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Best Dog-Friendly Hiking Trails Near Jersey City

Dog-Friendly Hikes Jersey City
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Best Dog-Friendly Hiking Trails Near Jersey City

Having a dog is like having another family member or another child. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 began in 2020, the number of dogs adopted has increased dramatically. Given the surge in the number of individuals who chose to remain at home, it’s understandable. However, now that the warm weather has come and the COVID era has passed, it’s time to take your four-legged partner to a little Easter hunt on the trails. There are a lot of dog-friendly hikes near Jersey City you should take advantage of, and we’ll gladly share some of them.

The Parks and Runs of Jersey City

We’re fortunate to have such beautiful parks and hiking trails in and around here. Jersey City is well-known for being one of the most dog-friendly cities in the country. This is especially helpful if you and your bog are new to this area. If you have recently relocated from Hoboken to JC, exploring these trails with your dog will help you adapt faster. Even professional movers strongly advise doing so to make your adaptation easier. Check out these fantastic locations to get some exercise and meet up with friends for some canine socializing:

  • Liberty State Park – it’s difficult to talk about dog-friendly places without mentioning our cherished Liberty State Park. If you haven’t gone this spring, make a point of going.
  • Lincoln Park Dog Run – is an excellent option for tiny dogs that may be scared by larger dogs. This park is well-known for being well-maintained and offers a special section just for them.
  • Sgt. Anthony Dog Run – this well-kept park is available 24 hours a day, which is convenient for folks who need to walk their dogs at various times during the day.
  • When dogs are off-leash at Hamilton Park, they are happy, and dog mothers and dads enjoy the opportunity to make friends.

Prepare to Get on the Trails

It’s always a good idea to put in some time to complete your preparations in advance. If you’ve never hiked with your dog before, arrange pet services. Ensure that they’re in excellent condition and ready to go. You’ll want to start gradually and short of building up your stamina and endurance. Remember that your dog cannot communicate with you like we can when we are weary or something hurts.

Don’t Miss These Hikes

The hiking destinations listed below are less than an hour’s drive from Jersey City. The distance between them is ideal if you have a half-day break or want to go out and return quickly. It’s good to brush up on dog car safety before filling the gas tank and packing your dog’s lunch box. Here are some cool dog-friendly hikes near Jersey City

Mills Reservation 

The circular trails at Mills comprise six miles, and you may select paths as small as a quarter mile to as long as 1.5 miles. The park’s 157 acres of natural splendor include pathways that lead to a cliff with a view of New York City.

Watch out for Watchung 

For those who like meeting horses and aren’t scared of a bit of muck, the Watchung Reservation is the place for you and your dog. Hike the 6-mile History Trail or take a self-guided Geology Trail for a change of pace.

Morristown National Historical Park

The Morristown National Historical Park has nearly 27 miles of trails that take you through historic sites from the time of George Washington and the Continental Army camped there. Along the 2.25-mile Yellow Trail, you’ll even come across the ruins of army huts intended to accommodate Washington’s men.

Day travel to dog-friendly hiking trails near Jersey City

There are several wonderful dog-friendly hiking opportunities in New Jersey. The following list will take you roughly 1-2 hours from your home base. It’s not too close, but it’s not too far. If your dog is happy in the vehicle and you’re looking to explore more this spring, choose one of these paths to check out.

Dog-Friendly Hikes Jersey City

Ramapo Mountain State Forest

The Ramapo Mountain State Forest is located in the Ramapo Mountains of New York. Choose from a choice of hiking paths ranging in complexity from easy to severe. Your benefits will include exercising and soaking up spectacular New York City skyline views. Keep an eye out for the picturesque lake as well as a castle.

Kittatinny Valley State Park

A visit to Kittatinny Valley State Park will satisfy your adventurous spirit. The landscape is rugged, so you’ll enjoy exploring it. But don’t worry, as there are additional paths that are less challenging to navigate. Note any ancient railroad lines, limestone outcroppings, or glacial lakes you may encounter!

Gorge Wildlife Management Area

The Gorge Wildlife Management Area is wildlife management for those seeking a challenging path or a longer trip. It’s impossible to top the breathtaking landscape over the eight kilometers of trails.

Mount Tammany 

This well-traveled path is a must-see for dog hikers. You can take in panoramic vistas of the Delaware River Gap while hiking difficult routes. The trailhead is conveniently located just off Interstate 80.

Schooley’s Mountain Loop Trail

Located in Long Valley, Schooley’s Mountain Loop Trail will allow you to witness a waterfall if that is something you are interested in seeing. Get in a fantastic hiking exercise, and while doing it, take some time to look at some birds and cherry blossoms. Schooley’s is also a terrific area to go hiking with children so that you can make it your spring family destination this year.

The Most Important Part – Enjoy

Your dog’s company, fresh air, and physical activity are the best remedies for many ailments. Plan your adventures, research, and discover excellent dog-friendly hiking trails near Jersey City. You can have so much fun with your little ones, which will be great for your dog and you. Where are you going for dog-friendly hikes near Jersey City?

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