Press Release: French American Academy and Cresthill partnership

Press Release: French American Academy and Cresthill partnership

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The French American Academy and Cresthill Academy Hoboken Downtown have entered into a partnership to offer the Hoboken Community its first International Learning Center for Early Learners. The center will be located at 360 1st Street, Hoboken, NJ, and will open beginning of September 2022. It will offer an excellent curriculum and unparalleled foreign language exposure to children from 6 weeks to 5 years of age. 

The partnership between the two academies will provide top-tier education in English, Spanish, and French for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Bridges between the two academies will be facilitated so that continued international education is provided seamlessly. The French American Academy and Cresthill Academy decided to unify their efforts to provide the Hoboken Community an opportunity to expose its children to multilingual and multicultural education. This model of education aims to cultivate curiosity, open-mindedness, and exceptional critical thinking & problem-solving skills. Most importantly, when delivered at an early age, bilingual education has been proven to increase the children’s cognitive abilities relative to their monolingual peers, giving them a lifelong advantage. 

Located at 360 1st Street, Hoboken, NJ, both academies welcome children in a bright and safe environment. The 10,000 sqft center, spread over 2 floors, is a 10 minute walk from the Hoboken Transit Terminal giving Hoboken & New York City-based families easy access to the facilities.

The French American Academy is a bilingual international school with a caring and progressive spirit. It offers a child-centered environment that uses the dual lenses of French and English and combines the best of both educational systems. Their curriculum is fully accredited by both governments and their teachers are certified, enabling them to provide the highest educational standards with a bilingual, comprehensive curriculum in a safe and creative environment. The French American Academy operates 2 other campuses in New Jersey, in Jersey City and Englewood. 

“Since our inception, we’ve witnessed the demand for a bilingual education continue to grow,” says Anne-Sophie Gueguen, Head of School and founder of the French American Academy. “We are very excited about this partnership with Cresthill Academy. We found their approach to be similar to ours and beneficial for our future students” 

Cresthill Academy offers Exceptional Early Education™ from infancy to kindergarten with a focus on early language acquisitions in Spanish and/or Mandarin within the EsteamED™ values-based curriculum. Cresthill Academy sets the foundation from infancy for a cosmopolitan future by inspiring children’s natural curiosity and inquiry while fostering empathy and diplomacy. Cresthill Academy was founded in 2010 with six campuses in New Jersey, three of which are in Hoboken, Lyndhurst, East Hanover, and Harrison. 

Cresthill Academy is delighted to partner with the French American Academy to enrich the educational experience for our Hoboken Downtown students and families with the French language and culture starting at infancy. It is a joy to see two value aligned academics of prestige collaborating and we look forward to wonderful and enriching experiences for all. Christina Dorando, Founder & CEO of Cresthill Academy 

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