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Benefits Of Living In Jersey City While Working In NYC

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Benefits Of Living In Jersey City While Working In NYC

When it comes to all the possibilities a city can offer, few come even close to what New York City has. So many job opportunities in any field imaginable, excellent education, and abundant entertainment options are only the tip of the iceberg. However, those immense possibilities come with a hefty price tag. It is one of the most expensive cities in the entire world. But, just across the Hudson River, there is Jersey City. And there are so many benefits of living in Jersey City while working in NYC. Affordability first comes to mind, of course. But we must also discuss the quality of life there, especially for families. And there is the excellent infrastructure that makes getting to Manhattan effortless and wasted hours looking for parking a thing of the past.

Before we dig into the benefits of living in Jersey City while working in NYC

If you are considering moving your family to Jersey City, it’s imperative to know a few basic things about it. Situated along the Hudson River, it is the second-most populous city in the state of New Jersey. Due to its proximity to NYC, some people consider it a “hidden New York City borough.” As a matter of fact, the commute from Jersey City to Manhattan is considerably shorter than from many NYC neighborhoods. 

Also, Jersey City is still a large city despite it being significantly smaller than NYC. So, you get all the benefits of living in a big town while avoiding most of the hustle and bustle. Moreover, JC has plenty to offer in terms of entertainment, art, fine dining, etc. And it’s not like it lacks job prospects entirely. The city boasts some major employers, such as Barclays and Goldman Sachs. 

Now that you know a bit more about it, and after you read about the benefits of living in Jersey City while working in NYC, the decision to relocate there will come easy. Then, all you would have to do is find appropriate housing, pack up your household, and hire reliable movers to ensure a hassle-free process. Piece of cake, right. 

Why live in Jersey City and work in NYC?

As we have mentioned, there are many reasons why commuting from Jersey City to New York City is a sound decision. Here are some of the most prominent ones.

Housing is much more affordable

Not only is New York City notorious for some of the most extortionate housing costs in the USA, but the prices also continue to increase. In August, the average home price in NYC was $722,787, 4.5% higher than last year. In New Jersey, however, the cost is significantly lower, being at $421,124. And it’s important to consider that properties in New Jersey have seen an increase in prices of a whopping 18.9% over the last year. 

Lower cost of living generally

Although Jersey City is very close to NYC, average living costs are significantly lower than in any of the NYC neighborhoods. Everything is more affordable, from groceries through general consumer goods to dining out with your family

Fantastic quality of life

The financial aspect is important. But, almost everyone knows that life in Jersey City is cheaper than in NYC. So, we will not dwell on that too much. Instead, we will focus on something even more critical. And that is the quality of life. 

Jersey City is an excellent place for families. It offers more space and an escape from the hectic big city life. If you are craving some peace and quiet, you can easily find it here. Being able to slow down and enjoy the peacefulness that this city can provide will help reduce your stress levels. So, you will see your energy levels increase, your mood will improve, and you will realize that you have more time to spend with your family and on things you enjoy doing.

At the same time, if you start missing the big-city atmosphere, you can hop on the train, and you will be in the center of all happening in no time. 

Excellent schools

Another reason why Jersey City is a great place to raise a family is that it has excellent schools. As parents, it’s only natural to want only the best for your kids. So, if you decide to live in this city, you won’t have to worry about them not getting the best education possible. Your kids will thrive in New Jersey’s public schools, just as they would in NYC. 

In addition, JC schools have a quality that schools in NYC lack and can never even come close to. In Jersey City, you won’t have to worry about crowded and busy streets around your kids’ school. Less traffic means more safety. 

Beautiful scenery and excellent sightseeing options

NYC boasts so many monuments, historical sights, and popular tourist attractions. But Jersey City does not lag behind it. Here, you can visit many historical sites, monuments, and attractions just as wonderful as those in NYC. And you can easily sit in your car and see many other places around the state. Remember, having a car is a luxury many New Yorkers cannot afford, not due to the costs but impossible parking and heavy traffic.

You can do something different every weekend. And both children and adults will have something to enjoy. Here are some places well worth a visit:

  • Thomas Edison National Historical Park 
  • Princeton University Chapel 
  • Ocean City Boardwalk 
  • Duke Farms 
  • Battleship New Jersey 
  • Pier A Park 
  • New Jersey Korean War Memorial 


You won’t lack places to visit if you move to Jersey City.

Besides different sights, you can enjoy some nature in Jersey City too. New Yorkers will brag about their precious Central Park. Indeed, it is spectacular. Especially considering it is surrounded by such urban sprawl that you feel you have entered another dimension once you step in. However, Jersey City has Hamilton Park, just as beautiful. Moreover, New Jersey has 27 miles of coastline, so you can go for long walks enjoying the smell and the view of the ocean.  Also, there are many places to go hiking. You can spend the entire day with your family outside and never be bored. 

The bottom line

Living in Jersey City while working in NYC has so many benefits that we cannot list them all. These have been only the most prominent ones. You may also be glad to learn that NJ has lower taxes. Also, despite nonchalantly owning a car that will make your weekend trips easy, you can commute to work by train. And that time won’t be wasted as you will get a chance to catch up on your book and maybe some emails. Perhaps it will take some time to get used to a different lifestyle, especially if you have lived in an enormous city like NYC.

But you will soon begin to see the benefits of a calmer and slower pace of life. So, what are you waiting for? Have you contacted your movers yet? 

Author Bio:

Angie Sims used to work in the traveling industry for 6 years, and now she works in the relocation industry. For the last 3 years, she has been specializing in helping people with their domestic and international relocation. She is also a full-time mom and a part-time blog writer. From her own experiences, she writes about traveling and moving with children on her blog.

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6 thoughts on “Benefits Of Living In Jersey City While Working In NYC”

  • I lost confidence in this article after the author compared Hamilton park, which I live adjacent to, to central park. Hands down no comparison.

    • You are right no comparison. Hamilton Park is so clean, safe, even at night, family friendly but great for friends to hang out in without worrying about crazy people or homeless attacking them. Same goes for beautiful Van Vorst park and who can forget our huge state park Liberty State Park. People can jog at night without being attacked. So definitely no comparison to NYC Central Park. 😉

      • That article has left a few things out. Most of what was written is just a quick look into the city. Jersey City Is Not that safe. Be on guard of the area you pick to live in. It’s Expensive, plagued with rodents, buildings cramped together and the parking is hirendous! There is never any parking. Instead consider small towns in a few cities over. Elizabeth, Rahway, Islin, Colonia and they all have access to NY via train, bus, or a ride share. Sorry… but I know 1st hand. Born and raised there. I love my city but it is what it is.

        • Yes I had a realtor show me around in the day tome,time, we moved in I said I eant my money back. It’s a lot of Dope Feins Crackheads Drug dealers and Mental health issues is really high. The schools are rated 3or 4 which is super low and it by zip code. Schools sounded like Zoos. I live in Jersey City my kids Go to school in NyC, when I got my children tested to move in JC schools they both was 2 years advanced. The systems out her are slow .No updated DMV systems,The Human Resources Administration has Carbon 3 sheets of paper per interviews. Not done like NyC tho it’s like it’s the early 90s out here.Now I don’t under stand why the systems are so slow and we are that close to NYC. The path train you can not use your phone to go or your card the systems are not upgraded ?hmm

          It’s a whole lot hidden. Oh and it’s no programs out here they don’t have the funding like NYC so of you work in NYC and make over 22 hrs you can win in JC tho if you on benefits and working stay in NyC the housing court out here is 7 days and if you don’t have the money u have to MOVE e. Housing Court is not how NYC and its programs. It’s what they call Hot Shit out here. I say look and visit at night time.Book a hotel stay and move around as if you just moved. Are the ppl in the are friendly with out ment health issues.Trust me you rather just stick with NYC. Take care and God Bless Us All

  • Be careful what you read in article that says JC is a great place to live, you need to do your own research about a place to live, JC is getting expensive just like NYC they want the same prices for people to pay like in NY the rent laws are different in New Jersey, as well as taxes you have to pay if you want buy property. The public schools you have to research for your children what best for them as well, JUST BEWARE what you get yourself into.

    • Honest reader. I’ll just second your statement because it’s the truth. I just moved the New Jersey 2 year ago and had to move twice. For better schools and better neighborhood. Research. Research. Research.

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