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The 10 Best Cafes in Hoboken

The best cafes in Hoboken
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The 10 Best Cafes in Hoboken

Who doesn’t love a cup of hot coffee, some fresh baked goods, or a delicious meal to go with it? Hoboken has a plethora of cafes that are perfect to stop by and enjoy. Whether you want to stop by and work or just get a quick pick me up, Hoboken has it all. Therefore, we created this full guide to help you find the best cafe in Hoboken.

Bwe Cafe

1002 Washington Street + 1401 Adams Street

The best cafes in Hoboken

bwè Kafe is your local family-run coffee shop, on a mission to fuel the communities they serve in meaningful and innovative ways. By sourcing local and as earth-conscious goods, they are committed to curating a shopping experience that goes hand-in-hand with responsibly building the foundations of tomorrow. bwè kafe means drink coffee in Haitian Creole. If you are looking for a delicious latte, bwè is not one to miss. They have two locations in Hoboken.

Cafe Vista

527 Monroe Street

The best cafes in Hoboken

Cafe Vista is new to Hoboken but has become a fan favorite. Their rose latte is a must-try and is absolutely beautiful. This new cafe is a labor of love by a local mom who made sure to curate everything on the menu. They have amazing drinks but also baked goods and pastries as well as other food options like avocado toast, chia puddings, etc.

Hidden Grounds Coffee

700 Garden Street

The best cafes in Hoboken

Hidden Grounds has multiple locations. They source their coffees from the finest farms. After roasting and cupping processes, their baristas spend countless hours working their magic to find the perfect ratios to serve. They have a variety of lattes, fresh coffee, and sandwiches.

Mojo Coffee

230 Willow Avenue

Mojo Coffe’s is a local favorite. The owners are Hoboken natives and coffee lovers of course. The two of the main coffee brews that stand out in the coffee world are the Mojo House Blend and the Rio Azul. Additionally, they also have a selection of locally sourced treats offered daily including Croissants, Coffee Cakes, Muffins, and Cookies!

Bluestone Lane Hoboken Café

409 Washington St

Just a stone’s throw away from our first locations in Manhattan, New York, Bluestone Lane is now in Hoboken. Positioned on the vibrant Washington St, Bluestone Lane is just a couple of blocks from the banks of the Hudson River, nestled within a young and thriving restaurant and shopping scene. With plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, this new location caters to everyone and is bound to be a destination, no matter what time of day. Addtionally, if you are looking for amazing coffee but also something to eat, they’ve got it all. From avocado toast, breakfast burritos to breakfast bowls.

Hudson Coffee Company

1100 Maxwell Ln

Hudson Coffee opened its doors in 2018. They are dedicated to quality coffee—from how the beans are sourced and selected to how they are ground, and ultimately, how the coffee is prepared and served. Hudson Coffee Company owner Justin DePascale seeks out the very best coffee beans from all over the world, tastes the coffees, and once they pass his hand selection, are added to our ever-changing menu. They also have a selection of baked goods as well.

The Little Local

519 Adams St

The Little Local is a company that believes in the science of quality coffee. They work with little local businesses in Hoboken and Jersey City to create a service that suits our neighbors. The Little Local have all your latte and coffee needs. They also have a great selection of baked goods from local bakeries like Baking Mama, Cho-O-Pain, Boomerang Bites, and more. The best cafes in Hoboken

Black Rail Coffee

800 Jackson St

Whether you live in the neighborhood, come down from the hill, or commute in from the light rail, Black Rail Coffee are here to offer a tasty cup of coffee, and an even tastier sandwich or brunch. Their house blend is a fine medium roast with notes of citrus, apple and milk chocolate. Their Espresso beans are a blend sourced from farms in Ethiopia and Mexico; they yield a velvety smooth shot that is perfect by itself or as a latte. Enjoy their delicious sandwiches and wraps for breakfast or brunch.

The Hive

1000 Park Ave 

The Hive is founded by local moms. They tested a lot of coffee to land on what’s best for their shop and ultimately chose a local roaster, Kobrick’s, to serve up fresh, certified organic blends that are prepared downtown and delivered to us each week. A 100-year-old, family-owned business and one of the many hidden treasures in Hudson County. Addtionally, if you’re feeling hungry, their menu of pastries and homemade confections will satisfy any craving. Their bakery partner, iDelights, delivers fresh croissants and scones daily, and they offer them in big and mini sizes.

They also built the space to be a calming retreat from the chaos of parenthood, with a rotating assortment of toys to keep your little one engaged while you take a minute to yourself. Available on a reservation-only basis for groups of six or less.

Dolce & Salato

1101 Grand St Hoboken

Dolce & Salato is a neighborhood Italian Cafe and Pasticceria which opened in the Summer of 2018. Their goal is to bring a slice of authentic Italian taste to Hoboken. The best cafes in Hoboken. The owners Maurizio Dolce, Michael Nirchio, and Brian Mazzei have always remained close to their Italian heritage and are now sharing this with the residents of Sinatra’s hometown. They have delicious coffee and latte, pastries and baked goods.


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