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    Since our boys are in summer school this year we have been staying close to home.  However, I can’t stay put for too long, so we decided to hit the road and take a long weekend up in Lake Placid. We had never b […]

  •  Since airlines introduced the “Check Bag Fee”, many of you have been packing light or trying to stuff it all in to your carry-on bag.   Well, recently many of the airlines introduced new size restrictions for c […]

  • Kim Milnes wrote a new post 10 years ago

    I think cruising is a GREAT vacation option for everyone, especially families.  Also, in the last few years cruise lines have been making great strides to appeal to families and their many needs. 

    While the […]

  • Kim Milnes wrote a new post 10 years ago

    I am always looking for ways to save on my client’s travel, as well as my own.   When I think about saving money, I put value at the top of my list. I believe it is best to not just see the total price, but to r […]

  • You have been counting the days until your much needed vacation. You arrive at the airport 2 hours early to make sure you have plenty of time to check in and get through security. When you get to the ticket […]


    I have been doing a lot of airline research lately for my clients.  Prices seem to be out of control with no end in sight.  I have seen $400-$700 fares from NYC to Orlando for Spring Break travel,  when in […]

  • I remember a few years ago my husband surprised our family on Christmas with a trip to Atlantis.  Even better, he included my Mother and his Mom, as well.  He made special cards and handed them out on Ch […]

  • Jersey City Traveling Tips for Stress Free Holiday Travel

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!! Yeah, that is unless you are traveling and your flights is delayed or cancelled, the airline loses your lug […]

  • When visiting a new city like New York, Paris or Rome there are those famous attractions that most of us are going to want to visit.  It may be “touristy”, but most of us want to see the Empire State […]

  • Yes, it is that look of fear and dread that takes over most parents when they think of flying with their kids. I hate to see families forgoing vacations, just for fear of what will happen when flying with t […]

  • I think a cruise is a GREAT vacation choice for families. First, they are a great value. You have your food, activities and room all included in the price. As well, you and the family can explore more […]



    My boys are constantly taking my iphone or ipad and leaving it somewhere.  Usually, somewhere I can’t find it and of course they do not remember where they put it.  I will usually use the Find My Iph […]

  • OK, I know you are going to pack clothes, shoes, underwear and all that FUN stuff for your next family vacation.   But, if you need help to remember the basics, you can sign up for my Busy Mom’s Vac […]

  • My oh my where has the summer gone. Kids are back in school or will be soon, and it seems like we are on a bullet train straight through the holidays and on to 2014. So along with all the back to school […]

  • I found a great article this week from the CNN Travel staff . They took all their collective travel knowledge and decided to share the big travel mistakes they have made over time to hopefully, help us from ma […]

  • If I am going to be spending money while I am away on vacation, why not be able to save some as well.   Even better, how about being able to save enough money for a fun little souvenir or maybe a meal. I k […]

  • For a lot families, I think flying can be the biggest stress of their vacation. Adding to the stress is making sure you will all have seats and will be able to sit together. I recently had this issue.   Since […]

  • When traveling with kids there is all the “stuff” you have to bring. I think some of that “stuff” should at least make the vacation less stressful and more enjoyable.  Here are some of my FAVORITE travel […]

  • When it comes to traveling as a family I think some of the biggest challenges are budget, making sure there are activities for the kids, as well Mom and Dad being able to get some adult/date time.  While I bel […]

  • Go Back in Time, A Day at Field Station: Dinosaurs Go Back in Time, A Day at Field Station: Dinosaurs Field Station: Dinosaurs is a world-class […]

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