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Where To Find The Best Pizza In Jersey City

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The Best 18 Pizza Places in Jersey City

Margherita, Grandma, Three Cheese, Chicken Parm, Vegan pizza and more! There are several types of pizzas to try that is can make your head spin. Luckily Jersey City is not only a great place to discover awesome restaurants but it’s a great hub for pizza! We’ve created a list of The Best 18 Pizza Places in Jersey City to satisfy the ultimate pizza lover!

The Best 18 Pizza Places in Jersey City


135 Newark Ave, Jersey City

Porta Jersey City resides in a former pharmacy located right off of Newark Avenue’s pedestrian walkway (we kept the pharmacy sign, so you can’t miss it). Opened in 2014, the three-story restaurant includes one of the few rooftop spaces in the city, spanning an entire block with two full bars and dining. It’s become a central hub for the city’s faithful, New Yorkers looking to escape the boroughs, and people who just want to kick it, earning us recognition as one of the best late-night spots in the country!

The Best 18 Pizza Places in Jersey City

Krispy Pizza

33 Hudson St, Jersey City

Krispy Pizza, a family business, won the “Battle of the Borough” (featuring pizza from all 5 boroughs and Long island) at the New York Pizza Expo 2005 sending a clear message, Krispy Pizza is the best. They’re award winning pizza makes Krispy Pizza a great fit on our list of The Best # Pizza Places in Jersey City!

The Best 18 Pizza Places in Jersey City


357 7th St, Jersey City

Delenio chefs specialize in authentic and delicious food. They use the freshest ingredients to ensure that every dish is of the highest possible quality making them the perfect addition to our list of The Best 18 Pizza Places in Jersey City.

The Best 18 Pizza Places in Jersey City

Two Boots

133 Newark Ave, Jersey City

Located in Pedestrian Plaza, feet from the Grove Street PATH you’ll find Two Boots! With comfy banquettes, sidewalk seating, wine and beer, and occasional live music, this is a great place for a lunch break from work, a family dinner or a late-night jaunt from one of the local bars. They even offer vegan options!

The Best 18 Pizza Places in Jersey City

Roman Nose

125 Newark Ave, Jersey City

Roman Nose, Downtown Jersey City’s authentic Italian-food destination, is the culmination of Maria & Ruggero Fiore’s journey from a small farming village in the Lazio region of Italy to the heart of JC’s blossoming culinary scene. Together with their sons Frank and Raymond, they wanted to create a warm, welcoming, and relaxed trattoria atmosphere in which to share their love of high-quality, simple, clean food using the freshest ingredients.

The Best 18 Pizza Places in Jersey City

Gino’s Pizzeria

380 Central Ave, Jersey City

Gino’s is a Family-owned Pizzeria & Restaurant serving classic Italian-American dishes that have been the family for generations! Founded in 1976, what was once a tiny pizzeria, has become a cornerstone restaurant for great Italian-American food!

The Best 18 Pizza Places in Jersey City

Rustique Pizza

611 Jersey Ave, Jersey City

Order your favorite pizzas, pastas and salads from Rustique Pizza! Using the traditional, brick oven method, you can taste the time and effort put into each slice!

The Best 18 Pizza Places in Jersey City

Pizza Pie La Cantina Italiana

101 Greene Street, Jersey City

Rozza Pie keeps it simple with their ingredients! They are truly the place for the genuine pizza lover.

The Best 18 Pizza Places in Jersey City

Razza Pizza Artigianale

275 Grove Street, Jersey City

At Razza, we aspire to the Italian way of cooking and eating, where location and seasonality dictate their ingredients. Razza’s ultimate goal is to serve the best pizza possible. They are challenging the common practices of pizza-making in the hope of influencing the industry and elevating the overall quality of pizza in America earning it a spot on our list of The Best 18 Pizza Places in Jersey City!

The Best 18 Pizza Places in Jersey City

Park Ave Pizza

3515 Kennedy Blvd, Jersey City

Park Pizza has been called “pretty dang delicious” by Yelpers and they seem to keep coming back for more!

The Best 18 Pizza Places in Jersey CityCarmine’s Pizza Factory 

366 8th St, Jersey City

Thin-crust & Sicilian pies served in a corner brownstone space with bay windows & sidewalk seating seconds away from Jones Park and Hamilton House!

Singas Pizza

840 Newark Ave, Jersey City

The first Singas Famous Pizza Restaurant Opened in 1967 in Elmhurst, NY. Today, after decades of building its reputation, Singas Famous Pizza has brought their legendary flavor to Jersey City!

The Best 18 Pizza Places in Jersey City

Grove Square

116 Newark Ave, Jersey City

Favia Pizza is a staple pizzeria to Jersey City and it can be found right across from the Grove Street PATH stop!

The Best 18 Pizza Places in Jersey City

Paparazzi Pizza

 200 Summit Ave, Jersey City

Every pie is baked in our stone-fired oven! Want to pair your pizza with something else that’s yummy? Paparazzi Pizza also serves the on of the best buffalo wings in the tri-state area!

The Best 18 Pizza Places in Jersey City

John’s Pizzeria

87 Sussex St, Jersey City

John’s of Times Square has been voted one of New York’s best pizzas because of its unique characteristics and they have a location in Jersey City! All pizzas are made to order in one of our four coal-fired brick ovens and like a cast iron pan, our ovens season with age, making no two pizzas the same.

The Best 18 Pizza Places in Jersey City

Pino’s Pizza

225 Newark Ave, Jersey City

Pion’s Pizza offers great pizza minutes away from Hamilton Park!

Larry & Joe’s Pizzeria

533 Newark Ave, Jersey City

From pizza to lasagna, satisfy your Italian food craving with Larry & Joes!

Alex’s Italian Restaurant 

346 Grove St, Jersey City

Alex’s Italian Restaurant & Brick Oven Pizza has established a reputation for providing highest quality food, excellent customer service and speedy delivery to customers in the Jersey City!

Looking to take a trip outside of JC? Hoboken has yummy pizza options as well! Maybe you’re all pizza’d out and looking for something else! There are plenty of options to sink your teeth from ice cream to gluten free options!

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