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Knowledge is power and great educational opportunities are the stepping stones to a child’s future. However, education is not one size fit all. Children have different learning styles and families can be offered a range of school options to help them while they find the right fit for their child. Charter Schools have been offering specialized learning programs and allow families the ability to have choices. We’ve compiled a list of Charter Schools in Jersey City to make your search easier!

The Ethical Community Charter School

95 Broadway, Jersey City, NJ 07306
First on our list of Charter Schools in Jersey City is The Ethical Community Charter School (TECCS). TECCS opened its doors at in September 2009 with 120 kindergartners and first graders. Since then, the school has added a grade each year, to become a K-8 school in 2016-2017, educating nearly 400 children. Ethics, service, and social justice are the main principles that inform every aspect of school life which makes it a great choice on our list of Charter Schools in Jersey City. Want to visit the school before applying? No problem! Send an email to [email protected] or give them a phone call at 201-984-4151 and book your appointment.
Student Teacher Ration: 16:1
Elementary (K-4th): In the elementary grades, children will learn about ourselves, their families, and their community. Elementary students at TECCS are learning to express themselves as thinkers, writers, mathematicians, and experimenters.
Middle School (5th-8th): Using the foundations built in elementary school, middle and upper grades discuss civic responsibility. Students begin to analyze how their actions impact the world.
Transportation: Student bus service

BelovED Community Charter School

508 Grand Street, Jersey City, NJ 07302
The education model at the heart of the BelovEd Community Charter School wraps powerful values and character development protocols, rooted in Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s concept of the “Beloved Community making it a perfect addition to our list of Charter Schools in Jersey City. The school believes in helping its students to feel cared about in their environment and growing and learning by the golden rule; due onto others as you want done to you. BelovED opened in 2012 as a K-2 school and has added a grade each year since. Currently BelovED serves K-8, and next year for the first time, will be offering 9th Grade! For more information about applications and the school in general, you can call them at 201-630-4700 or email them!
Student Teach Ratio: 14:1
Transportation: Students who are in 3rd grade or above have the ability to walk home only if their parents have signed a form granting them permission.
Extra Curricular: Middle School students have the ability to go out for school spots.

Golden Door Charter School

3040 Kennedy Blvd, Jersey City, NJ 07306
Golden Door Charter School was founded in 1998 as one of Jersey City’s first charter schools. Since then, we have built a legacy of academic excellence and take great pride in character education and enhanced learning opportunities such as technology, music, art, physical education, and health.

They offer students an excellent learning environment led by our kind, caring, and highly dedicated staff of teaching professionals, skilled staff, and leadership. Also, they know your child will thrive and flourish while attending Golden Door – just as the thousands of students, they have had the joy and privilege of educating and preparing for future success. They are located at 3040 Kennedy Blvd, Jersey City, NJ 07306 | Phone 201-795-4400

Soaring Heights Charter School

1 Romar Ave. Jersey City, NJ 07305
Soaring Heights Charter School is a K – 8 elementary school which opened in downtown Jersey City as one of New Jersey’s 13 original charter schools in September, 1997. The mission of Soaring Heights Charter School is to prepare a growing number of students from Kindergarten to 8th grade for a lifetime of learning as productive citizens in the technological age by training them how to communicate and listen effectively, think critically, solve problems, act responsibly, value their accomplishments, and achieve a high level of academic excellence.
Student Teacher Ration: 14:1
Transportation: Buses / vans provided for students. For information about public transportation, as well as bus transportation to programs such as the Boys & Girls Club and the Jewish Community Center, please contact the school office at 201-434-4800.
Dress Code: Uniform order forms can be requested from the school office.
Extra Curricular Activities: STEAM, Tutoring

Learning Community Charter School

2495 Kennedy Blvd.  Jersey City NJ 07304
Founded by parents, the Learning Community Charter School opened it’s doors for the first time for the 1997-1998 school year, beginning as a small, neighborhood school in downtown Jersey City. LCCS continues to provide an innovative, top-notch education to for kids from PreK – 8th. For more information call them at 201-332-0900.
Admission to LCCS is conducted through a yearly lottery. The Lottery determines who gets admitted for the spaces available, and, if not admitted in what order the placement will be on the waiting list.
Pre K: Academic Info
K-5th: Academic/Extra Curricular Info
Middle School (6-8): Academics/Extra Curricular Info
Transportation: Bus Services
Lunch: Payment option

Jersey City Global Charter School

255 Congress St. Jersey City, NJ 07307 (201) 744-2224
Last but not least on our list of Charter Schools in Jersey City is the Jersey City Global Charter School. The mission of the Jersey City Global Charter School is to provide students with the skills and exploratory experiences that enable them to reach their fullest potential as independent thinkers and innovative problem solvers. Through a rigorous academic core curriculum aligned to the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards and Core Content Standards JCGCS provides a diversified, comprehensive curriculum that encompasses social and economic entrepreneurship, social justice, equality, ecological sustainability as well peace and harmony between people, we seek to address the unique needs of the students in a changing society.
Aftercare: Apollo Aftercare

Dr. Lena Edwards Academic Charter School 

509 Bramhall Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07304

The mission of Dr. Lena Edwards Academic Charter School is to ensure educational excellence and character development for all students in grades K through 8, cultivating both learning and empathy. The school provides a stable, rigorous, unbroken continuum of classical academic instruction and formal character education, resulting in the highest levels of student achievement, ethical behavior and cultural literacy, and delivered within a productive, consistent and supportive school environment.

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