Playgrounds in Hoboken

Playgrounds in Hoboken
Written by Bianca kirschner

Playgrounds in Hoboken

The sun is shining and the weather is perfect for families to step out and enjoy a local park. Local playgrounds are a great free and fun option. Luckily, Hoboken residents have a ton of options when it comes to playgrounds. If you are looking for other fun things to do in the summer, check out sprinkler parks or visit an outdoor restaurant in Hoboken. 

Church Square Park

4th Street and Willow Avenue

Playgrounds in Hoboken

Church Square Park is perfect to check out on a hot summer day. It is quite popular in the community and has four separate playgrounds. The playgrounds are for all ages. It includes a gated playground for toddlers. Addtionally, it also has a gazebo, chess tables, basketball courts and more.It’s a great playgrounds in Hoboken loved by locals.

Columbus Square Park

Clinton Street between 9th and 10th Streets

Playgrounds in Hoboken

This park was renovated in 2019. Columbus Park is home to multiple athletic courts, including a multi-use with a half basketball court, three lighted tennis courts, bocce courts, a shuffleboard court, and a hitting wall. Children can enjoy two playgrounds and a spray park to cool off during the hot summer days.

Elysian Park

Hudson Street and 10th Street

Playgrounds in Hoboken

Close to the waterfront, this location is great for families living uptown. It allows you many options to walk around with your little ones. This area has great views, a splash pad as well as a basketball court.

Jackson Street Park

Jackson Street and 1st Street

This park is tucked away in a quiet area of Hoboken. This enclosed playground features a brand new playground as well as sprinkler arches ready to enjoy in the summer. It is a nice shaded playground area.

Madison Park

Located on Madison Street and 3rd Street

Hudson County awarded the City of Hoboken a $500,000 grant for improvements to the Madison Street Park Playground through the Hudson County Open Space Trust Fund. It reopened in 2019. It is bright and beautiful in the summer. The park is open to the public from 8AM-8PM. Addtionally, the renovated park has new sections of playground equipment for children and includes an upgraded sprinkler park, new swing sets, a climbing net and a pair of African xylophones.

Pier A Park 

Pier A Park is a beautiful spot to check out on the weekend in the summer. They have a beautiful park and lawn area to enjoy! In addition, The Pier A fountain is huge and shoots up several feet high, making it a great space for tons of kids to run in and out of the water to cool off.

Legion Park

1225 Willow Avenue

Legion is a little park on the corner of Willow Avenue and 13th Street. Kids can enjoy the little playground as well as the frog and flower sprayers. It’s well shaded and perfect all kids.

Harborside Park

501 Park Ave, Hoboken

Harborside Park includes two gated playgrounds with a beautiful shaded gazebo. Its perfect for families and is adjacent to an open grass field.

Stevens Park 

401 Hudson Street

Stevens Park is perfect for all families! The park has small playground areas with a sprinkler park in between. They also have a ton of green space, a fenced dog park, and gorgeous waterfront views.

Jefferson Park

1st Jefferson St, Hoboken, NJ

Jefferson Park reopens in Hoboken - Hudson Reporter

Jefferson Park, located on Jefferson Street between 1st and 2nd Streets, was recently renovated to maximize park space with brand new playground equipment for children of different ages, two climbing structures, and a new turf safety surface.

Maxwell Park

11TH Sinatra Dr N, Hoboken

Maxwell Park is on the waterfront of Hoboken. It includes a gated playground area, swings, picnic table, and a full grass area.

7th & Jackson Park

600-620 7th St, Hoboken

Hoboken's West Side Gets a New Resiliency Park and Gym | Jersey Digs

Photo by Jersey Digs

Approximately 1 acre of the park consists of an open grass area with public seating and a children’s play area. They have a beautiful playground for kids to enjoy with slides.

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