The Garden Preschool Cooperative In Jersey City


The Garden Preschool Cooperative In Jersey City

The Garden Preschool Cooperative is a private school located in Jersey City. They have a great philosophy intended to not just educate the children but to also better the community and the future that it holds. In this blog post you can find out more about how to apply to this school, what their goals are as educators and the resources available at this school. However, before I go on to tell you about all that this school has to offer, it is important to note the upcoming open house dates for this school.

When you’re looking for a preschool for your children, moms want a place where they feel is a safe, fun, and enlightening environment for their little ones. They want to make sure that their child’s safety is ensured and that they make the right choice. Often times we question everything and everyone, except perhaps maybe another mom who has gone through the same situation. Well guess what? Garden Preschool cooperation is a parent-run nonprofit preschool. Have I intrigued you already? For some of you this might. This parent-run preschool aims to high quality progressive early childhood education all in a nurturing environment for your little ones. At Garden Preschool cooperation they know that curiosity is a child’s number one motivator in learning and growing. This is why the faculty of garden preschool stress children’s play in order to develop important aspects of the child in these early and vital years.

Interested in knowing what the teachers in this preschool are like? Well then this section is very important for you. Garden preschool cooperation makes it very simple and easy to get to know the teachers of the school with a simple click of the button. All of the teachers at the garden preschool cooperation in Jersey City are very motivated to do right by each child that attends this school. They have each been motivated to become teachers for some time in their life pushing them to properly develop the skills that each child has. If you are interested in reading the short bios of each teacher at the garden preschool cooperative in Jersey City then please feel free to visit their website at

In order for your child to attend Garden Preschool cooperation they must be of a certain age upon entry. Children of the ages between 9 months and 5 years are allowed to apply for entry at the garden preschool cooperation. They are currently accepting applications for the 2014-2015 school year so if you are interested please be sure to go to the website I have posted above and click on the application link which will give you the forms needed to apply for this school. Most importantly, if you are interested in visiting the school but are not able to attend the open house dates that are already set into place, please be sure to call the garden preschool cooperation to set up a date that would best work for you. As always, happy school hunting!

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