Restaurants Serving Christmas Dinner for Takeout or Delivery

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Restaurants Serving Christmas Dinner for Takeout or Delivery In Jersey City/Hoboken

This year Christmas will be a little different. Many of us will be staying home and will celebrate with close family. People have already started planning Christmas Dinner for takeout or delivery. If you plan on forgoing all the cooking this year for the holidays, you can still treat your family to some yummy food from a local restaurant.  There are plenty of restaurants offering Christmas meals to eat at home and available for delivery or takeout.


Hudson Hound Jersey City

Restaurants Serving Christmas Dinner for Takeout

Hudson Hound in Jersey City is offering a menu filled with Christmas classics that you need on your table. The menu is now available on their website. The menu has great options like Honey Baked Ham, Turkey, Stuffing, Gravy, Potatoes, and much more. It serves 4 people and is $175 + tax. You can always call them if you would like to increase the amount. They offer either pick up or delivery for $10. You must order by December 20th. So plan your Christmas Dinner for Delivery in Jersey City

Satis Bistro 

Restaurants Serving Christmas Dinner for Takeout

Get ready for Holiday dinner with Satis Bistro! They are offering a menu filled with options for their holiday dinner. Make sure to get your orders in on time before December 24th. The menu has lots of options from fresh salads, pasta, short rib, and much more. You can even order wine!

Restaurants Serving Christmas Dinner for Delivery In Jersey City

La Concha’s catering menu is here for the holidays. Get your pernil (pork shoulder) orders in at La Concha for Christmas! The restaurant is also offering chicken, empanadas, pastels, and more.

Kitchen Step 

Restaurants Serving Christmas Dinner for Delivery In Jersey City

With all the stress of the holidays, who wants to put in the time and energy to cook? This holiday season let Kitchen Step take care of the hard part. Their Christmas catering menu is available to order a la carte, with each item designed to feed 4 to 6 guests. They are also offering special holiday pricing for their signature wines and cocktails, just to make sure you’re fully ready for the big day.  Whether you’re hosting, traveling, or playing it safe at home for 2, they got you covered. What’s your menu for Christmas Dinner for Takeout?

Orders can placed by calling the restaurant directly, or by emailing [email protected]


Enjoy holidays at home with Halifax’s seafood take-home menu. It is $99 for 2 people and $189 for 4 people. You have to place your order by Sunday, December 20th at 8pm for pick up on December 24th.

Me Casa 

The Holiday Special Menu Has Finally Arrived!!!! Let the ME Casa Team Cook for You and Santa. Same Menu Applies through December and until January 6th (Three Kings Day) Order as soon as you as can.

Check out for any other items you may want. Text or Call 917-359-3348 or [email protected]

The Franklin JC

Their Christmas catering menu is here! Pick up will be for Christmas Eve 12/24 and they will once again have our a la carte menu and their prefix. Last day to place your orders is 12/23 4pm.
To place your orders contact us at 201-653-4710.

Jam Cakery Events

Jam Cakery events are back with their holiday menu! They are now taking orders. Email and private messaging thru FB and IG are the BEST ways to order. Taking orders from now til December 20th. Orders will be available for pick up or delivery from the 21st thru the 23rd. Raw options available always, just ask. See the menu here on their Instagram. 

Salt + Seed Vegan Thanksgiving

It’s Here! Christmas Holiday Menu 2020.  Salt and Seed have been working hard and pleased to say their Vegan Christmas Holiday Headquarters Is Now Open! To see the full menu and order click here. 

The Cottage

Order your Christmas feast from The Cottage. Their dinner menu is created by Chef Anastacia Song. You can order online or call them to place your order.


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