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Top 10 Best Pancakes In Jersey City

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Top 10 Pancakes In Jersey City

There is nothing better to start the morning than a tall stack of delicious pancakes! There’s a wide range of excellent, often decadent pancakes worth digging into in Jersey City. Jersey City has many restaurant options, whether you are looking for classic pancakes or something more unique. Therefore, we have created this guide on where to find the best pancakes in Jersey City. Looking for other breakfast and brunch options, check our guide here.

Life Pancake Factory

426 Jersey Ave, Jersey City, NJ, 07302

Life Pancake factor in Jersey City

Previously known as Brownstone Diner, Life Pancake Factory has completely revamped itself and offered huge pancake options. The portions here are so generous that you might even be able to share a meal with your child. They have everything from simple pancakes to options with bacon and eggs on top, as well as sweet ones with M&M’s, chocolate chips, and more!

Buddys JC

247 Washington Street, Jersey City, NJ, 07302

Buddy's JC Pancakes

Buddy JC‘s is a must to try when it comes to pancakes. They serve up many pancake options, but their famous Cereal Pancakes, including Fruity Pebbles, Captain Crunch, and other fruity cereals, are what they are most famous for.

The Franklin

159 New York Ave, Jersey City, NJ, 07302

The Franklin Pancakes in Jersey City

Located in Jersey City Heights, The Franklin is a family-friendly restaurant. Apart from brunch and dinner, they also do catering for weddings, parties, and events. They also serve finger-licking good desserts, which are a must-try for everyone! Their ricotta pancakes are absolutely delicious and worth trying out!

Beechwood Cafe

290 Grove Street & 18 Park Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07302    

One location of  Beechwood Cafe is located on the very popular Grove Street in downtown Jersey City. They offer great food from sandwiches, salads, bowls, burgers, and tacos. This little cozy cafe offers pancakes with homemade strawberry compote, Nutella, and your classic maple syrup.


351 Grove St, Jersey City, NJ 07302

Here in the heart of Jersey City, you’ll find delicious food and drink in a beautiful setting to be enjoyed with friends, both old and new. Mathews has the perfect selection of brunch and dinner options, from a short rib ragu to juicy chicken sandwiches and, of course, amazing pancakes. Their outdoor patio has plenty of space for you to enjoy your stack of pancakes. Their lemon ricotta pancakes are a must-try.

City Diner

31 Montgomery St, Jersey City, NJ

According to many different people and various studies, NJ is one of the best places for raising kids. And places such as the City Diner are among the reasons why the city has obtained such a flattering title. With rustic modern decor, hardwood floors, cushioned seats, booths, as well as free WiFi, this restaurant has every commodity that will make your family feel right at home. Now, whether you decide to delight your taste buds with delicious pancakes or corned beef hash depends on your preferences. They have a wide variety of buttermilk pancakes, whether you want them sweet or with an egg on the top!

Amelia’s Bistro 

187 Warren St, Jersey City, NJ, 07302

Take your taste buds on a delightful journey at Amelia’s Bistro located in Historic Paulus Hook in Jersey City, making it the perfect spot for lunch and pancakes! This is another great spot for a group as they have a ton of options for food.

Gia Gelato

281 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ, 07302

This cute little spot has the fluffiest pancakes that are a must-try. Gia Gelato serves breakfast all day, including a variety of delicious pancakes with a side of eggs and bacon. Pancakes can be ordered with fresh fruit, Nutella, bananas, and walnuts. 

Griot Cafe

398 Central Ave, Jersey City, NJ, 07307

Griot Cafe is an innovative cuisine with Afro-Caribbean influence.

Gussy’s Cafe

292 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07302

Whether you’ll enjoy them for Breakfast/Brunch/Lunch/or Dinner, Gussy’s Cafe is serving their full menu from 7AM-6PM!

Updated November 28th 2023

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