The French American Academy: A Multicultural, Student-Focused Learning Environment.

Written by Faiza Ikram

In today’s technologically driven and globalized world, a school like the French American Academy meets the needs of students to be culturally educated and skilled for the demands of society, the world, and life.

The French American Academy is an educational institution from Pre-K to the 5th Grade. The school has three campases locations in New Jersey:

Jersey City Campus

209 Third Street, Jersey City, NJ 07302

Phone Number: 201 459 6462

This school has only Pre-K to  3rd grade

Opening Middle School 2016


Morris Plains Campus

131 Mountain Way, Morris Plains, NJ 07950

Phone Number: 973 206 1114

This school has only Pre-K through 1st grade


New Milford Campus

1092 Carnation Drive, New Milford, NJ 07646

Phone Number: 201 338 8320

This school has Pre-K through 5th grade



The French American Academy describes itself as a progressive and nurturing school. The school hopes to instill open-mindness, empathy, and cultural enrichment in their students through utilizing both French and English languages in the instruction and curriculum

Below are some key facts and accreditation on the school. This was taken directly from the Academy’s website:

  • . “We are fully accredited by the French Education Ministry up to 5th grade”

  • “We are accredited by Middle States Association and licensed by the State of NJ”

  • “We continue to provide differentiated instruction within small class size.”

  • “We have equipped all elementary classrooms with interactive boards. Apple computers and Ipad are part of the learning experience.”

  • “We are proud of our co-teaching in science and our bilingualism work in the classrooms”

( Accessed 2015 March 14).

  The schools also provide various  enrichment activities, such as after school French programs, Adult language classes, and Private lessons which  are all  available in each campus.. For more information on program activities and the school’s memberships, click here:


Since the French American Academy Jersey City campus location includes only Pre-K to 3rd grade, I will be focusing on those specific programs. Contact information and information on the Jersey City campus founding and opening is here:



The French American Academy prides itself on providing more than a daycare for its preschool students. The program is centered around language, social skills, and individual independence. The curriculum includes both spoken and written language, motor skills, and math and science through learning time and exploration of the environment

For more details and information of the Preschool Program, click here: .



Starting in Kindergarten, a special focus on reading is included in the curriculum. Fluency in English is stressed at this grade level and French is also  taught more extensively as a second language than it was in Preschool.

1st Grade:

Mathematics is taught in the French language starting from the First Grade. The math curriculum includes problem solving, calculation, geometry, measurement, numbers knowledge, and problem solving.

2nd and 3rd Grade:

Up to second grade, the social studies curriculum is split between the French and English teachers. Topics in the social studies curriculum include creating timelines, maps, civics, economics, and geography.

Starting in third grade the children will study both United States history and French history.

Music, Physical Education, and Art is also included in the curriculum for all grade levels.


For more details and information on each subject and the curriculum, click here:

 Parents, Teachers, & Community Members’ Reviews:

“The staff is friendly, accommodating, very creative and very warm. The school walls are lined with the children’s artwork and you can see the themes explored by the decorations in the classrooms. My daughter’s teacher has them “play” with shaving cream, and, oatmeal to teach them the letters and numbers; they love it and actually know them now. My daughter didn’t speak French when we started and now she totally understands everything! She even answers in French (short answers but still)! I totally love everything about the school.” (

Posted April 29, 2013

– a parent,


“My 3 year-old son loved going to the French Academy for his weekly class, he absolutely adored his teachers and enjoyed playing, singing and learning French with the same group of friends week after week. We can’t wait for the opening of the full-time school this fall!” –Caroline G. Jersey City, NJ,


To read parent and teacher testimonials on the school’s website, click here:


A School For Your Child?

If you’re interested in learning more about the school and its admission process, request information by clicking here:


Want to attend the school’s open house or go on a tour? Click here:


Finally, if you’re ready, learn how to apply to the school, step by step by visiting this link:

Please note: Although the Academy does not have a middle school (grades 6th-8th), they do plan on opening one in 2016. 

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