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Chiropractic Services In Jersey City-Harborside Sport & Spine

Harborside Sport Spine Chiropractic
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Harborside Sport & Spine- Chiropractic Services In Jersey City

This week, the JCFamilies team sat down with Dr. Dave Sylvester, Clinic Director of Harborside Sport & Spine Chiropractic in Jersey City, to understand what this pain management center offers. Dr. Sylvester has been in private practice since 2002 and founded this center in 2006 to bring his expertise to patients of Jersey City.

Can you tell us a bit about your business?

Our practice is a multi-faceted holistic wellness center specializing in chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture, and physical therapy. We also focus on holistic medicine that includes regenerative medicine. We have been in practice for over 15 years in the Downtown Jersey City location. Our purpose is to help people in the community ease their pain and assist their overall health and wellness https://clubgreenwood.com/tramadol-ultram/.

Harborside Sport Spine Chiropractic

What services do you offer?

We offer Chiropractic Care, Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, Spinal Decompression for the treatment of herniated discs, IV Vitamin treatment, PRP(Platelet-rich plasma) for muscular and aesthetic conditions, and more. We have a complete list of services on our website that can be found here.

Harborside Sport Spine Chiropractic

Speaking of chiropractic services, can you share more about this service at Harborside Sport & Spine?

Chiropractic doctors treat problems involving your musculoskeletal system. This treatment includes issues with your bones, muscles, tendons, cartilage, ligaments, and nervous system.

Chiropractic services work well with physical therapy; Chiropractic Care treats problems involving your musculoskeletal system. It helps your spine have proper mobility and alignment. When you combine chiropractic services with physical therapy, which incorporates the stretching and rehabilitation of the muscles, you will achieve your desired result for a healthy musculoskeletal system. In addition, massage therapy adds an extra component to target specific injuries and muscles and promote overall health.

Harborside Sport Spine Chiropractic

What can new patients expect when they visit Harborside Sport & Spine for Chiropractic Services?

Your first visit will be a one on one evaluation with one of our specialists. During this initial visit, our Chiropractic Physician or Nurse Practioner will evaluate which services you may need and the areas of concern. We will then take a detailed medical history. At our facility, we will conduct a thorough neurological and orthopedic exam as well. We will then examine and evaluate the nerves, tendons, muscles, and ligaments in problem areas. If necessary, X-rays are taken on-site.

After we’ve examined you, our doctors will create a customized treatment plan specifically for you! Once approved, we will begin scheduling an appointment and also, if needed, coordinate with your other specialists and primary care doctors, so everyone is kept up to date on your treatments.

Haborside sports and spine jersey city

What are the phases of care when a patient visits?

Usually, we have three stages of care.

Phase 1: Relief care/Initial Intensive Care

If you are in pain when you come into our office, the first objective is to help you feel better. Depending on the severity of your problem, it is typical to need care 2-3 times per week for 4-6 weeks.

Phase 2: Strengthening Corrective Care

During the corrective care phase, muscles and other tissues are allowed to heal more completely, thereby helping prevent injury. To reduce your chances of injuring the affected area, the surrounding muscles need to be strengthened. Our staff will work with you to help retrain your muscles and ligaments to function correctly and at a higher fitness level than before your condition developed. It is our goal to have you as fully functional as possible. In this phase, it is typical to need care 8-10 times per month for 2-3months, depending on your overall health and the severity of your problem.

Phase 3: Wellness Care/Stabilization

Once your body has fully healed, it is essential to come in for periodic adjustments or massages to avoid future problems. Usually, this only requires a quick visit to our office 1-4 times per month, based on your lifestyle and goals.

Where are you located, and what are your hours of operation?

Harborside Sport & Spine is located at 75 Montgomery Street, Suite 603, Jersey City, NJ, in downtown Jersey City. We are right across from the post office. Additionally, we are a 5-minute walk between the Grove Street PATH train and the Exchange Place PATH train and light rail.

Haborside sports and spine jersey city

Our hours of operation are:

Monday: 10 AM to 7:30 PM
Tuesday: 10 AM to 7:30 PM
Wednesday: 10 AM to 7:30 PM
Thursday: 10 AM to 7:30 PM
Friday: 10 AM to 7:00 PM
Saturday: 9 AM to 1 PM
Sunday: Closed

What insurances do you accept/out of coverage?

Our office accepts most insurance plans. In addition, flexible payment programs can be arranged for patients who have little or no chiropractic or physical therapy insurance coverage.

What COVID precautions are you taking at your business?

Our staff is fully vaccinated and wearing masks at all times. In addition to that, we are also sanitizing all areas throughout the day and taking temperatures.

How can someone make an appointment?

Appointments can be made via phone at 201-433-1955 as well as online here.

They have a 10-minute promise which is where the patients are seen within 10 minutes, so you don’t have to wait too long for your appointment.

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