Naina Lal

  • Nana, in Hindi, means grandfather…as in my father, to my son! I call this Nana’s pizza because I grew up snacking on this amazingly innovative rendition of pizza that my father made for my sisters and me, and […]

  • ‘Mom, it’s ‘wring’ outside!…feels wintry but looks springy!’ That’s my 14 year old telling me this morning. Okay, so it’s silly…but hey, what’s life without a few silly comments in a day….it keeps the fun […]

  • There are a lots of instant Mac and cheese packets available out there and they probably save a lot of time; when you have to think and serve lunch/dinner to your little ones in an instant. However, these packets […]

  • And then there is zucchini! A vegetable if served as is, turns my son’s face into a collage of frowns. But, when it’s dressed and baked and served as ‘chips’, the same frown turns upside down into a big smile. […]

  • Have you ever wished that there were 48 hours in a day? Well, I have and in fact, I wish that everyday! Of late, I feel like I have been racing the clock to accomplish everything….which means, there is no time […]

  • Ok….so there are tons of vegetable burger recipes out there…and I am not saying that this is the best one, but considering what’s in here, this might just be the good for your ‘art-and-soul’ burger. The […]

  • Kids getting fussy about vegetables?? Here’s a clever way to sneak in some in their favorite sandwich. Okay, I agree you can’t hide it completely, Because the carrots and the peas still manage to peek at […]

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