Mike Steff

  • My friend’s Nepali nanny is looking for a part-time job for a month and a half in Feb from 8:30-1pm. SHE IS GOOD IN BABYSITTING, COOKING, AND CLEANING. contact her directly 347-613-5464

  • A friends nanny’s sister is looking for a job. She has two years of experience. She is kind & humble. Her number is 347-935-7971 and her name is binu hiracharan.

  • My friends excellent nanny/ house keeping, cleaning, cooking help available after 1;30 pm to 6pm tues, thur and sat in newport only. she is looking for 4-5 hours continues work in house keeping, laundry, cooking etc. She is nice kind and clean. you can reach her at 347-613-5464.