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Baby Shower Celebration Ideas During Quarantine

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Baby Shower Celebration Ideas During Quarantine

Many joyous events have been put on hold since the appearance of the new virus. Graduations and weddings are postponed, but there are some events that simply cannot be scheduled for a later date. One such event is the birth of a baby. In western culture, a baby is usually welcomed by organizing a baby shower which is a celebration for the baby and parents! Even though the stay-at-home order is still in place due to the pandemic and people avoid gathering, that does not mean that these parties should be canceled. Let’s take a look at some baby shower ideas during the quarantine.

Organize A Virtual Baby Shower

Virtual events are more popular than ever and for a reason. The new virus seems to be very contagious and even deadly in some cases, so there is really not a single reason you would risk your health and the wellbeing of the people you love by making a traditional baby shower. Keeping the recommended social distance when you host a party inside your home is practically impossible. That is why you should opt for a virtual event instead. These are some ways to make the virtual party perfect. 

Invite as many people as you want

Social platforms are great for organizing virtual parties. You can use Facebook or Google Hangouts to chat with smaller groups of people. If you would like your baby shower to be more intimate, then these platforms are all you need. You can even divide your guests into groups so that you can devote enough time to all of them. In case you just want to have one event and invite all the people you would like to have at your party, then you should set up a Zoom meeting. This platform can have as many as 100 participants on a single call.

Make e-invitations

Since your baby shower will be taking place online, there is no reason for the invitations to be sent by traditional mail. You can find so many templates for e-invitations online like Canva. Choose one that is in accordance with the theme of your party and send it to all of your friends. Don’t forget to include the details about the platform you would be using, the necessary password, time and date, as well as the timeline of your party. Also, include the info on the registry websites. 

The presents

Future parents usually make a list of presents they would like their new baby to get. The good news is that most stores have their online sections where you can make your registry list and inform your guests about it. Online purchases are also the safest way of buying items at the moment, so you’ll be protecting your guests too by suggesting that they buy presents online. Give your friends enough time to study the list and decide what they will get for your baby. 

Your close family members and best friends might want to buy you some pieces of furniture for the baby. It is crucial that you know who’s getting what so that you do not get double presents. Decluttering your place before the baby arrives and even before the presents start coming is always a smart thing to do. You should know that short-term storage is great for decluttering, especially if you live in a smaller home. Painting the nursery can be a nightmare if you have to move things back and forth all the time. 

Arranging the venue

The good thing about virtual parties is that you can set them up in any room you like and limit them to a certain area of your home. Being pregnant can be exhausting, so why bother tidying up the entire house when you can have a baby shower in your living room and decorate just that part? If you have an older child or children, they will probably be more than excited to help with the decorations. That can be one of the activities you can do with them during the quarantine. You can get all the necessary supplies online or you can make your own decorating items at home. You can find millions of creative ideas online. 

Plan the activities for your baby shower

Baby showers are not just about receiving presents for the soon-to-be mom and her baby. They are the celebration of a new life. The fact that your guests are not present in person doesn’t mean that you should skip traditional games and activities. As a matter of fact, many of them can be organized and be some of the best baby shower ideas during the quarantine. Make a list of all the games and assess which ones would be the best for this occasion just like you would do if you were to organize a birthday celebration for your kids during the lockdown.  

These are the activities we suggest for your baby shower during social distancing

  • The gender guessing game – if you haven’t yet announced the gender and you want to do it before the baby is born, this is the perfect moment! Make the announcement even more exciting by making everyone guess before you reveal it.
  • Quizzes – Everyone likes a good quiz. Make a list of questions to see how much your virtual guests know about you and your partner. 
  • Stories from childhood – Guests should share some of their childhood stories – the more embarrassing, the better!
  • Guess the baby – you can make a slide show of yours and your partner’s baby photos and the guests should guess who is who.

Opening the presents

Opening the presents is the most exciting part of any baby shower. Luckily, you will have received all the presents in time so that all your guests can see your reaction when you open theirs. Make a mental note to take a photo of your baby once it’s born with each of the presents and send it to a friend who got you the gift. That would be a nice sign of appreciation. 

Make memories

We hope that our list of baby shower ideas during quarantine has helped you get creative at this time. One more benefit of setting up a virtual event is that you can get it recorded more easily. Don’t forget to do so and you will be able to enjoy these special moments over and over again. You can also make memories by hiring a local photographer while socially distancing. 

Drive-By Parade

Even though a virtual baby shower is an easiest and safest option, drive-bys are a great way to celebrate baby showers. Set up a date and time with family and friends, decorate your cars with balloons and signs, and surprise your loved one with some music. This will definitely make them feel special. You can even deliver gifts from local businesses that are offering curbside pickup and a cake.

Social Distancing Picnic

Groups of 25 can now gather outside in New Jersey, so if you think it is safe for you, you can have an intimate social distancing picnic at a local park that is open. Have friends and family meet up in a park, set up blankets over 6’ apart, get your favorite food from local restaurants or dessert spots, and enjoy the beautiful weather.

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Baby Shower Celebration Ideas During Quarantine

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