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Birthday Celebration Ideas For Kids During Quarantine

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Birthday Celebration Ideas For Kids During Quarantine

We are living through a very strenuous time for everyone. If you are lucky to be around healthy people and be healthy yourself, one of your main concerns during this time is passing your time in a way that is not completely wasteful. This is even more of a priority for families with children. Many parents put a lot of thought into their kids’ days, from schoolwork to free-time activities. The quarantine is difficult for everyone. However, it is even more so for young children. They aren’t going to school but still cannot spend their days outside like they would like to. Things get more complicated if it’s your child’s birthday. The inability to have their best friends over must have really put a wrench in your plans for their birthday this year. It’s an extremely special day for kids and you as a parent. Luckily, these birthday celebration ideas for kids during quarantine might just save the day.

How do you throw a kid’s birthday party in quarantine?

Regardless of age or which idea you decide to go for, the main tenet is to ensure that the birthday kid feels special on this day. For best results, try to combine a couple of ideas into that one day. Now, it might seem like the Internet is the only answer here. However, there are actually many birthday celebration ideas during quarantine that do not involve any screens. You may want to make some general preparations beforehand, though. For example, try to find some birthday decorations on your next trip to the supermarket or order some online. If you decide to give into some of your child’s ideas that require a lot of space, rent storage, and clear the space. If your child’s old enough, you could even get them to help out with some of the chores in anticipation of their birthday. Finally, ensure the presence of their favorite cake and food. There are many restaurants offering desserts and yummy food

Group Card 

Having friends and family sign a birthday card is a classic gift, but somewhat difficult to do during the quarantine. You might want to consider other ideas such as online birthday cards from Kudoboard. They are fun to make and easy to customize. The best part is that family and friends can contribute to this card by adding a small note, photos, GIFs, or videos.

Yes Day

This is a great idea for children of all ages. A yes day is simple. It is a day during which you have to say yes to all of their wishes. If you want, you can limit it to food. In this case, they would essentially be coming up with a menu for the meals of the day. Older kids will enjoy it particularly if it involves their siblings as well. This is one of the great birthday celebration ideas for kids during the quarantine. It can easily be limited to the house and it will make your kid feel king or queen for the day.

Scavenger Hunt

For many people, it will be impossible to organize an egg hunt for Easter. If your kids had to miss out on this staple of the holiday, organizing a scavenger hunt in your home could be one of the more fun birthday celebration ideas during the quarantine. The final prize can be the present and it doesn’t even have to include too many steps. Your kid will love the challenge and feel like a star. If you have a yard or live in a safe neighborhood, the mystery map could take them outside for additional fun.

Dance Party

If you plan on including many different birthday celebration ideas for kids during quarantine, a dance party should definitely be one. Decide on a certain time of day and have your kid pick out the playlist. It might turn out to be so much fun that you even include it in your daily routine during quarantine (and beyond). Doing some cardio in the form of dance will get your kid’s endorphins flowing and help them let off steam. It will also represent a healthy break in a day otherwise filled with junk food and sweets.  

Zoom Party

If possible, it might be a good idea to actually help your child see some of their friends on their big day. Get in touch with the other parents in advance and organize a big conference call with all of your kid’s friends and their moms or dads. It will give you all an opportunity to catch up and perhaps even blow out candles on the birthday cake. You can even change the background with these fun themes from Canva for your calls to make it more festive. The key to a successful Zoom party is to keep it short and sweet, especially when it comes to younger children. It doesn’t really have to go on much longer than half an hour. It will still feel refreshing to get a chance to socialize for a bit. Older kids can even use an app like Houseparty, which includes some simple board games as well. You can also look into My Gym’s Live Birthday Parties. What a delight it will be to log on and see all of your child’s friends in attendance! The party continues as the children participate in captivating songs, dances, games, puppets, relays, and other original activities. 

Netflix Party

This is one of the coronavirus quarantine birthday party ideas that are perfect for teens. In the case of a teenager, your involvement will be minimal. However, they could be struggling with coming up with an idea for what might be fun. You can suggest a Zoom party followed by everyone watching the same film on Netflix. Apps like Netflix party will actually let multiple people stream the same movie and chat while they do. This might be a good substitute for a real-life slumber party.

Build A Fort

This is one of those birthday celebration ideas for kids during quarantine that will require a lot of space and effort. However, the payoff will also be huge. If the fort is a success, you could even consider leaving it for a while longer. In some cases, children like the feel of it so much, that they’ll even agree to activities they otherwise are not crazy about – like reading. It could turn into that kind of space afterward. Every child will feel very excited to be included in the building of the fort as well. It will be particularly fun to get to chat with their friends from their new perch. Forts are also very easy to put together, using whatever you have at your disposal. You could incorporate some of the decorations you got or some Christmas lights to make it extra special.

Car Parade  

This has become a fun trend for kids’ birthdays during the quarantine. Why not get your friends, neighbors, and family make birthday signs and put some music on as they drive by your house? This way your kiddos get to see their favorite people and feel special while keeping social distancing in mind.

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