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Splash Pads and Swimming Pools in Hoboken

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Splash Pads and Swimming Pools in Hoboken

As the summer heat comes, we know how essential a day at the pool or splash pad is. There is nothing better than having a fun day splashing in a sprinkler park or a pool on an extremely hot day. Therefore, we have created a list of the best splash pads and swimming pools in Hoboken for you to enjoy and cool off! New Jersey offers a variety of other options too for your family whether you’re hoping to swim, fish, paddleboard, or kayak too.


XCEL Athletic Lifestyle (Membership/Classes)

125 Marshall St 7th floor, Hoboken, NJ 

Swimming Pools in Hoboken

XCEL Athletic Lifestyle is an exclusive, Rooftop Athletic Club serving up a healthier lifestyle. They have a pool for adults and kids as well as swim lessons. Unfortunately, this isn’t free, and you would need a membership or join classes to attend.

Stevens Aquatics/Debaun Aquatics Center

Schaefer Athletic and Recreation Center, Hoboken, NJ 

Stevens Students, Faculty and Staff may utilize Open Lap Swim hours for lap swimming free of charge by presenting their valid Stevens ID to the lifeguard on the pool deck. But the public can purchase a monthly membership as well. Membership options and pricing can be found here.

Weehawken Pool

2 Port Imperial Blvd, Weehawken, NJ 07086

Pool rules here.

Splash Pads

Church Square Park

4th Street and Willow Avenue, Hoboken, NJ

Church Square Park is perfect to check out on a hot summer day. The sprinklers are turned on during the summer with dolphins spouting water. This park has multiple playground areas as well for all ages. It also has a gazebo, chess tables, basketball courts and more. There is also a dog run, so feel free to bring the dogs. Hoboken Public Library is across the street, so you can pop in for storytime if you feel too hot.

Jackson Street Park

Jackson Street and 1st Street, Hoboken, NJ

This park is tucked away in a quiet area of Hoboken. This enclosed playground features a brand new playground as well as sprinkler arches ready to enjoy in the summer.

Madison Park

Located on Madison Street and 3rd Street, Hoboken, NJ

The park is bright and beautiful in the summer. The park includes a splash area. There is also a playground with equipment for both younger and older children. The park is open to the public, check their schedule here.

Elysian Park

Hudson Street and 10th Street, Hoboken, NJ
Close to the waterfront, this location allows you many options to walk around with your little ones. Take a walk to Shipyard Park or Castle Point Skate Park. For dog lovers, there is also a fantastic dog run! This area has countless cafes and pizzerias, so take your pick and enjoy!

Columbus Park (Hudson County)

825 Adams Street, Hoboken, NJ
This park has beautiful playgrounds and brand new splash pads. In addition to the splash pad, there is a lot of green areas, basketball courts, and more! The ground surface at the splash pad is concrete so do keep that in mind for the little ones.

Multi-Service Center

124 Grand Street, Hoboken, NJ

Pier A Park

100 Sinatra Drive , Hoboken, NJ
Pier A Park is a beautiful spot to check out on the weekend in the summer. The Pier A fountain is huge and shoots up several feet high, making it a great space for tons of kids to run in and out of the water to cool off. This wouldn’t be exactly called a sprinkler park but this spray fountain area is a ton of fun in the summer.

ResilienCity Park

1200 Jefferson Street, Hoboken, NJ

Steven’s Park

25 5th Street , Hoboken. NJ
Stevens Park is perfect for all families! The park has small playground areas with a sprinkler park in between. They also have a ton of green space, a fenced dog park, and gorgeous waterfront views.

Legion Park

1225 Willow Avenue, Hoboken, NJ

Legion is also known as “Frog Park” to some. It is a little park on the corner of Willow Avenue and 13th Street. Kids can enjoy the little playground as well as the frog and flower sprayers. It is well shaded so perfect for the little ones in the summer to cool off.

Updated May 23rd 2024

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