Indoor and Outdoor Soccer Classes in Jersey City

Indoor and Outdoor Soccer Classes in Jersey City : 

Global Soccer Academy
Soccer Classes in Jersey City
At the Global Soccer Academy they bring this game to the youth soccer player, who experiences these same moments as the adult game in slightly different variations.
With lessons learned from all over the world, their focus is towards formation, not only competition and that leads us to a unique approach of soccer in Jersey City.
​The Global Soccer Academy aims to optimize each individual, which requires continuous work on all aspects of the game and life.
As a team sport, soccer gives them the opportunity to teach much more than skills and understanding of the game. They run Indoor and Outdoor Soccer Classes in Jersey City.
It allows them to teach their core values of respect, fellowship, and effort.
Super Soccer Stars
Soccer Classes in Jersey City
At Super Soccer Stars, it is their goal to teach soccer skills in a fun, non-competitive, educational environment.
Their philosophy is to use soccer to nurture, to build self-confidence, and to develop teamwork in every class.
Their specially designed curricula use positive reinforcement and a low child-to-coach ratio to ensure that each
child improves at his or her own rate while having endless fun.
They run both Indoor and Outdoor Soccer Classes in Jersey City. Checkout the website for details.

The Soccer Learning Center 

Soccer Classes in Jersey City

The Soccer Learning Center is a private soccer academy which introduces both children and adults to soccer.  Nationally licensed coach Alex Lalaoui provides a European approach to soccer instruction, allowing students to
learn by doing, in a small, team-centric environment.     

No experience is needed to participate in any of the classes.  Activities focus upon fitness, skill building, technical and tactical abilities, team play, sportsmanship and more. Please visit their website for more info:


Jersey City Soccer Association
Jersey City Soccer Association
Visit Jersey City Soccer Association for more information on schedules and fees.
This Program operates in conjunction with the Jersey City Department of Recreation
and games are played at Caven Point.
This Program does charge a fee of $50.

Hans Soliz Soccer  
Soccer Classes in Jersey City
Hans Soliz Soccer School is the oldest, most competive travel team in Jersey City!
They  train and play at Gateway Field and welcome young children from all
backgrounds and cultures, with the goal of teaching them to all become better soccer players.
Hans Soliz Soccer School helps each and every player increase their technical and
tactical skillsets, which promotes each player’s role on the field.
They also aim to equip their players with vital life skills, such as focus, stamina, and discipline.
For more information on requirements, schedules and fees visit Hans Soliz Soccer School.
Register your child for team tryouts! Download Registration Form.


The Jersey City Hispanic American Soccer School

Soccer Classes in Jersey City
The non-profit Jersey City Hispanic American Soccer School (JCHAS) was established to teach children excellence through soccer.
JCHAS strives to provide a safe environment where both kids and parents can enjoy a challenging and enriching soccer learning experience,
which is designed  to instill confidence, a love of fitness, the principles of good sportsmanship, and teamwork.
Programs are available for students at all levels of ability, and all courses stress a mastery of soccer basics,
while never forgetting the key ingredient of having enormous amounts of fun.
The JCHAS coaches are highly dedicated and are licensed through the State of New Jersey.
All programs emphasize discipline and motivation through positive reinforcement. JCHAS coaches lead fun,
entertaining sessions filled with positive reinforcement and teamwork. Their goal is to instill, above all, a life long love,
understanding, and enjoyment of the sport of soccer.
There is a fee for this program.
For more information on JCHAS fees and schedules, read more, or call 201-855-9762.