Pack It! – My Top 10 Items You Might Forget to Pack

OK, I know you are going to pack clothes, shoes, underwear and all that FUN stuff for your next family vacation.   But, if you need help to remember the basics, you can sign up for my Busy Mom’s Vacation Planning Kit and you will receive my ULTIMATE packing list.

However, there are those items you might need in a pinch, or that you do not think to pack in advance. You know those “rainy day” items or items that just make your trip easier.  So here is my list to help.

If you have any items you always pack that I missed, please share them below.

1. Zip Lock Bags Zip Lock bags are great for wet or dirty clothes, as well as all those shells or rocks you might want to bring back.  Also, I like to pack any liquids or items that might spill in zip lock bags as well.

2. Photocopies I think it is important to have copies of all your travel documents, as well as your drivers license, passport, insurance card and credit cards, especially if you are traveling outside the US. Make sure you have copies of the front and back of your cards. Take pictures on your smartphone, as well have some good old fashioned paper copies.

3. Extra Battery or Charger Take a look at all the electronics you are bringing and make sure you have batteries, cords and/or a charger for each item.   I love the PowerTrip, because it has USB port, you can plug it in to charge, as well you can charge it with best power source, the sun.

4. First Aid Kit When traveling with kids it is important to be ready for any sniffle, cut or upset tummy.  Along with band-aids and neosporin, I always pack Benadryl, a fever reducer, ear drops, and gas relief.  Also, if you or your child are taking any prescription medication, make sure to get an extra prescription to bring along just in case you need to get a refill while away.

5. Shout Wipes or Tide Stick If my kids don’t spill something on me, I can usually count on them spilling something on themselves.

6. Child Proof Materials We as parents are so good about childproofing our homes, we sometimes forget we need to do the same when we travel.  I have recommended before the Travel Tot Childproofing Kit which has everything you might need.  As well, a roll of duct tape can do the job. You can put the tape over outlets, easily.

7. Night Light If your kids use one at home, then it is a good idea to bring one on your travels as well.  It helps everyone navigate their way to the bathroom at night in unfamiliar surroundings.  I have banged my toes a few times trying to make my way around a dark hotel room at night.

8. Water Bottle Traveling with your own water bottle is a great way to save money.  As well you can get a bottle with a built in filter.  I like the Water Bobble. They come in 3 different sizes and the filter lasts a long time.  If you get tired of water, I also suggest bringing some flavor packets, like Crystal Light.

9. Safety Pins I like to have a few different sizes in my travel bag.  This is a do-all helper to either attach items together, fix a hem or more.

10. Tote Bag I am not talking a big bulky bag, but those great folded, rolled or collapsible bags that you can stuff in a pocket. It is great for souvenirs, toys or a picnic lunch.  It is nice to have it when you need it.

**Extra –  Photo of Luggage Contents – This is “just in case”. If for some reason the airline loses your luggage or something is stolen you will have proof to help with your claim. As well to make sure you are compensated accordingly.

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