Ideas to play in the snow

After the storm, kids are crazy to go outside so if  you decide to go outside, let’s bring some fun.

Here there is a list of fun thing to do with the snow:

1.- Color the snow: Take some some spring bottles with water and some drops of food coloring. Take also the sand toys so you can pretend you are having an ice cream shop.

2.- Play snow tic tac toe:  Take some sticks and some rocks or pinecones as game pieces.

3.- Make snow angels and take amazing pictures

4.- Bring some snow indoors: Bring some of the snow and let them play as they are having a Bakery. Give them some baking cups and the sprinkles could be some little rocks and sticks.

5.- Snow kitchen: If you have some backyard bring their little kitchen and appliances and pretend the snow are the ingredients for the little chef.

6.- Make funny faces on the snow

7.- If you have a Ms. or Mr. Potato head, take the pieces with you and play with them in the snow.

8.- Snow fights: These are so fun, be gentle with the little ones.

9.- Bury a treasure: Hide some toy or treat on the snow and let’s start looking for it.

10.- and if you feel adventurous, build an Igloo. Here you can check the instructions.