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Reasons Why NJ Is the Best Place To Raise Kids

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Reasons Why NJ Is the Best Place To Raise Kids

Anyone who has lived or is living in New Jersey knows how great that place is for growing up. Yes, any state, city, and neighborhood comes with its pros and cons, and there is no doubt that you will find a lot of advantages and disadvantages to New Jersey too. In the end, it all comes down to your preferences. But one thing is for sure, kids and their parents love it here. The job market is thriving, there are plenty of affordable housing options, there is a good deal of schools to choose from, you can live in urban places or in a rather secluded, close-knit communities and you will never be bored with all the fun things you can do in all four seasons. So, if you want to know some other reasons why NJ is the best place to raise kids, keep on reading.

Great Housing Options

Yes, New Jersy is considered to be quite urban. However, that does not mean that housing options are limited to buildings. Believe it or not, New Jersey has some great housing options to chose from. Of course, you can try to find your next apartment in Jersey City, if that is what you and your family prefer. But here, you can find many detached family homes with large yards too! And their prices will not break your bank. Your children and your family can really grow here. That is the reason why so many families decide to move to New Jersey.

In New Jersey, you will be able to find a home of your dreams for your entire family.

Many Family-Friendly Cities

Of course, when it comes to raising a family, you must take many factors into consideration. First of all, you must live in a city that offers you a good-paying job so that you can support your family. Then, you must live in a city that has many great schools, both public and private. And, it must be safe, affordable, and filled with many family-friendly amenities. Luckily, there are a lot of cities that meet those demands in New Jersey. For instance:

  • Madison
  • New Providence
  • River Edge
  • Glen Rock
  • Hillsdale
  • Summit

Top-Notch Education

As previously mentioned, education must be a priority! That is why you must live in a place that will offer a top-notch education to your kids. New Jersey can offer just that. Besides having hundreds of elementary and high schools, both private and public, it is home to more than 62 colleges. These schools offer different kinds of education programs for children of all possible needs. In whichever school you enroll your child, you will not have to worry about them missing out on anything. Check out some open-houses for schools beforehand too!

It is also worth mentioning that New Jersey is home to two of the nation’s original nine Colonial Colleges. The first one is Princeton University, which is also one of the oldest universities in the state and according to many scholars, one of the best universities in the United States of America. The second one is Queens’s College or Rutgers College. It has three campuses and over 60,000 students enrolled.

Your child will always have plenty of classmates and friends in New Jersey.

Four Seasons

We all know how important it is for a child to experience as much as possible. Being able to live in a place that has all four seasons can help a child participate in many buy phentermine online 2015 things and broaden their horizons. Besides gaining knowledge, a child that lives in New Jersey can revel in all sorts of outdoor amusement. Summers will be filled with beach days and all sorts of water activities. Autumns will be reserved for pumpkin and apple picking, as well as dressing up for Halloween. Winters are a whole other story in this state. You will see that during winter, even parents become kids. Well, who wouldn’t with all the snow-covered surfaces, ice-skating, and Christmas markets. And finally, in spring, you can enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities that you can do close to your home as there is a large number of parks in pretty much every city.

Fun Things To Do in New Jersey

In the previous paragraph, we mentioned some of the things you and your child can do during a certain season. But, now, let us be more specific. Here are some great things your child will grow up doing in New Jersey:

  • Eat the best pizza in the nation – Trust us, if you want to try the best pizza in the world, but you can not afford to go to Italy, your second option is definitely New Jersey.
  • Enjoy the beach – Ne Jersey is famous for Jersey Shore for a reason. The boardwalks are amazing, the beaches are covered in white sand and the water is always warm and crystal clear.
  • Go to one of New Jersey’s many lakes – If beaches seem to be too crowded during summers, you can always take your kids to the lake. If you want something peaceful, check out Lake Hopatcong or Hooks Creek Lake. And if you have active kids make sure to go to the water park at Tomahawk Lake in Sparta for example.
  • Go to the playgrounds – Well, the first thing you will notice is that almost every neighborhood has a park or a playground. Some are bigger than others, but you can always take a bus or drive there. These parks are great for barbecuing and having a picnic as well as for kids and pets who like to run around.
  • Visit Zoos and Aquariums – If you want your children to learn something about wildlife, you do not have to leave the state. New Jersey has many great Zoos and Aquariums like Jenkinson’s Aquarium, Turtle Back Zoo, and many others.
  • Check out the theme parks – Another fun thing for the entire family to enjoy. For toddlers and preschoolers, you have the Storybook Land and Land of Make-Believe, and for older ones, there is the Wild West City, Field Station: Dinosaurs and dozens of others.

If you are looking for some more fun activities in New Jersey check out our blogs on 18 things to do with kids in New Jersey, Best places to go camping in NJ or 30 Places to Visit in New Jersey This Summer.

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