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British Swim School: Survival of The Littlest

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British Swim School In Jersey City: Survival of The Littlest

Would your child be able to survive an accidental fall into the water? Children are not safe without basic water-survival skills. Drowning remains the leading cause of unintentional death for young children (CDC), but the good news is that organized swimming lessons can reduce this risk by 88%.

Let British Swim School’s highly trained instructors help! Since 1981, British Swim School’s award-winning method has turned thousands of children into safer swimmers worldwide. What British Swim School has to say about its unique features that make it a trusted partner for thousands of parents.

 Survival Skills Focus: We teach floating as a survival skill before we teach strokes, so each student is prepared to survive an accidental fall into the water. 

Goal-Orientated Curriculum: Students are given five clearly defined goals to achieve to advance to the next skill level. Constantly achieving new goals keeps students motivated and leads to faster progress.

Individualized Learning: Our students graduate and advance individually, and at their own pace, so no student will be held back by the rest of the group. 

Small Groups: Survival classes have a 4:1 ratio at max, so the instructor can spend more one-on-one time with each student and personalize the instructions.

No Floaties: Our Students learn without floaties because they give a false sense of safety and do not prepare children for real-life emergencies. Our students are better prepared for an accidental fall into the water. 

Floating in Street Clothes: We go even further for safety: We teach our students to swim in their street clothes during our signature Survival Week multiple times yearly because real-life accidents happen fully clothed. 

Excellent Instructors: British Swim School instructors are amiable and highly trained in how to teach children. They are more than just lifeguards. 

Ongoing Classes: Our lessons are held yearly in heated indoor pools – and not in sessions because consistency is critical in learning a new skill. 

British Swim School in Jersey City currently teaches at two locations in Jersey City: Inside PS16 at 96 Sussex Street and inside The Waldo School – Preschool at 111 First Street, which is home to their Premium Plus program with even smaller class sizes (3:1 instead of 4:1).

They just added a limited number of new classes (e.g., Saturday afternoons) to their schedule, so there are rare opportunities for immediate start at both locations.

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