family Promise has come to represent not just the programs that touch the lives of more than 93,000 people in need annually and engage more than 200,000 volunteers. It represents a national movement that believes we can address family homelessness—right here in our own communities! There are numerous ways to get involved from volunteering to hosting events!


Rebuilding Together Jersey City

P.O. Box 472 Jersey City, NJ 07303 – Phone: 201-222-2636

Email: [email protected]

The mission of Rebuilding Together is to preserve and revitalize houses and communities, assuring that low-income homeowners, from the elderly and disable to families with children, live in warmth, safety, and independence! The New Jersey chapter is one of the 245 nation-wide affiliates of the largest, non-sectarian, nonprofit, home rehabilitation organization in the United States. You can make donations right on their site!


Educational Arts Team

300 Morris Pesin Drive Jersey City, NJ 07305 – Phone: 201-432-1911/1912

Changing Children’s Hearts and Minds Through the Arts.” This message that drives the Educational Arts Team which is why they’re on our list of Charitable Organizations in Jersey City! The Educational Arts Team believes in a world in which all children have the opportunity to think, create, reflect, and be heard within a community of engaged learners. The fun keeps going all year round with Camp Liberty, their day camp! Since it began in 1974, Camp Liberty has evolved into a multifaceted enriching recreational, artistic and cultural experience for children ages 6 to 15 to learn, grow, and create.

General & Camp Liberty Inquiries: [email protected]



696 Ocean Avenue Jersey City, NJ 07305 – Local: 201-685-7273 / Toll Free: 800-795-8819

AngelaCARES, Inc. (ACI) is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization which began on October 20, 2011. AngelaCARES values teamwork, respect, accountability and innovation! With programs such as the Connie V. Gilchrist Alzheimer’s Fund, diaper distributions and more, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved! You can even start your own AngelaCARES chapter!



New City Kids

240 Fairmount Ave Jersey City, NJ 07306 – Phone: 201-915-9896

New City Kids offers after school programming for local low-income youth. Children and teens get a chance to explore music and academics in a creative and fun environment! New City Kids aims to give children a safe place to feel and hear that they are valued and loved while they develop skills, talents and desires for their future! You can find out how to volunteer with New City Kids here.


St Lucy’s Shelter

619 Grove St. Jersey City ,NJ 07310 – Phone: 201-656-7201

St. Lucy’s Emergency Shelter is an emergency shelter facility for single women and men offering emergency housing and food for those in need. The shelter is monitored 24-hour, 7-day-a-week, year-round. St. Lucy’s Shelter meets with those in need and assess their situation. Then the shelter refers clients to one or more of the following services: welfare, SSI, unemployment, job training and job search, education and mental-health treatment programs and more. The shelter provides two meals a day, clothing as well as a shower program and outreach services for the unsheltered homeless.


York Street Project

89 York St Jersey City, NJ 07301 – Phone: 201-451-9838

The York Street Project provides innovative programs that shelter, feed, educate and promote the healing and independence of persons in need, especially women and their children. The services of the York Street Project are currently offered in the three building structures at 81 and 89 York Street and at 240 Washington Street, Jersey City, New Jersey. There are many ways you can hep in making the needs and wants of families come true with endless volunteer and donation opportunities!


Women Rising

270 Fairmount Ave. Jersey City, NJ 07306 – Phone: 201-333-5700

WomenRising has been providing the ingredients for change for over 110 years making it a perfect fit on our list of Charitable Organizations in Jersey City! WomenRising is the foremost community-based organization for women in Hudson County and it assists women and their families to achieve self-sufficiency and live safe, productive and fulfilling lives, through social services, economic development, and advocacy services. In 2017 the organization served 15,000 individuals, advised over 1,200 women on legal options and much more! Make sure to keep up with their events and how to get involved!


Hoboken Grace in Hamilton Park

158 Erie St Jersey City, NJ 07302

Email: [email protected]

Since it began in 2008, Hoboken Grace has strived to show the unbelievable and unconditional love for the community through religion. Whether it’s Sunday morning service or community event, Hoboken Grace wants to make sure you feel right at home from the moment you arrive.


Church World Service Jersey City

26 Journal Sq Jersey City, New Jersey – Phone: 1-800-297-1516

Email: [email protected]

CWS Jersey City has fast become a center for the resettlement of refugees in diverse and vibrant communities across Northern New Jersey! The organization provides comprehensive case management and employment services aimed at empowering newly arrived refugees to build a foundation for long-term self-sufficiency and success in the United States. Services for refugees include basic needs support, case management, health access assistance, intensive job preparation and placement services and more!

Hope House

246 Second Street Jersey City, NJ 07302 – Phone: 201-420-1070

Hope House is an emergency shelter for homeless women with children. Housing up to 20 mothers and their children, the program offers short-term supervised residence, including three meals a day, assessment/planning, case management, housing, education, food, and clothing.


Top 5 Scenic Places To See Cherry Blossoms Near Jersey City

Top 5 Scenic places to see cherry blossoms near Jersey City NJ

The coming of spring is more than welcome to ease away the long winter and have some fun. That means it’s time to get out and see the renewing of the earth and celebrate nature. There is no better way to enjoy the upcoming season than to look at the beautiful cherry blossoms in bloom. Quite a few sites can be visited to spark a new love for these unique trees. You and your family don’t have to go all the way to Japan to see cherry blossoms. Washington D. C. may be closer still, but why drive all the way there when you can venture out into your own city and see the trees? While Jersey City may not have all the cherry trees in the United States, New York City is a close drive to view other areas if you just can’t get enough of the gorgeous scenery. Here are the top five extraordinary places to see cherry blossoms near Jersey City NJ. Let this list help you bloom into spring with a bang.

places to see cherry blossoms near Jersey City NJ

Branch Brook Park-Lake Street & Park Avenue, Newark, NJ 07104

New Jersey has the bragging rights to the largest collection of cherry trees within the United States. Branch Brook Park boasts well over 4,000 cherry tree blossoms, offering the closest you can feel to being near the festivities in Japan than anywhere else. Their annual Bloomfest celebrates the cherry trees from April 7th to April 15th. Around 10,000 people are reported to attending the festival every day, totally about 80,000 for the entirety of Bloomfest. The park has 360 acres and was founded in 1895. It is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Visit Branch Brook Park as it is one of the best places to see cherry blossoms near Jersey City NJ.

Central Park-Central Park West and 5th Ave, NYC

places to see cherry blossoms near Jersey City NJ

Everyone knows about Central Park in New York City. But many folks don’t know about the cherry trees that bloom there every April until May. The Yoshino and Kwanzan cherry trees both pull their share of nature modeling for the enjoyment of you and your family. The drive from Jersey City is around thirty minutes with good traffic. With it being so close, you don’t need any other excuse but to take a picnic with the family to enjoy a pretty spring day. Dining under the cherry blossoms is so enticing that you will never want to leave. There are plenty of activities to check out in Central Park to make an entire day seem like a vacation. The hours for the park are daily from 6:00 am until 1:00 am.

Queens Botanical Garden-43-50 Main St, Queens, NY

places to see cherry blossoms near Jersey City NJAt a little under an hour’s drive from Jersey City, Queens Botanical Garden is well worth the visit. The Bird Walk has an array of must-see cherry blossoms during their blooming season between April and May. You may see a few bridal photo shoots, as the garden is a popular wedding destination this time of year. They offer nature tours that are geared for the season. The hours for the weekdays are 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm and weekends from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Admission for adults is 6$, children 4-12 are 2$, and children under 3 are allowed in for free. The garden also offers a few free walking tours during the season. If you want a guided tour to learn about the blossoms and other plants then make this one of your places to see cherry blossoms near Jersey City NJ.

Riverside Park-100th St and 125th St, Manhattan, NY

places to see cherry blossoms near Jersey City NJ

The Cherry Walk located in Riverside Park is one of the most unusual places to see cherry blossoms near Jersey City NJ. Beautiful blooming trees that fall to the ground create an ethereal experience. With the ground’s delicate floral covering, it’s like walking on a cloud of cherry blossoms. Gaze up to see the sky bordered by luscious pink blooms that will brighten anyone’s mood. Take your camera for some high-quality visuals to remember for years to come. The park is beautiful year-round.

Roosevelt Island-1 FDR Four Freedom Park, NY

places to see cherry blossoms near Jersey City NJ

For the past six years, Roosevelt Island outside of New York City has put on a Cherry Festival for tourists and residents alike. What makes this spot unique is the cultural learning activities it provides for those who attend. Traditional Japanese activities are showcased to teach visitors about the culture behind the cherry blossoms and Japan, truly allowing it to be one of the best places to see cherry blossoms near Jersey City NJ. Some of the activities available are dancing, karate, Japanese music, and so much more. The events are mostly free and there is food available to purchase from local food trucks. No admission fee is required, but small donations are suggested.

Jersey City is one of the best places to live, as it is so close to many fascinating areas of interest. Spring offers an array of cherry tree viewing activities that will provide memories for many years. Cherry blossoms are special since they can only be seen from April to May. Most parts of the country do not have the opportunity to see one of nature’s finest works of art: the cherry tree in bloom. The festivals are a huge occurrence with many visitors annually that you can partake in. Be sure to take advantage of the top five places to see cherry blossoms near Jersey City NJ. The opportunity awaits with just a short drive. Be sure to check them all out for a fulfilling spring excursion. Enjoy the crisp spring air before the heat of the summer hits.

Playgrounds for Kids in Jersey City

Playgrounds for Kids in Jersey City

Jersey City is full of amazing playgrounds and parks for children of all ages. From pirate ships to ice skating rinks there is tons of family fun to be had. Here are some of our top picks for playgrounds for kids in Jersey City.

Berry Lane Park

Playgrounds for Kids in Jersey CityIn the Bergen-Lafayette section of Jersey City, there is a playground named Berry Lane Park. It is right across the street from New Jersey Transit’s Garfield Avenue Hudson-Bergen Light Rail station. It the city’s largest municipal park and the newest, making it one of the best playgrounds for kids in Jersey City. The park boasts two basketball courts, two tennis courts, a soccer field, a baseball diamond, a network of bike paths and two plazas.

Address: Berry Lane Park, 1000 Garfield Ave, Jersey City

Hours: 24 hours


Hamilton Park

Playgrounds for Kids in Jersey CityMany call this the best park in downtown Jersey City. It’s located in a great area surrounded by cute boutique shops and is great for all ages and pets. The park is dog-friendly and has two dog parks. There are tennis courts, basketball courts, picnic tables, green areas and a pagoda. The park has three playgrounds for Jersey City kids including a water park and a park designed for Tots. Hamilton Park is fun for the whole family and has fun events year round such as farmer’s markets, outdoor movies, and holiday events.

Address: 1 West Hamilton Pl (between 8th & 9th St), Jersey City, NJ 07302

Hours: 24 hours

Lincoln Park

Playgrounds for Kids in Jersey City

Lincoln Park is a historic park that was founded in 1905 and used to be known as West Side Park. It was among the first parks and playgrounds to be built for Jersey City kids. The park features 21 tennis courts, three playgrounds, a public golf course, dog run and several sports fields.  The pre-schooler playground is very clean and safe with fun climbing areas, slides and lots of parts that children can turn, push and pull. The park is perfect for families who are exploring the surrounding nature areas. Lincoln Park is certainly one of the best playgrounds for kids in Jersey City.

Address: West Side Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07304

Hours: 6 AM- 10 PM

Newport Green Park

Playgrounds for Kids in Jersey City

Between the two major downtown centers of Jersey City lies Newport Green Park. This park is relatively new and was created in 2012 as part of a Jersey City revitalization project and features a playground for Jersey City kids. This park is much more peaceful than parks located in downtown Jersey City or in the more touristy areas. The park has a very imaginative playground and is home to the Hudson River’s only man-made beach with the Manhattan skyline as a backdrop. There is also a splash pad and picturesque carousel.

The playground itself is very colorful and has different play sets tailored for preschool and elementary school children. One of the climbing contraptions is designed to be like a pirate ship and it is extremely popular among the smaller children. There is a network of climbing apparatuses connected by ropes for older kids complete with rock walls, dangling bridges and slides. It is one of the most unique playgrounds for kids in Jersey City to explore.

Address: 14th St, Jersey City, NJ 07310

Hours: 10 AM-6PM

Pershing Field Park

Playgrounds for Kids in Jersey CityPershing Field Memorial Park is a large park full of fun activities for residents and visitors. There is a great playground with lots of swings for Jersey City kids to enjoy. During the summer children love running through the sprinklers in the splash park area. There are also multiple sports fields, two basketball courts, four tennis courts, a swimming pool and an outdoor running track. In the wintertime, many locals can be seen gliding along the outdoor skating rink. Pershing Park is the perfect place for families in the Heights to enjoy outdoor fun year round.

Address: 201 Central Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07307

Hours: Open 24 hours

Liberty State Playground Park

Playgrounds for Kids in Jersey City

This park features amazing views of the Hudson River, majestic Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and the Freedom Tower. It features sprawling lawns, perfect picnic areas, a two-mile riverfront promenade and a gigantic playground. The park is popular for skaters, joggers and walkers alike. On a windy day, Jersey City kids can be seen flying their kites in the green fields. In the summer families can be seen having barbeques using the charcoal pits located throughout the park. The pre-schooler playground features a multitude of climbing structures, low sloping slides, bouncy bridges for tots and a make-believe sailing ship complete with steering wheels and a lookout post. The portion of the park designed for older kids has winding slides, artificial rock climbing walls, ladders, bridges, monkey bars and tunnels. In addition to the main playground, a second smaller park is located at the south end of the state park. This is one of the most popular playgrounds for kids in Jersey City, New Yorkers, and tourists.

Address:  200 Morris Pesin Dr, Jersey City, NJ 07305

Hours: 6 AM- 10 PM


Van Vorst Park

Playgrounds for Kids in Jersey CityThis Jersey City Playground is in the upper-class, swanky neighborhood of Jersey City’s historic downtown. It features a beautiful expanse of greenery amidst old buildings and some great playgrounds for school-aged children and pre-schoolers.

Address: 257-287 Montgomery St, Jersey City, NJ 07302

Hours: 8 AM-10 PM


JC Riverview Park

Playgrounds for Kids in Jersey CityRiverview-Fisk Park is on Ogden Avenue, on top of the Hudson Palisades, and offers the best scenic views of the New York City skyline. There is a great children’s park that is one of the best playgrounds for kids in Jersey City.

Address: 1 Bowers St Jersey City, NJ 07307

Hours: Not specified

Washington Park Playground

Playgrounds for Kids in Jersey CityWashington Park features 4 baseball fields, 9 tennis courts, several basketball hoops and a playground. The park is between Union City and Jersey City in Hudson County and is popular among visitors and Jersey City kids alike.

Address: Union City, NJ 07087

Hours: 10 AM- 8 PM


Riverview Park and Playground

Playgrounds for Kids in Jersey CityRiverview Park is located in the Heights of Jersey City. It is full of scenic viewpoints and features a few playgrounds for Jersey City kids to enjoy as well.

Address: Jersey City, NJ 07307

Hours: Open 24 hours


Pier 51 Playground

Playgrounds for Kids in Jersey CityLocated just across the river from Jersey City this playground is located along the scenic Hudson River Greenway. Pier 51 playground is very clean and great for preschool-aged children. There is a water/splash pad, sandbox and lots of equipment for kids to climb. Adults can watch their children play while sitting in the shade and taking in some gorgeous views of the city.

Address: Hudson River Greenway, New York, NY 10014

Hours: 7 AM- 8 PM


Pier 25 Playground

Playgrounds for Kids in Jersey City Just down the Hudson River Greenway between Laight Street and Rockefeller Park lies the Pier 25 Playground. This park offers an entirely different experience than the Pier 51 Playground. It features a very popular mini golf course that is fun for both children and adults. There is also a skate park, children’s play area, 2 volleyball courts and a small soccer field. In addition to loads of fun activities the park is lined with benches and has a wooden lookout area where people can enjoy the views.

Address: 227 West St, New York, NY 10013

Hours: 8 AM- 6 PM


Few other parks in the area are General Nathanael Greene Park: in front of essex street light rail station, Angel Ramos Park : 88 Wayne St, Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA, Village Park: 384-388 1st St, Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA Jones Park: 237 Brunswick St, Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA

There are loads of fun playgrounds in Jersey City for kids and adults to enjoy. We are excited to watch this list grow as more projects and developments create more wonderful playgrounds for kids in Jersey City. In addition to tons of outdoor playgrounds, Jersey City is home to some amazing indoor parks, sprinkler parks, indoor and outdoor waterparks, and great spots for summer get-togethers.


8 Best Children’s Museums in and Around Jersey City

8 Best Children’s Museums in and Around Jersey City

Childhood is all about making discoveries and bright emotions. If you want to quench your little one’s curiosity, amuse your kid or let them have a hands-on experience with their favorite topic, children’s museums are the best places for learning while having fun. In fact, a museum trip can be an enjoyable pastime for the whole family.  We’ve gathered up the 8 best children’s museums in and around Jersey City.

Liberty Science Center, Jersey City

Liberty Science Center is a huge establishment with a variety of educational and entertainment activities. It houses 12 museum exhibitions, the largest planetarium in the Western Hemisphere, huge aquariums, a collection of 110 animal species, a 3D theater, classrooms, labs and much more.

From nano mini-exhibition to skyscrapers, from laser shows and climbing place space to animal encounters and live science shows – this territory is anything but boring. It is for a reason why the place has a reputation of one of the best children’s museums in and around Jersey City.

8 Best Children’s Museums in and Around Jersey City

Location:  Liberty State Park, 222 Jersey City Boulevard, Jersey City, NJ 07305

GRAMMY Museum Experience

We put this museum on the list of the best children’s museums in and around Jersey City because it offers a unique experience. If your adolescent child goes crazy about music, then a trip to GRAMMY Museum Experience Prudential Center is a must. The museum offers an exceptional experience for music lovers. Your kids can play electronic instruments, sing karaoke and even appear on stage. The pace fosters creativity and provides learning opportunities.

Location: Prudential Center, 165 Mulberry Street, Newark, NJ, 07102

American Museum of Natural History

American Museum of Natural History is a true goldmine of educative information for kids and their parents. Here you can find some of the biggest fossil collection of dinosaurs, learn about the structure of the Universe, see Moon rocks and a 94-feet long replica of a blue whale. The museum also offers a range of educational programs for kids of pre-school age to the 12th grade. Because of its vast choice of activities such as science, computer science, astronomy  and culture programs to mention a few, we consider AMNH to be one of the best children’s museums in and around Jersey City.

8 Best Children’s Museums in and Around Jersey City

Location: Central Park West & 79th St, New York, NY

Hunterdon Art Museum

Kids who like painting, drawing or crafts will love Hunterdon Art Museum. Apart from its permanent art collections and various exhibitions, the museum organizes workshops for small children and teens. Pottery, painting, drawing, sculpture, comics, design – you name it, the museum has it all as part of extracurricular activities for children. There are also classes for kids with special needs. Taking into account its rich educational program the museum definitely deserves to be listed as the best children’s museum in and around Jersey City.

8 Best Children’s Museums in and Around Jersey City

Location:  7 Lower Center Street, Clinton, NJ

New York Transit Museum

As its name suggests, this museum is devoted to the history of NY transit from 1800’s to date. You will be able to see how old subway cars looked like and find out how the subway operates. Kids can enjoy crafts and have a picnic lunch here. Platform puppetry, story time depot and a discovery room definitely put this unique place on the list of the best children’s museums in and around Jersey City.

Location:  99 Schermerhorn Street, Brooklyn, NY

Newark Museum 

New Jersey’s biggest museum, Newark Museum has a special program for kids and families. The museum hosts a planetarium and offers a wide range of activities from arts and crafts to interactive galleries where the youth can learn about geological processes, stars, renewable energy and much more. Newark Museum also organizes summer camp one-week sessions for ages 3-14.

8 Best Children’s Museums in and Around Jersey City


Location:  49 Washington Street, Newark, NJ

Garden State Discovery Museum

GSDM was created with the smallest ones in mind and caters to kids aged 3-10. You can spend the entire day in this activity-packed place. The museum offers plenty of possibilities for hands-on experience including scientific experiments, workshops, theater plays and animal shows. A lot of families choose the museum as a birthday party venue for their kids.

Location: 2040 Springdale Road, Suite 100, Cherry Hill, NJ, 08003

Imagine That!!!

Imagine That!!! is another NJ museum for the youngest kids that re-opened after a renovation in December 2017. It’s a great educational and fun place with an arts and crafts area, a puppet museum, a dance studio, an interactive color wheel, an Everbrite board and much more. Imagine That!!! is a great choice for birthday girls and boys offering a variety of customizable parties.

Location: 4 Vreeland Rd., Florham Park, NJ, 07932

Depending on your and your kid’s preferences you can visit any of the above-mentioned best children’s museums in and around Jersey City and give joy and unforgettable impressions to your little ones


Fun Classes and Activities for Kids of All Ages in Jersey City and Hoboken!

Fun Classes and activities for kids of all ages in Jersey City and Hoboken

Is your child an aspiring scientist? Musician? The next Leo Messi? Whether your child is a few months old or a teenager, there are so many fun classes and activities for kids of all ages inJersey City and Hoboken that offer a diverse array of classes to suit all interests. To help you on your search, we’ve created a lit of Fun Classes and Activities for Kids of All Ages in Jersey City and Hoboken!

Classes and activities for kids of all ages in Jersey City and HobokenSPORTS: 

252 9th Street, Jersey City, NJ, 07302 – Phone: 201 -205-1218

From first steps to handstands, My Gym grows with your little ones. Children have lots of fun as they gain strength, balance, coordination, agility and flexibility while developing social skills, confidence and self-esteem. My Gym Jersey City’s state-of-the-art facility, extensively trained staff and award-winning classes and programs tailored to your child based on age earned My Gym the reputation as the best early learning program of its kind.


Leo Mihalkovitz – NJ Regional Manager / Coach

Super Duper Tennis teaches using methods developed and supported by USTA’s new 10andUnder tennis program – smaller courts, shorter racquets and balls that bounce lower.

Spring registration now available for your Tiny Aces (3-4 yrs), Little Aces (5-6 yrs) & Big Aces (7-8 yrs) * Sibling discount also available upon request

Two Convenient Locations

*Hoboken – HOPES Rue Gym at 301 Garden Street

*Jersey City – Grace Church Parish Hall Gym at 39 Erie Street

CKO Kickboxing
150 Bay Street (entrance on Provost Street), Jersey City, NJ 07302 – Phone: (201) 360-3072

Get your Kids involved in the fitness revolution that is CKO KICKBOXING! Staying active is an essential component of living a healthy life for adults and kids alike. CKO Kickboxing offers an after school kids program designed to promote self confidence, physical activity in a fun and relaxed environment!

JC Taekwondo & Kickboxing Academy
150 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07302 – Phone: 201-333-1006

Students will learn confidence, discipline and self-control as they explore how to act and react to the world around them. Students ages 3 and up are taught a true, practical purpose that can never be found in a gym. JC Taekwondo offers an A+ Afterschool Martial Arts Program with pick-up service and tutoring for kids, an Award Winning Taekwondo Summer Camp, an all Adult Martial Arts and yes, we can take you all the way to the Taekwondo Olympic Team. Book your spot for a free trail class!

TennisApproach – Phone: 201-344-7824

TennisApproach is the number one provider of 10 and Under Tennis in the Jersey City area, servicing hundreds of kids per year, since 2010. Through its services, TennisApproach has a clear mission to provide the best initiation experience for anyone looking to learn tennis, especially younger children.

Gymboree Play & Music
175 Newark Ave, 3rd Floor, Jersey City, NJ 07302 – Phone: 201-918-6988

At Gymboree Play & Music, you and your child will build creativity, confidence and lifelong friendships! Gymboree programs are specially designed to help young children learn and develop as they play. Our classes also help you learn about your child — how to participate in and encourage his or her development — while enjoying the simple pleasure of playing together.

Classes and activities for kids of all ages in Jersey City and HobokenMUSIC

Tonal Art Music Center
47B Harrison Street, Hoboken, NJ, 07030 – Phone: 973-665-2051

Tonal Art Music Center was founded on the belief that musical training can have a positive impact on many different areas of life! They are dedicated to providing quality, focused, results-oriented lessons to students of all ages through vocal and instrumental classes.

Rockness Music

16 Erie St, Jersey City – Phone: 732-205-1971

Preschool of Rock has redefined children’s music by combining entertainment and education through exhilarating performance.

They offer classes, shows, preschool enrichments and birthday parties throughout New Jersey and New York. You can even bond with your little with their Mommy and Me classes.


Garden Street School for the Performing Arts
1018 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030 – Phone: 201-683-9100

Garden Street School of the Performing Arts is the leading school for the performing arts in NJ. All ages, styles and levels are welcome! They offer a range of dance classes including Ballet, Tap, Jazz and more! Prepare yourself for broadway with their amazing theater classes and learn to finally learn to play that instrument you’ve been eyeing.

Next Step Broadway
233 9th St. Jersey City, NJ 07302 – Phone: (201) 706-3025

Broadway experienced instructors offering professional classes and programs for performers of all ages! Register for your class now to start your journey!

NIMBUS Dance Works
165 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07302 – Phone: 201-377-0718

Nimbus Dance Works focuses its work on the intersection between high-level dance and innovative ways of involving communities and audiences. Nimbus presents performances and programs to diverse audiences locally and on tour: serving present audiences and building future ones. With a fun curriculum, Nimbus Dance Works strives to meld the company’s professional excellence with dance education programs that provide life-changing impacts on youth. Nimbus has extensive experience providing classes and after school programs for youth from ages 2 to 17.


The Performing Arts Workshop
196 Morgan Street, Jersey City, NJ – Phone: 201-424-3075

The Performing Arts Workshop engages students of all ages to develop creative expression and increased self-confidence. They offer distinctly different programs for children from ages 2-18 including youth drop-in classes, private lessons  and more!


Joys In Teaching Tutoring Service

Phone:  201-515-5542

Joys In Teaching Tutoring Service, LLC  is a tutoring match service that was developed in response to parents’ requests for professional and affordable tutoring services. Since 2012, Joys In Teaching has expanded to include enrichment programs, including the only entrepreneur course for children in the city, parent education workshops, family workshops as well as consultation services.

125 1st St, Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA – Phone: 201-360-2450

Zaniac is the go-to after school program and summer camp for science, technology, engineering, arts and math! Kids experience STEAM exploration and discover how much fun learning can be in Zaniac’s high-tech environment filled with friends. Their programs are designed from the ground up to prioritize fun, active engagement, and an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving. Ignite your child’s love of learning at Zaniac today!

Alpha Minds

The Hudson School: 601 Park Ave., Hoboken, NJ 0703

Boys and Girls Club: 18 Park Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07302 – Phone: (201) 844-8535

Foster your child’s confidence and love of learning with AlphaMinds Academy! This is an after school enrichment program where students can explore their academic interests and grow their minds in a fun, creative atmosphere! AlphaMinds Academy serves children ages 3-12. Programs available after school and on Saturdays.


Classes and activities for kids of all ages in Jersey City and HobokenARTS AND CRAFTS:

Megan Avery Designs    
720 Monroe Street Suite E306 Third Floor, Hoboken, NJ 07030 – Phone: 201-876-1198

If you’re looking to learn how to sew, craft or want to learn how to make amazing things with your hands, you’re going to want to check out Megan Avery Designs. The offer after school & weekend sewing classes and programs for kids, home school programs and private lessons. Register and reserve your spot today, drop ins welcome.

Tiny Greenhouse
498a Jersey Ave , Jersey City, NJ 07302 – Phone: 201-333-8450

Tiny Greenhouse is a nature-friendly art studio where your child’s creativity will develop through play. For children 15 months to 8 years Tiny Greenhouse offers art & craft classes, Open Play, Art Fun which is a 3 hour drop off Monday – Friday, customized birthday and holiday parties and summer camps.

Things To Do During Spring Break with Kids In and Around Jersey City

Things To Do During Spring Break with Kids In and Around Jersey City: Including classes and Spring Camps

As we get closer to spring break we all are thinking about fun activities to do with our families during the time off! It’s been a long winter and we are all itching to get outside! However, the might be some left over winter chills making outdoor activities slightly harder to enjoy. Luckily Jersey City has plenty of interesting indoor places and camps to keep you warm and entertained. When the weather is living up to Spring Break standards, Jersey City offers tons of fun options for the entire family! Here’s our list of Things To Do During Spring Break with Kids In and Around Jersey City!

Spring Break Camps


125 1st St, Jersey City

 Phone: (201) 360-2450
Zaniac offers several camps while your little one has a beak from school. Their camps are the perfect combination of learning and fun for children K-8 making it the perfect addition to our list of Things To Do During Spring Break with Kids In and Around Jersey City! Weeklong, full day camps run from 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM for $559 and Half-day weeklong camps are $349 and you can choose either the morning session from 8:30 AM – 12 PM or afternoon session from 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM!

Key Element Learning

338 Grove St, Jersey City

Your little one can enjoy an amazing combination of structured play, story time, art projects & fun at Key Element Learning! Their “SpringCamp” tends to kids 2-6 years-old and you can choose between 3 hour or 5 hour days! 3 hours will cost $70 a day and 5 hours will be $95 a day!

Classes and Indoor Activities

These places and classes will get your child exercising their bodies and minds!

My Gym

252 9th St, Jersey City

Phone: (201) 205-1218

When school is out, MY Gym is in! They have plenty of fun classes on a daily basis for kids to enjoy but also offer a great option of camp themed fun. Children participate in fitness games such as gymnastics and non competitive games that really get the heart pumping! Your little one can bring out their inner artist with arts and crafts and musical fun! My Gym believes that your child will have a blast rain or shine!


189 Brunswick St, Jersey City

Phone: (201) 431-3293

HudsonPLAY is a unique family playspace with activities to engage at every age. It’s definitely a major staple for indoor activity places in Jersey City! With a focus on interactive entertainment and fitness, HudsonPLAY is designed for serious fun with dynamic play areas for toddlers, state-of-the-art activities for preschoolers and a challenging Ninja Warrior Course for everyone else! Come and rediscover the excitement of PLAY. They even offer day camps!

Liberty Science Center

222 Jersey City Blvd, Jersey City

Phone: (201) 200-1000

Who said science can’t be fun! The Liberty Science Center combines scientific develops with fun and interactive exhibits earning it a spot on our list of Things To Do During Spring Break with Kids In and Around Jersey City. There are changing exhibits for kids of all ages and permanent fixtures that kids love! Tickets will cost you $22.75 for adults and $18.75 for children ages 2 – 12 for general admission. Luckily they offer great membership rates.

New York Hall of Science

Want the scientific fun to continue? Head over to the New York Hall of Science in NYC to check out their Science Playground. Designed for children of all ages, Science Playground exhibits include a giant lever, Archimedes screw and water play area, wind pipes, a climbing net, slides, sand boxes and metal drums. 

Enjoy the great outdoors

Take in all of the nature that the Garden State has to offer. Take a hike, capture photos and leave only foot prints!

Liberty State Park

This green oasis is a perfect spot not only for Jersey City residents but also for anyone from the surrounding area which is why it’s on our list of  Things To Do During Spring Break with Kids In and Around Jersey City! There is a large playground that the little ones love. There are pathways for biking, skating and running. You can take a self-guided nature path to observe this local wildlife habitat!

Branch Brook Park

Lake St & Park Avenue, Newark

Branch Brook is located in Newark and is about a 15 minute drive from downtown Jersey City. The 360 acre is home to an annual Cherry Blossom Festival, perfect for Spring photos! The park also has a roller skating rink

Bronx Zoo

2300 Southern Blvd, Bronx

If you haven’t checked out The Bronx Zoo, this is the time, before summer crowds make it hard to park and harder to see exhibits. There is a lot of outdoor walking, so dress appropriately. There are so many things to see and do at the Bronx Zoo including World of Birds, the Sea Lion Pool, the Congo Gorilla Forest and so much more! Rates for tickets are $28.95 for adults 13 and up, $20.95 for children 3 – 12 and kids under 2 are free. Click here for tickets.

Jersey City offers so many options for fun activities but the fun doesn’t stop there! Hoboken is also a great place to play! Make sure to grab a bite to eat from one of the many restaurants in the area!