7 Must-Try Family Activities In Jersey City

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7 Must-Try Family Activities In Jersey City

The summer is approaching its end, and you are looking for ways to enjoy and have fun with your family. We get you. You might crave routine and daily schedules, which back-to-school days offer. But then again, you want to soak in all the moments you get together as a family. So you might as well make those summer moments fun and unforgettable. Get your kids involved, let them have a say in some of the things you want to do, and ensure everyone’s happiness.  We’ve put together a list of family activities in Jersey City to help you out!

7 must-try family activities in Jersey City

Whether playing board games at home or going on a family road trip, activities you do as a family are great for bonding time. First, make a list of fun things to do and share it with your kids. Then, include them and make them choose some of the most appealing ones.

They might choose a weekend getaway and a change of scenery, which is a pleasant experience for everyone. So, if your family picks the option of visiting famous sites and exploring museums, check out nearby cities. New Jersey is a popular tourist destination with many wonderful places to visit

If, on the other hand, you choose to stay in JC and explore the activities it has to offer, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of family activities in Jersey City, some famous ones and others less known:

  1. Liberty Science Center
  2. The Gravity Vault 
  3. Newport’s Green Playground
  4. Family Yoga
  5. Indoor karting
  6. MyGym
  7. Bambino Chef
  8. Dino Safari Drive-Thru

Liberty Science Center

Liberty Science Center is the number one stop to cheer up and do something fun on rainy days. It is filled with literally more activities than you can do in the course of a day. 

The Planetarium here is the biggest one in the Western Hemisphere. They also show films and shows for all ages. Some of the best attractions in the Planetarium are trips into space with a Sesame Street character, taking a look into the black hole in the middle of the Milky way, learning about asteroids, and numerous showtimes and films like Planets Tonight. The ticket price is $22.75 for adults, and for children ages 2-12 is $18.75.

And, the Planetarium is just a part of this enormous center. Little ones also love a mini aquarium and zoo with mole rats, lizards, and tamarinds. Furthermore, everyone is welcome to play with blocks of all shapes and sizes and dig for Dinos outside.

The Gravity Vault

Go rock climbing at the Gravity Vault Indoor Climbing Gym. Their mission is to make everyone’s rock climbing experience exciting and memorable, perfect for a family activity. So you can enjoy learning and training together!

Newport’s Green Playground

This playground is filled with family-friendly amenities. It is colorful and inviting, with a soft-grounded play area and unique structures for kids of all ages. There are swings, climbing constructions, and arch climbers for the younger crowd. Adults can enjoy and challenge themselves with intricate rope climbers, rock walls, and steep slides. Also, there are umbrella-covered rest areas for everyone to take a break and grab a bite.

Family Yoga

Family Yoga, toddler yoga, kids yoga, Mommy&Me yoga – all of these options are available at Michelle Timek Yoga. There are other options, too, such as adult yoga, baby care, and breastfeeding workshops you can choose from.

Dino Safari Drive-Thru

You will be able to see over 40 gigantic dinosaurs that move, including T-Rex and the giant Spinosaurus. Upon arriving, you will get a prehistoric passport to drive into the world of dinosaurs. Also, numerous adventures that await! For example, you will experience earthquakes erupt, beasts battling, and a baby dinosaur that needs saving. The best thing of all is that these adventures are completely unexpected, so beware and be brave! 🙂

This drive-thru will enable a COVID-free and fun family day outside. Also, every car will receive a Survival pack with activities related to the experience you can take home.

Hudson House of Play

Hudson House of Play is a family-oriented play space. They focus on interactive entertainment and fitness. They offer classes for families, toddlers, preschoolers, older kids, and adults, which means family fun is guaranteed. 

Additionally, they host birthday parties and special events, and holidays. Some of the most popular features of the place are a climbing wall, swings, the killer ninja warrior course, and the Imagination playground.

The takeaway from family activities in Jersey City

Lots of young families are moving to Jersey City, and it’s no wonder! They are confident they chose a family-friendly, walkable and affordable city all at once. So, whether you and your family are looking to move here or want to spend a lovely day in JC, be sure there are many activities you can do. Some of the best family activities in Jersey City include visiting amusement parks, visiting museums, and taking up useful, fun, and engaging classes.


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