Free Activities to Do In May In and Around Jersey City

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Free Activities to Do In May In and Around Jersey City

Jersey City is one of those places with so much to offer, so deciding where to go first seems impossible. Whether you’re a tourist, a newcomer, or an old resident, you will never get bored in Jersey City. Although it has plenty of events and activities to do year-round, spring is arguably the most enjoyable season in this place. Since the weather is lovely with temperatures on the rise, maybe the best thing to do would be to make the most use of outdoor facilities. To help you narrow down the decision on where to go next, the JC Families team will introduce you to some of the best free activities to do in May in and around Jersey City.

Visit Liberty State Park

Liberty State Park tops the list of places in Jersey City you can’t miss. Although it’s open all year long, visiting it on sunny spring days will be unforgettable. Liberty State Park offers astonishing views of the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline. You’ll find many picnic areas and playgrounds for kids, and you can also visit the stunning Empty Sky memorial dedicated to the victims of the 9/11 attack on the United States. You can genuinely spend a whole day there without getting bored for a second.

Boost your physical and mental health on many hiking trails in Jersey City

Hiking is one activity that improves both your physical and mental health. However, it’s not easy to find a place with many hiking trails due to most modern cities becoming “concrete jungles.” Luckily, that’s not the case with Jersey City, which has miles of hiking trails. If you have a dog and you’re worried about whether you’ll be able to bring your beloved pet on the hikes with you, we have some good news. Jersey City has plenty of dog-friendly hiking trails, so your dog will enjoy the upcoming sunny days in May as much as you.

Boat rides on the Hudson River are among the top free activities to do in May in and around Jersey City

Boat rides are not one of the first events that come to mind when talking about activities that are free of charge. But, believe it or not, Jersey City has plenty of free cruises, and some of them last more than 2 hours. So, since it won’t cost you a dime, there’s no reason not to spend a day or two in May cruising on the Hudson River. You’ll witness some breathtaking views that will make this an experience to remember for a long time.

If you’re a newcomer, go straight to Historic Downtown

The Garden State is a popular destination among movers. New Jersey welcomes thousands of newcomers each year, and Jersey City follows that trend. The majority of them come from neighboring states (most notably New York and Pennsylvania). However, Jersey City proved to be popular among the residents of other distant states like Florida and even Colorado. The reason behind this is that the moving industry has evolved rapidly, and nowadays, you can have a simple and easy transition from Florida to New Jersey, almost as easy as the one from neighboring states.

The best way for newcomers to settle in one city is to learn something about its history. So, if you’re a newcomer, visiting Jersey City’s Historic Downtown, especially the Hamilton Park neighborhood, should be at the top of your list. In Hamilton Park, you’ll see many historical sites, stunning old buildings, and cultural attractions. So, spending a day or two in May getting to know Jersey City’s heritage is worth it.

Go on a picnic near the LeFrak Point Lighthouse in Newport Park

Newport Park is another place where you can make the most use of spring days in Jersey City. Like Liberty State Park, it offers panoramic views of New York City. Bring some food with you and picnic with your loved ones near the LeFrak Point Lighthouse. Since it’s a very picturesque area, recharge your batteries and take some photos there. Spending a spring day in the park is undoubtedly better than staying at home or going somewhere indoors.

Other notable mentions

Since Jersey City has so much to offer, it’s almost impossible to mention every place you should visit. However, if the activities above weren’t enough, we’ll give you a few more ideas just in case

  1. Visit the Newport Centre mall
  2. Enjoy J. Owen Grundy Park
  3. Take a tour of the Liberty Science Center
  4. Walk down the Hudson River waterfront walkway
  5. Visit the remarkable Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal


Although Jersey City is the type of place that offers more than enough during each season, spring is the time of the year you should make the most use of. Don’t let these upcoming days in May go to waste. Go outside and embrace the warm and sunny days that are coming your way. Hopefully, this article on free activities to do in May in and around Jersey City gave you enough ideas for spending your free time. Finally, we hope you’ll make many happy memories in the Garden State this spring, and we wish you the best of luck!

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