Ways To Stay Cool During The Summer Heat In Jersey City

activities to stay cool during summer
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Activities To Stay Cool During The Summer Heat In Jersey City

Are you sitting under your AC, counting minutes when the scorching weather will pass? Stop wasting your time – there are so many fun activities to stay cool during the summer heat with kids in Jersey City.
If you are looking to get tanned while your kids are cooling off in the Atlantic ocean, choose one of the fantastic beaches. If you want to hide in the shade and watch your kids play, there are many beautiful parks with stunning greenery. Splash parks, swimming lakes, pools… you name it! Stay tuned and find out what Jersey City has to offer during tropical heat.

Finding a perfect place for you in JC

Are you moving to Jersey City? Congratulations! You are in luck – in terms of both affordability and safety, JC ranks very well. Now you only have to choose the neighborhood that suits your family best. And it will be pretty easy for you to find a neighborhood your family likes because it has so much to offer for everyone. It is an excellent place for families, and your kids will enjoy growing up here. 

If you and your family enjoy spending time surrounded by greenery – Liberty park is the place for you. Hackensack riverfront is fantastic if you want a great view and to be a walking distance away from amazing quays. Fancy looking at the NYC skyline but still be in a family-friendly area? Newport is a place to be.

There are several places for you to choose from. And now, let us show you the best ways to stay cool during the summer heat in Jersey City!

activities to stay cool during summer

Jump into the water!

What says cool off better than a swimming pool, seaside, or a lake? The best part is – all of them are either in Jersey City or very close to it. The only thing you need to do is decide which one you want to explore first.

The first stop – the beach!

When you think about summer, the beach is probably your first association. One of the best things about living in Jersey City is that you have access to some gorgeous beaches although you live in a city. It will take you about an hour to get to most beaches so your whole family can have some fun in the sun.

activities to stay cool during summer

Here are some of the beaches you might enjoy visiting:

  • Point Pleasant – This is definitely one of the most favorite family places because of Jenkinson’s Boardwalk. It’s home to one of the best carousels, but it offers something for everyone, and you must visit Jenkinson’s aquarium. 
  • Belmar – Beaches spread for more than a mile, with children’s playgrounds on every couple of blocks. Moreover, there is a surf camp, and the best part is that the classes are for all ages. 
  • Sandy Hook National Seashore – Both a beach and a national park, Sandy Hook is a great place for a day trip. It’s also open for camping if you are looking for an adventure, but there are also hiking trails, or you can enjoy fishing or bike riding. 

Or are you more of a lake fan?

If you are not up to visiting coastal beaches, check out some of the beautiful lakes. You’ll love the scenery as well as enjoy cool and clean water.

  • Sunfish pond – This is a great place to go camping with your family. You’ll be surrounded by a hardwood forest, and you can simply enjoy the untouched nature. The best part about it is that, given that it’s a glacial lake, the water is super clean and perfect for swimmers. 
  • Echo lake – It is located in Echo Park, and here, you can enjoy various activities. Besides swimming, you can rent a boat and teach your kids how to fish. On the other side, if you are looking to relax and chill, you can lay back and enjoy some fantastic scenery. 

Waterparks and pools are fun for everyone

Around Jersey City, there are plenty of indoor and outdoor water parks you and your family can enjoy. Nothing beats floating in a lazy river or going down on a super-fast slide. Your kids will especially love it!

  • Asbury Splash Park – This place is perfect as it is right on Asbury Park beach, so when you get bored of water park rides (like that’s even possible), you can enjoy the coastline and swim in the ocean.
  • Hurricane Harbor – One of the most famous waterparks in the US is a part of the Six Flags team park chain. Both indoor and outdoor water parks are suitable for kids of any age, and there is plenty of fun stuff for adults too. We strongly recommend you try boogie boarding! Kids love these activities to stay cool during summer

activities to stay cool during summer

Looking for air-conditioned comfort?

If you don’t want to spend time outside, try visiting some indoor air-conditioned spaces. It can be pretty refreshing, and you and your loved ones can use the opportunity to have some fun, exercise, or learn something new.

There are so many great indoor places for kids and adults in JC, and below you can read about some of them:

  • Museums – If you want to spend your day in a more educational way, try visiting some of NJ’s fantastic museums. Liberty Science Center is fun for the entire family, and you should definitely check it out. There are also plenty of children’s museums that your little ones will absolutely love.
  • Libraries – Another way to stay cool while getting more educated is to visit a library. Jersey City Public Library is great for families as it has a Children’s room where your kids can enjoy the best children’s books ever written.
  • Shopping centers – You already know that there are plenty of things to do in a mall. Whether you want to enjoy a nice restaurant, go on a shopping spree or watch a movie – you can do it all in one place. We strongly recommend checking out Newport Centre.
  • Bowling – Whether with friends or family, bowling is guaranteed fun! The best part is that bowling alleys usually offer billiards and arcades. On top of that, you can always enjoy delicious snacks and fried foods.
  • Indoor climbing – Another fun activity that is also a great workout is indoor climbing. Try The Gravity Vault – guaranteed you and your family will come again shortly after. This is one of out favorite activities to stay cool during summer

It’s very easy to stay cool during the summer heat in Jersey City. JC has so much to offer for everyone, you only need to choose an activity you like, and surely, you will have plenty of options to choose from. While enjoying the summer, don’t forget to hydrate and treat yourself and your kids with a scoop of ice cream!

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