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Screen-Free Activities For Kids This Summer

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Screen-Free Activities For Kids This Summer

Summer is here, and many parents are looking for interesting screen-free activities for kids. As a parent, you probably know how hard it is to keep a child entertained for a long time and you are always looking for new things to do. You have probably heard a million times: “Can I play a video game for a little while”? As soon as the kids get bored, they first turn to video games. Therefore, it is useful to have some screen-free activities for kids for this summer, which will keep them occupied and entertained, so you can also relax and enjoy summer.

Read a book

Ok, reading a book during summertime is not a kids’ favorite thing. But, you can find some page-turning books in your local library and encourage kids to read a book outside. Make them their favorite cold smoothie or ice cream, place a sunbed in some shade and teach them that reading is a great habit. Also, you can set aside a certain time every day, for example, before bedtime, and make reading a thing you will do at home with kids regularly. Summer reading won’t be just a fun screen-free activity; it is an activity that your kid can benefit from for a long time.

Go to the beach 

We all know that playgrounds and sprinkler parks are a great option for this summer, but if you want the kiddos to be busy the whole day, take them to the beach and swimming pools. You can even do this in your back yard! Get two swimming pools, and fill one with sand and the other with water. To get the real summer beach feel, make some snacks, get cold drinks, and bring a beach ball. Your kids will be thrilled, and they will be occupied and entertained for a long time, and won’t have time to even think about video games.

Organize a yard sale

If you want to find a screen-free activity for your kids this summer, while also cleaning out their closet and making some cash, then organizing a yard sale is the perfect solution. Give your kids an assignment to clean out their closets and make a pile of clothes that are in good condition but they no longer need or want. Then, organize a sale in your front yard and let them sell their stuff. They will have so much fun selling clothes, plus they will earn some pocket money. For kids, cleaning a closet or even packing for a move can become a game. They will be amused and you will finally have neat and organized closets. It is a win-win situation.

Cooking can be a fun screen-free activity for kids this summer

This screen-free activity for kids this summer is not only fun, but it is also practical – you will teach your little ones to cook. Choose their favorite food such as ice cream and make it together. If you want to make healthy ice cream for your children, you only need a few ingredients such as:

  • some frozen fruit like raspberries, strawberries or bananas
  • yogurt
  • a few tablespoons of honey
  • and of course, some chocolate to sprinkle over the ice cream.

If you want to make cooking even more fun, you should let the kids pick their own ingredients. They will enjoy this screen-free activity and will be proud of themselves while eating the finished product.


Another one of the screen-free activities that your kids can do this summer with the entire family is camping. You can spend quality time as a family, and your kids will be enthralled. If you don’t want to take them camping at a camping ground, do one in the backyard or at home. Hitch a tent in your back yard, place pillows and blankets, and spend a night together watching the stars. You can also build a backyard bonfire, bring out the s’ mores, and let your kids get the feeling of a summer camp. Tell scary (or funny) stories, roast hot dogs, sing campfire songs, and you will give your kids a summer to remember.

Work on puzzles

During the summer rains, when your kids can’t outside, they will be persistent to play video games. That is why you need to find a way to keep them entertained in the house without the help of computer or phone screens. One of the great screen-free activities for kids for this summer is a jigsaw puzzle. Every house with kids should have jigsaw puzzles because, apart from being very handy, they will keep kids mentally active. Keep in mind that no matter how much your kids love puzzles, they can’t spend hours working on it every day. It is enough to do a little piece of a large puzzle each day, and they won’t get bored so easily.

Set Out on a Hike

Speaking of connecting with nature, another amazing and affordable activity is hiking! This is perfect for families as you can pick what kind of trail you would like and of course, you don’t need screens! It is a great way to get some fresh air and exercise as well and there are so many options to choose from. With COVID-19, activities have been quite limited too but hiking is a great option and one where you can socially distance. To help you find the perfect trail, we’ve created a list of the 10 Best Hiking Trails for Families Near Jersey City.

There are many screen-free activities for kids during the summer, and they are extremely important. Not only that your kids will build many memories of their childhood, but also many of these activities are very useful for the mental and intellectual growth of your kids. Therefore, if you want to give your kids a memorable childhood without computers and video games, do some of these screen-free activities with your kids this summer.

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