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Top 10 Things to Do in Battery Park City for Families

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Top 10 Things to Do in Battery Park City for Families

As far as tourist spots go, Battery Park City in New York is right on top of the list. It is also very close to Jersey City. It had been originally created as an extension of lower Manhattan back in the early 1980s. While it may be short on history, it does make up for it with a lot of character, thanks to the many picturesque spots there. Therefore, we created a guide for you! Let us take a quick look at some of the more prominent tourist spots there:

Battery Park City Esplanade and Park

The Esplanade | Downtown new york, Places of interest, Financial district

This wide esplanade is located on the banks of the Hudson River and it is considered by many purists to be Battery Park City’s best feature. It stretches all the way from Battery Park itself, right to the edge of Tribeca. The main path of the esplanade is perfect for running, strolling, and biking. The lawns are ideal for a game of frisbee or volleyball.

Brookfield Place

This place combines high-class luxury shopping with even more high-class and high-quality eateries. Most of them have spectacular views of the Hudson River. This plaza manages to attract professionals working nearby, as well as foreign tourists. Brookfield Place looks and feels like a posh and upscale mall complete with a food court that features some top New York dishes.

Pier A 

This Pier is located right on the water and it is centered on a nautical theme. It is an ideal place to stop for a bite or even a drink for people who are hungry and thirsty from walking around Battery Park all day long. Stopping by this place would be a good idea if you can’t stand the heat, as it is equipped with HVAC supplies to achieve the optimal room temperature.

Irish Hunger Memorial 

In case you are interested in a short stroll in the Irish countryside, you might consider visiting the Irish Hunger Memorial. This memorial commemorates the Great Irish Famine. Here, you will find stones from all of Ireland’s many counties, making it a chunk of Ireland away from Ireland.  

Rockefeller Park 

This park features the single largest lawn in all of Battery Park City. In fact, this park is a picture-perfect spot for picnics, sports, and plain old-fashioned sunbathing. It also contains a large playground for children as well as fragrant gardens full of flowers. Rockefeller Park is a wonderful place for people of all ages. 

Merchants River House

Merchants Riverhouse | Merchants River House | American Bistro in New York  City, NY

If you are feeling hungry you should stroll into the Merchants River House in Battery Park City. This is one riverside restaurant that is almost guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds and stifle those hunger pangs. It is a 100 percent all-American eatery that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

South West NY 

If you crave Tex-Mex cuisine, you are in luck. South West NY boasts of a lively atmosphere as well as its refreshing margaritas. You can avail both indoor and outdoor seating, in line with your mood as well as the weather.

South and Cove North Cove Marina 

Should you be inclined to a little bit of the nautical life, you really have to go to the North Cove Marina as well as the South Cove located close to its North Cove counterpart. Also, you will be able to behold the Statue of Liberty in all its splendor, along with a fleet of sailing boats.

Teardrop Park

The aptly named Teardrop Park is located right in the middle of the bustling city and is almost completely hidden by multiple tall residential buildings of Battery Park City. 

South Teardrop Park

Its Teardrop Park South counterpart is located across the street from the main Teardrop Park and it has its own amphitheater as well.

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Battery Park City is an ideal tourist spot for families from all over the world. From fine dining to parks to hotels and eateries, this place has a lot to offer the tourist family looking for a good time. 

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