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Dog Parks In Jersey City

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Dog Parks In Jersey City

We have created a list of all the dog parks in Jersey City. As the weather changes, your furry friend needs some fresh air and fun! Luckily, Jersey City has a ton of dog runs where our pets can run around. Especially as summer comes around, these dog parks are perfect for visiting. If you are looking for other pet services, check this list.

Lincoln Park Dog Run

Located in Lincon Park: W Park Dr and Lakeview Dr

Lincoln Park dog park in Jersey City

Dogs love an ample open space to run around and go crazy in. Lincoln Park Dog Run allows your pet to feel like they’re running free in the wild. Since the park has routine maintenance, you don’t have to worry about your dog finding anything dirty to get into. Small dogs have their area to prevent accidental injury from larger playful pups. The park is the perfect match for dog parks and dog-friendly places in and around Jersey City. Feel free to contact (201) 9150-1388 for more information.

Hamilton Park Dog Run

Roughly bounded by Brunswick, Grove, 6th, and 9th Streets

Hamilton Park Dog run in Jersey City

Hamilton Park is made just for dogs to socialize and have a good time while their human companions wish they could join in. There are designated areas for the dogs to be off the leash. If your pup weighs twenty-five pounds or less, they can use the small dog area. For larger breeds, they have their own space as well. Call (201) 915-4303 for park information.

Van Vorst Park Dog Run

257 Montgomery St

Van Vorst Dog Park run in Jersey City

Enjoy the day with your pup and see them smiling at Van Vorst Park’s dog run. The grounds are well kept, so you know that your dog will stay safe. Big dogs and little dogs have their areas to play with other four-legged friends of the same size.  Reach out to (201) 547-4449 for more info.

Sgt. Anthony Dog Park

88 Palisade Ave

Sgt. Anthony Dog Park in Jersey City

This dog park is open 24 hours. The park has a reputation for being taken care of and being a safe space for dogs and their owners. If you have comments or questions, the contact number is (201) 430-5747.

Timulty Park Dog Run

Corner of Ogden Ave & Cueno Pl

Timulty Park Dog Run in Jersey City

Dogs with a current license and metal registration tags on their collars are welcome to play off-leash in the Timulty Park Dog Run. It is located in Jersey City Heights and is of the newer parks in Jersey City. The small Dog Run is fenced, and dogs must be leashed until they enter the gate. Timulty Park Dog Run is open daily from 8 am to 10 pm.

Harborside Community Dog Park

185 Hudson Street 

Harborside Community Dog Park in Jersey City

Another newer addition to dog parks in Jersey City, the Harborside community dog park, is located between Jersey City Urby and the Harborside 5 office complex. The park brings three separate spaces to the waterfront neighborhood, a large dog run, a small dog run, and a children’s playground. It is very well kept and even has a ramp, a small dog tunnel, and other obstacle courses for dogs.

Washington Park Dog Run

181 Palisade Ave, Union City

Washington Park in Jersey City

The Washington Park dog run is newer but has a ton of space for your furry friend and is located in Union City, close to the Heights. It is kept relatively clean and has enough space for big and small dogs.

Newport Dog Run

51 River Dr 

Newport Dog Run in Jersey City

Newport Dog Run is a resident-only space where local dogs can play and socialize. The dog run is lined with faux grass and is fenced-in. It features lighting, benches, waste bags, and trash bins. Dogs must be cleaned up after and leashed when entering and exiting the park.

Marin Green

485 Marin Blvd

Jersey City Marin Green Dog Park

Marin Green is an excellent park for dogs located right in downtown Jersey City. They have a dog run perfectly for all dogs and picnic tables and playground.

Dog Run at Hamilton House

255 Brunswick St

Dog Park at Hamilton house

Aces Alley Dog Park

Across from Mandalay on the Hudson near Mack Cali Parking lot 

Aces Alley Dog Park

Updated June 28th 2023 


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