Winter Fun: 20 Things To Do With Kids In and Around Jersey City

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Winter Fun: 20 Things To Do With Kids In and Around Jersey City

Parents are always looking for fun and interactive things to do with the kids, especially when it’s freezing outside. If you live in Jersey City, there are many activities you can participate in! From skiingice skating, and even other winter activities,  where you can find a variety of things to do so that you can have fun in winter. Looking for some yummy food options in Jersey City? There is everything from burgers, vegan options, pizza, and more. There are also some cute cafes that you can check out.

Go Skiing

Skiing is such a fun activity to do in the winter. Besides the benefits skiing has on your cardiovascular, muscle health, and flexibility, it’s great fun to enjoy with your family! There are some great places to go skiing near Jersey City. Before you plan your next ski trip, look at our list of 8 Places to Go Skiing in and Around New Jersey!

Hit the Ice Rink and Go Ice Skating

Winter Fun: 20 Things To Do With Kids In and Around Jersey City

When it comes to looking for the perfect cold-weather activity that will suit the whole family, ice skating is an essential one to put on your list. So we put together a list of Ice Skating Rinks in and Around Jersey City just for you!

Go Snow Tubing

Another winter activity you must add to your list is snow tubing. Whether you are 7 or 70, snow tubing brings out the kid in all of us. Luckily, some great spots around Jersey City offer snow tubing. Make sure to check the website of each spot, but here is the complete list we created. 

Enjoy The Weekend At A Ski Resort

Maybe you are looking to spend the whole weekend out skiing? Why not make it into a complete getaway and stay at one of these ski resorts? Luckily, there are some family-friendly ski resorts where you can enjoy an entire weekend while spending some quality time and hitting up slopes on a mountain. Here is the list. 

Enjoy A Meal Indoors

Make sure to stop by your favorite local restaurant in Jersey City. We have created a complete guide for you here on the website. There are all types of cuisines and options for everyone! If you are specifically looking for kid-friendly restaurants, check this blog out.  

Take An Unforgettable Winter Break Trip

It’s that time of the year when families have a lot of time to spend together. Unfortunately, the chilly weather can sometimes dictate staying indoors for long. However, this shouldn’t always be the case. There are unique places out there to see and beat the cold weather as a whole family!

Visit The Lakota Wolf Preserve 

Walk on the wild side with The Lakota Wolf Preserve! Please explore and learn about some of the world’s most amazing animals through their educational Wolf Watch tours, where four different packs of wolves will surround you. This is a unique activity but a good one to check out. They are doing limited tours, but you can book in advance.

Visit Liberty Science Center

Liberty Science Center is the perfect place to go with the kids. During this time of year, they have many winter activities like Sock Skating Rink, Snowflake Maze, Holiday Laser Show, planetarium shows, animal presentations, and beyond. If your kids are fans of space adventures, they will be thrilled to see the planetarium part of the Liberty Science Center.

The Gravity Vault Indoor Rock Gym

One of the best indoor places for kids in Jersey and Hoboken is the Gravity Vault Indoor Rock Gym. If your kids tend to climb every piece of furniture at home, this is the perfect activity for them. It is so much more fun and far less dangerous than jumping around the house. There are climbing options for little ones, older children, and parents.

Go Racing At RPM Raceway

RPM Raceway brings you the thrill of competitive racing, no matter what driving experience you have! This can be a great activity with the kids on the weekend! You’ll drive state-of-the-art Italian go-karts that challenge you to stick to the fastest line.

Visit American Dream Mall

Winter Fun: 20 Things To Do With Kids In and Around Jersey City

The New Jersey mega-mall American Dream has reopened its indoor amusement park, water park, ice rink, and mini-golf arcade. It is something to check out this winter with the whole family.

Painting and Arts & Crafts Classes

The perfect activity in the winter to get the kids creative is painting and arts & crafts. Luckily there are a ton of unique classes that are available. Check out this list here. 

Enroll Your Kids in STEAM Classes

Is your child interested in exploring the “hows,” “whys,” and “what-ifs” of the world around them? For example, does he love to fix broken toys? Or maybe she likes to see how robots work? If so, it sounds like a STEM and coding-focused class may be right up your child’s alley. STEAM and coding classes are perfect when you want your kids to keep busy. Here is a complete list of them. 

Hoboken Historical Museum

Winter Fun: 20 Things To Do With Kids In and Around Jersey City

Why not head to a local museum? The Hoboken Historical Museum (est. 1986) collects and displays artifacts in themed exhibitions on Hoboken history and offers educational programs, lectures, tours, and hosts films and plays. Apart from the fascinating exhibits, the Museum provides an educational Family Program. 

Go Bowling At Hudson Lanes

Strike! With over 60 Lanes, a full-service grill, and arcade games, your family will have a great time at Hudson Lanes! This is fun for all the kids and families!

Urban Air Trampoline & Adventure Park

Winter Fun: 20 Things To Do With Kids In and Around Jersey City

Urban Air Trampoline & Adventure Park is a year-round indoor amusement park! This is the ultimate indoor playground for your entire family, with new adventures behind every corner. Test your strength with the Warrior Obstacle Course and channel your inner basketball All-Star with their Slam Dunk Zone

Check Out Imagine That Museum

Imagine That Museum is a New Jersey Children’s Museum is one of the few local museums specializing in pre-school age and young school children. Unfortunately, at the moment, they are only taking bookings. At Imagine That!!!, children are encouraged to touch, discover, learn and explore in our 16,000 square foot space, featuring many unique exhibits. Embracing a learning-through-play model, Imagine That!!! It is a safe environment where young children can stretch their legs and imagination.

Newark Museum Of Art

The Newark Museum offers kids and adults the ability to learn about art by displaying contemporary and fine arts from Asia, Africa, and the Americas. The Museum also taps into the art of science! The Newark Museum is home to the first planetarium ever in New Jersey! 

New York City Fire Museum

The New York City Fire Museum illustrates the evolution of firefighting from bucket brigades to modern firefighting techniques and equipment. The Museum attracts over 40,000 visitors a year from all over! The Museum is open seven days a week from 10 AM – 5 PM.

National Museum Of Mathematics

Winter Fun: 20 Things To Do With Kids In and Around Jersey City

Who said maths couldn’t be fun? Through dynamic exhibits, galleries, and programs, the National Museum of Mathematics is designed to educate and spark curiosity about the wonders of math! The Museum is open seven days a week from 10 AM – 5 PM, making it easy to plan your visit.

Updated December 12th 2023

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