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Our Lady of Czestochowa in Jersey City

Our Lady of Czestochowa in Jersey City

Have you ever heard of Our Lady of Czestochowa School of Jersey City? No? Well, this blog post may be just for you! It’s time to talk about Our Lady of Czestochowa and all of the advantages that it can offer for you and your child.

Our Lady of Czestochowa is a private school located in Jersey City. It is a catholic elementary school located on the waterfront. At this school, they promote a child’s growth not only intellectually but spiritually, emotionally, physically, morally, and socially as well. Their goal is to support your child in developing to their fullest potential, helping them achieve their goals in the lifelong process. Right on their website, they claim they are committed to “developing attitudes that will enable the child to have deeper relationships with God” along with “providing a curriculum that considers each child’s interest, potential, and giftedness” and also “encouraging both parental and community participation.” Again, a mission that I think may be hard to find a negative in.

If you’re looking for a location that is up and coming, Our Lady of Czestochowa has it! The school is located in a rapidly developing area along the Hudson River waterfront, often referred to as the “Gold Coast.” It is slowly becoming one of the East Coast’s leading financial and business centers, an incredible sight.

Sounding good so far? Let’s talk about tuition rates. The tuition rate at OLC for this school yea changes depending on the grade in which your child would be. If your child is in grades kindergarten to grade two, the tuition rate is $8800. However, if your child attends OLC in grades three to eight, the tuition rate becomes $6800. Unfortunately, their web page does not seem to state anything about financial aid. But as I said in one of my previous blog posts (take a look!), it never hurts to ask! You can contact this school and see if they have any financial aid options available or that they are accepting.

At OLC in Jersey City, your children have many opportunities to thrive. Along with their excellent school curriculum and school calendar (available on their website under the “Parents” tab), Old offers a variety of activities. At this school, they do provide athletic sports for the children as well as after-school programs for every child. They even make the homework assignments available and visible to parents on their webpage! How cool is that! The homework assignments are separated by grades and by class, so as long as you know the name of your child’s teacher, their homework assignment is only a click away.

Here is something cool that I want to talk about at Our Lady of Czestochowa. We all know sometimes it is hard to find a great playground in Jersey City that we feel is safe enough for our kiddies and clean and, of course, fun! Well, at Our Lady of Czestochowa, they are doing something about it for the Jersey City Community! They have this ongoing project called Operation Playground! Operation playground is a project to help create and support the making of a new playground at OLC. It is a project led by volunteers in the community. They want to get this playground back up and running after Hurricane Sandy. At OLC, they know and understand the importance of physical activity to the children. If you want to learn more about this project or would like to volunteer in any way, give the website a look. And don’t forget to check out how to register your child if Our Lady of Czestochowa has already caught your eye.

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