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Facts About Jersey City People Find Surprising

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Facts About Jersey City People Find Surprising

Jersey City has a lot of famous and well-known traits. Seeing how many people adore this place, it’s tough to believe just how many of its great qualities go unnoticed. We’re all aware that it’s a city with a vibrant background and history. This trait is reflected in every aspect of Jersey City, from the excellent variety of dining spots, parks to incredible cultural sights. However, we’re not here to state the obvious. Learning some new and exciting facts about Jersey City will only make you want to relocate there faster.

Jersey City is as diverse as they come.

Out of all the interesting facts about Jersey City, this one comes first for a good reason. Not only has JC won the most diverse city title this year, but it has done so over the past four years. Although this might seem like merely a coincidence and a stroke of luck, it’s not. JC has continued to be home for people of all backgrounds and scenes because it is incredibly welcoming. It has successfully kept this title over the years because people from all walks of life feel like they belong here. As a result, kids learn about respect and tolerance from a very early age which is truly hopeful for future generations.

It’s the spot for any history buff

JC is located on a peninsula in the Hudson River and the Hackensack, across from Manhattan Island. It is connected to NYC by a great transportation system that owes its existence to the Holland Tunnel. However, its roots go way back into the past. The first person who famously stumbled upon it was Henry Hudson back in 1609. Before it was known by the name of Jersey City (in 1820), JC was called Paulus Hook. Throughout its history, it was purchased and repurchased by powerful generations and countries. Although life was sometimes difficult, this rich history has made the city all that it is today. Luckily, many great testaments are left behind in museums and history books for future generations to explore.

JC’s offers great opportunities for education

A great fact about Jersey City is that you’ll have no trouble finding a good school for your little ones. What’s more, seeing how most people live hectic lifestyles in JC, you also have a wide variety of preschools and daycares to choose from. Finally, you’ll be happy to know that there’s actually a really high concentration of excellent public schools with high success rates when it comes to further education.

Finding a property is easier than you’d think

If you wish to relocate to Jersey City with your family, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that that’s not only possible but actually not very hard at all. Luckily, seeing how JC isn’t really in the middle of all the action, the real estate prices are in accordance with that. You can find a perfect home with ease and not have to worry about steep prices. Compared to Brooklyn, for example, JC real estate prices are about four times lower. If you’re a hopeless lover of the east coast and all its glory but need to settle down, for the time being, there’s no better place for the kind of balance you desire.

There are great transportation options

Seeing how many Jersey City residents work in Manhattan or somewhere in NYC, the need for an organized transportation system is vital. Luckily, the city fulfills this need without a doubt. No matter which form of transportation you find appealing, there’s an option for everyone. Of course, you can drive, take the train or the bus, or you could use the NJ ferry. As for which form of transportation is best, you’ll need to see that for yourself. The opinions are pretty divided.

Raising kids in JC is a piece of cake

Anyone who’s grown up in Jersey City will say that this is a fact. It’s the perfect way to live as peacefully as possible while still having all the opportunities and experiences you can get. This makes it an excellent place for raising kids. The job market is thriving while the real estate prices aren’t nearly as steep as in NYC. This helps parents achieve financial stability and perhaps even save up.

The views are breathtaking

Not many people think about all the mesmerizing views when they imagine Jersey City. If it weren’t right next to NYC, this would probably be a bit different. However, many even prefer the JC views since they don’t have to endure all the noise to experience them. If you wish to see Manhattan in all its glory across the famous Hudson River, Jersey City is a must. You’ll never want to spend your romantic nights anywhere else.

You won’t have any trouble finding fun activities

Although people find the east coast to be a place where people mind their own business, that’s not always the case. For this reason, one of the surprising facts about Jersey City is that it has a close-knit community feel. There are plenty of fun activities suitable for families all year round. You can visit some of the fall events this year and make unforgettable memories with your little ones.

Additional facts about Jersey City that might surprise you

There’s so much about JC that isn’t familiar to the general public. All these exciting bits and pieces make for an extraordinary city everyone would like to visit.

  • Although NYC has legal authority over the Statue of Liberty, the monument lies within the Jersey City borders.
  • It’s considered to be New York City’s sixth borough since it’s very close to Manhattan.
  • JC is diverse in many ways. However, it’s also one of the most, if not the most, racially diverse cities in the whole world.
  • One of the facts about Jersey City people find surprising is that it has the largest planetarium in North America. This has happened after the Liberty Science Center had converted the IMAX theater after a five million dollar donation.

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