hipKey – A New Way to Keep Your Valuables and Child Safe


My boys are constantly taking my iphone or ipad and leaving it somewhere.  Usually, somewhere I can’t find it and of course they do not remember where they put it.  I will usually use the Find My Iphone app to track it down. But, I recently discovered something even better , hipKey.    However even better than using it to just find your iphone or ipad, you can use it to find your child, purse or other valuable. I will be the first to admit there are have been a few times where I was panic stricken thinking my child was missing. I wish had hipKey, then I could have pressed a button or the alarm would have gone off and I would have easily found him.

hipKey is a lightweight and easy to use device. You just download the app and attach hipKey to the valuable you want to keep track of, like your child, purse, or other valuable and you are ready to go.

There are 4 different modes or ways you can use hipKey:

1.  Alarm Mode 

The alarm will go off if you forget your iPhone or iPad or if someone attempts to steal it.

2. Child Mode

The alarm will alert you if your child wanders too far away, or you can push the alarm as well. So if you are out at the mall or on vacation, if your child strays more than 164 Feet the alarm will sound and you can quickly locate your little one.  As well, I really like that you can adjust the distance range to short, medium or long. Also in Child Mode, you can take a photo of your child.  This means you will have a photo of what your child is wearing and looks like on that day.

3. Motion Mode 

Attach the hipKey to a bag and the alarm will go off if someone moves it.

4. Find Me Mode

Quickly find your iPhone, iPad, or your keys at any time

hipKey is available for $89.95 through the Apple Store only for now.  It is has a rechargeable battery that lasts 2-4 weeks between charging.   As well it is easy to set up and use with the hipKey App.

I have to say while I think it is a great way to keep track of your purse, keys, etc. for me as a Mom I will be using it for the Child Mode.  I love being able to have that extra peace of mind when I am out with the boys.

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